Eco dining room in Scandinavian style

Canteen or separate eating area is the place where we every day start your day with Breakfast, gather for family dinners and receive guests on a special occasion. Therefore, the design here plays a special role. Today we invite you to consider dining room design in fashionable and unique Scandinavian style.

No matter if you have entire room or your dining area is part of the kitchen or living room Scandinavian style will be the perfect solution. There is nothing superfluous, lots of light and is dominated by natural materials – in short, comfort and aesthetic pleasure. In addition, this stylistic direction easily combined with other styles, which can be very convenient if your dining room is adjacent to another room or the kitchen area.


Scandinavian modern design dining room

Classic Scandinavian style is still a bit restrict the flight of fancy design, but due to the fact that it is easy to combine with other styles, you can get a completely unique design. For example, often the interior is “Scandinavian” dining room appear notes of modernity. Such an Alliance is convenient because you can use not only wooden furniture but also add more saturated colors and some decor in interior design.

Colors dining room in Scandinavian style

In General, as we all know, Scandinavian style in the interior implies the predominance of white in the color scheme of the design. Comfort add wood tones, and some accents you can emphasize the black color. However, if this palette seems boring, then the extra tones you can take one of the most trending colors: bronze, dusty rose, blue, purple or Golden.

The walls, floor and ceiling

The budget option is to paint the walls with white paint. But if you want something more interesting. then, as in the example photo, you can coat the walls with wood. The same material can be used for floor tiling. But the ceiling should be white only. The high – beamed ceiling, but this idea is not always appropriate.

Furniture for dining room in Scandinavian style

The focal point in this dining room, of course should serve as a dining table. Its shape is not critical, but the material from which it is made, be sure a tree. As for the chairs, it can be as classic model, and minimalistic chairs. Well, if they would throw the skins or blankets with trendy prints – this will emphasize the character of the style.

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Lighting and decor

Lighting plays a very important role in the design of “Scandinavian” interior. First, there must be a maximum of sunlight, so textiles window decor, as a rule, absent. And, behold, a ceiling lamp over the dining table, which is almost a prerequisite in any dining room, here will be the main decorative element. Walls can be decorated simply posters with quotes, a table – a vase with flowers and windowsill plants in pots.

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