Volvo without a driver find themselves a Parking spot

The Volvo is going this week to officially show fully ready for mass use system automatic car Parking. Without driver and with the independent search space.
The integration of the new system in production cars (for example, V40) and her work was shown on the eve on the test firing of Vоlvo. In the pre-production car with an automatic Parking system there is no extra attachments and looks like a completely normal V40 serial.

In fully automatic mode, the machine demonstrated the ability to Park, finding a pre-free place and leave the Park. If this car was skipping conditional "pedestrian" and avoided the threat of rapprochement with other vehicles.

Noteworthy is demonstrated by the engineers Vоlvo the level of integration of new intelligent systems in production cars — all sensors, new electronics and controls "Packed" so efficiently into the body of a car, that there is a feeling of complete readiness of the technology for serial production.

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