How to distinguish your desires from others

Before you leave, the artist and designer Elle Luna has worked in companies IDEO, Mailbox, Medium, and Uber, but choosing between creativity and career opportunities, preferred the first.

Out the Russian version of her book "Between need and want" is an illustrated collection of tips, quotes and personal observations, which became a bestseller, that has a purpose and how to find him. We chose some of them.


1. Need to know

If you want to live life to the fullest and be free, you must first understand why you are not free, what's stopping you. The word prison ("prison") comes from the Latin praehendere, which means "to grab", "grab", "catch".

Prison is not a place in space; it can be any idea created by your mind. What do you catch? The natural process of socialization requires that a person swayed by razlichnyie necessary, functioning thus as a part of society. However, growing up, it is useful to be aware of those in need, which you have inherited genetically or through education.

Some need to appreciate and preserve, while the other should be abandoned. If you want to know how to live by the principle you want, learn the principle of it is necessary. It's hard work. Really heavy. We unconsciously put himself in jail to avoid the main fears.

Should we choose, because to choose hochstrasse and unclear. Our prison is built on the principle of need from the countless choices that we unwittingly agreed, of the walls that lead us away from who we really are. But it leads to want. You create your jail themselves unable to free themselves.


2. Don't be afraid to ask for help

When you look at your need, then consciously choose to meet with your personal prison by the expectations of others, belief systems that you have made without faith, and all agreed, without realizing it.

Rising to the surface a list of your necessary, you risk to face the deepest fears and the wise decision will be to find support. This is a job for professionals — psychotherapists, consultants and experts trained to deal with these issues.

Working with a therapist in everyday life similar to work with a trainer at the gym, except that the therapist works with the muscles and body, who considers himself the chief (brain), and a source that really controls everything (soul).


3. Remember yourself

The idea that you have a calling, or purpose (your want), that it should have to be — can confound. It's unbearable. To believe that your destiny will appear fully formed, akin to the belief that it is possible to write a book, just wanting this and thinking about it.

But if you do one small thing each day — take a pen, write a paragraph of text, make a list of words, then your destiny will manifest. Never purpose is stronger than in childhood. What were you like as a child? They loved to do? You were a loner or prefer the company?

Was independent, or did you choose cooperation? Was an organizer or a visionary? If you do not remember, call your mom or someone who knew you in early childhood. Ask about how you have been. The time of the conversation, take notes and save them: there is the earliest grain of your future destiny.


4. Look for recurring motifs

Look for recurring motifs, themes and communication. Like to work in a pair? I hate to sit all day in one place? Important sensory stimulation? Pay attention to the cases when seemingly disparate classes become linked. When new ideas emerge, add them to your list.

When there are assumptions, don't let go. Then start to experiment and play with what you are learning. Please share your thoughts with people you trust. Consider their opinions and continue until they begin the journey home to your destination.


5. Get ready to revolt

When we find out what they want to do the most basic protective centers of the brain raise the alarm. Turn on the signal for revolt. Protective mechanisms start working. Because the choice in favor of their want raises a very important and scary questions. Let's be practical. People have four basic questions concerning the search for the present purpose.

The first is money. The second argument against targeting time. Space — the third stumbling block to the attainment of your calling. But while money, time and space arguments, which we use most often not to follow the path of our destiny, there is another fear, and it scares a lot more, and talking about it much less.

By choosing the destination, you will have to confront some serious fears. You will feel vulnerable. You may wonder: don't throw your favorite people, places still, you do not have to spend life alone. You may ask yourself, why do it at all. Inconceivable dream? Children's fantasy? A fleeting feeling that you cannot understand or explain?

It was here, standing at the crossroads between what we want and what we need, we feel how real our fears, and this is the time when many decide to act contrary to intuition, turning away from the path in which there is no guarantee in which nothing is known and everything is possible.


6. Do something

Choosing want, you must act. You have to do something. It's a small, but important point, which can take several days, years or a lifetime. When ready, you pick it, doing whatever, whether big this or small. So you begin to follow the path of his destiny.

This way requires you to allow the unknown to happen, but he's not asking you to endanger yourself or loved ones. Choosing want, you don't have to become a stuntman, who said he was going to do unheard of. This is not a spectator sport. Calling is too important extremely important to be selected because of the whims of passion, of intoxication.

The most faithful want realized slowly, thoughtfully and quietly. They come not impulsive, but are arranged based on a sober, sensible intentions. Has the value of every decision you make. Ten minutes of solitude. Once the choice of installing documento necessary. The organization of space.

Your desires are written and pinned to the wall. Your want, your destiny is not a distant land where you hope someday to come, it will happen not tomorrow or some other time. Its purpose is to be lived today, in this moment.


7. Inspire others

It's a constant effort, hard work (and inexplicably life-affirming activity) — to recognize themselves, their beliefs, and their purpose on this Earth. The choice of the way of his destiny — the most significant, because this harmonious and filled with lifestyle will be reflected in all that you do. Your sacred space and daily steps will gain even more sense.

You will build a beautiful world for your purpose. And over time, a tempting idea would seem to remain forever in this you have created a magical place and never to return to everyday life. But the full and most importantly, the journey requires you to go back, he shared his purpose and thus inspired others.


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8. Think of this search as a journey

This journey is not new; perhaps it is one of the oldest endeavors of mankind. In some tribes of Inuit and native American community members went on a vision quest to find enlightenment. They went into the wild for a few days, often refusing food.

The goal of the trip was a reunion with nature and the spirit world and experience a dream or vision of reality, giving instructions through this dip. At a certain period in the life of the Australian aborigines had gone walkabout, sometimes for a few months — it was a journey, signifying the transition into adulthood. published

Author: El Moon


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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