How to get rid of rats and mice with herbs

Not everyone knows that rats and mice are very sensitive to smells. There are herbs, which are natural helpers in the fight against rodents and will help to protect your home and harvest from rodents.



Elderberry has a deterrent effect against mice and rats, because they can't stand her bad smell. The roots of the elderberry emit hydrocyanic acid. The plant is moderately poisonous to mammals, so where is the elderberry, small rodents do not inhabit.

People from ancient times knew about these wonderful benefits and therefore, have planted trees around the sheds, warehouses, barns to scare away mice, rats, branches were pereslavli ricks of hay and tied to the trunks of Apple trees. Noticed that the buildings around which grows red apples, clean from mice and rats. Gardeners confidently say that around the red elderberry no insect pests. In villages and today, as in former times, cut the branches of an elder and lay them underground.



Long people the most effective means to combat mice and rats is considered to be a plant chernokoren (fresh and dry). Powder of dried rhizomes, fresh juice or a strong decoction of the roots of this plant are used in food bait for baiting rodents, and laid indoors bunch of fresh or dried herbs so deters mice and rats that they are permanently leaving this place.

Rodents and insects are deterred by the unpleasant smell of green hound, which people do not feel. If you put cut green hound house, you should not worry about the safety of products on the shelves. Advise you to spread out the stems and seeds of the green hound everywhere in the underground, in the closets and attics.

This grass Crisogono need a special way to prepare.Fresh or dried plant scalded with boiling water and put in the mouse hole, in the cellar, barn, attic, and hanging out in groups in the garden house or to scatter around the trunks of fruit trees. Mice and rats are particularly afraid of the clingy seeds that are "tightly" stick to their skins.

To rodents for a long time left your site enough to put on a plot of 6 acres 20-25 plants chernokoren. You should place them closer to fruit trees and bushes, as well as the house and the barn. Green hound, and laid the bundles in the hay, can deter rodents, giving its odor to the rodents build a nest. Chrysogon very poisonous, especially the root and seeds. Be careful. The phrase "tapioca" refers specifically to this plant.




Word — sigh a moan. The word bitter as the chains jingle, and sad, like the bitterness of full. Smoke on the hills a flame of wormwood, and the air is full of its bitterness... the grass you know, I think all. Strong pleasant bitter-tart flavor of wormwood planted around the perimeter of the garden, protects it from many pests.

In the old days dried wormwood shifted sheaves of grain, protecting them from mice. And now wormwood tied to winter trees. To scare away rodents in the house and hiding the dried herb of wormwood lay in place the appearance of mice and rats. Bundles of this herb draped around the perimeter of storage (pantry, cellar).




Another useful and well-known weed. Properly dried peppermint, and tincture of peppermint in the alcohol good way to scare off rats and mice. Rodents will not spoil your food, if you put next to them a small bunch of mint leaves. Around the house but if you have planted mint bushes, the mouse will bypass your house party.

Did you know that peppermint has many other useful properties. For example, the crushed leaves of mint laid on the bottom of the wardrobe will save you from pesky moths. I'm afraid of the smell of mint and homemade ants. If to anoint the juice of fresh mint leaves marching ants, insects go away from your home. But for repelling mosquitoes, I suggest to put near your pillow a few sprigs of fresh mint. And the smell is pleasant, and mosquitoes don't bother you.



Sultry summer, when the grasses of the meadows, fragrant with the mixed scents on the background of other odors stands out the smell of tansy – she clearly smells of camphor. Since ancient times, tansy is used life as a natural insecticide, after all, flies, mosquitoes, gnats simply do not digest! Use it as a means of flies is popular among Housewives.

Sprinkle enough powder tansy meat and flies will not even come close to it. But if you put a bunch of flowers of tansy in the room, that pesky flies permanently leave it. Good use tansy for controlling moths, bedbugs and fleas. Mice also hate the smell of tansy. So I suggest you put her tied in bundles of 3-5 stalks, everywhere — not only in the house but in the basement. And where is tansy – will be always clean.



The smell of chamomile flowers love people, but don't like the mouse. Therefore, chamomile has long experienced Housewives used to deal with the pesky rodents. They scatter on the floor in the house of the fragrant heads of daisies, and bundles of dried flowers kept in outbuildings where you store food.



Another of your good assistant in the fight against pests: parasites, harmful insects and rodents. Be aware that fumigation herb rosemary banish from your home all the flies and mosquitoes. A mouse will not enter a room if the corners of rooms and near the burrows to lay sprigs of rosemary — of course, making sure that his scent will not spoil life to "legal" inhabitants of the house. I suggest you, to put sprigs of rosemary's clothes in closets and chests to repel clothes moths. Rosemary will help you not worse than mothballs.published


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