Welcome — what you like to US PERSONALLY. Evil —that WE OURSELVES are not satisfied

Raise your hand who have achieved sustainable happiness. Well, at least in the small degree that life was... a constant pleasure, constant growth and success, impervious to destruction from both outside and inside yourself. (By the way, is this the normal life of a normal person?) No such?.. Why do we be sure that we know "what is good and what is bad"?!

To know and not to know? Who needs such knowledge? Knowledge is what gives the result. That is part of the conceptual SKILLS. You can solve all the problems and be happy? No?.. Let's have no illusions, then, that to understand good and evil.

Everyone knows this in so far as successful, stable and happy. Everything else is demagoguery losers. Why are we so obsessive reading of morality on what is good and what is bad?


And we, brothers, just surviving. Just afraid, get angry and complain, just believe and hope. Just want less strain. But the main thing – always and everywhere want to feel right. Now I know how serious it is. "I'm right and they're not" is one of the foundations of our subconscious, the underlying motivator of thinking. Have you tried to admit himself wrong?.. Even a strong man sausage is not childish. Weak is generally sickly. And to publicly expose the wrong – literary characters shoot directly at eyes!

Here, basically, and all our morality. Welcome — what you like to US PERSONALLY. Evil — that WE OURSELVES are not satisfied. We have babies, completely ignoring the attempts of any of the brain to intervene in this act. And then all life compose them beautiful arguments, principles and requirements — but would not interfere with live! The case is paramount, and with great diligence we get to complete insanity.

We begin to believe that the baby needs to sleep when WE want it (there is no nicer picture of a sleeping baby!). We believe that he should not cry, and generally give voice (the beauty of it and not hear!). Sure he should eat what and as much as WE need (a miracle — what an appetite!). And then to think the same as we (like me!). And do only what we say, and preferably with the same grateful enthusiasm (obedient and respectful — exemplary child!). We live however they want — for two: for herself and for him.

Our LOVE and CARE — for the most part our fears, worry, obsessive beliefs and attempts to be good parents. They have very little in common with the normal, free and happy life, and almost nothing with the wishes and plans of the children themselves.

Twenty years of growing up we lost much of the human: openness to the world, zest for life, confidence, sociability, the possession of this world, the ability to learn, thirst to move, the ability to surprise and delight. And now sullenly nurtured respect of these losses, the morality, the yearning of the bygone youth. "Where does childhood go!?" And nowhere it won't go away! We throw it, roll in the swamp called "adulthood"!


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And here on Earth comes man. Lively, open, net — at the top of childhood. Oh, and unlucky for him, brothers. Mess. Because the terms " we... Society for mental cripples. But the baby was a STRANGER. So that we do not perceive him as a man. Yes there is even a living being! We believe that without us he is nothing. Without us he is unable to eat and defecate, breathe, and think, learn and desire to achieve goals and to decide for themselves.

What a dishonest mistake! Naive paranoia. Why are we so easily led?! published


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