"Triad" Russian - a fatal blow to parasites

Since the human body - a complex open system, which is constantly communicating with the outside world since the birth of his gradually colonize various microorganisms, and often - and parasites. Over the years, the problems that arise from the vital activity of a variety of pathogenic microorganisms, unicellular fungi, parasites only exacerbated therefore necessary cleaning the body from parasites, which can be done at home, using proven effective techniques.

The human body is infected and is genetically complex system, a kind of world that is inhabited by a beneficial microorganisms and parasites that exist at the expense of the person.

How do you get infected with parasites

Many people believe that in strict compliance with the rules of hygiene, with constant maintenance of cleanliness in the house (especially the kitchen) the risk of penetration of parasites in the body is reduced to a minimum.

However, it is not. Sometimes they do not give guarantees and factory products. parasite vectors are insects flying and crawling, favorite pets (dogs and cats). Some parasites can be transmitted by contact from an infected person.

What parasites can remain in the human body?

Pathological fauna infestation symptoms
The human body can live for several species of parasites - it worms (tape and round worms), more often - pinworm, whipworm, roundworm, liver fluke and Trichomonas, Toxoplasma, gardnerelly, gonococcus, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, giardia, chlamydia, amoeba , candida fungi, viruses, etc.

The symptoms of the presence of parasites in the human body

Any chronic disease.
Unstable stools, frequent diarrhea and constipation, flatulence, abdominal pain.
Depression, weakness, chronic fatigue, fatigue.
Pain in muscles and joints.
Sudden changes in body weight.
Metabolic disorders.
Violation of immunity, frequent colds.
Allergies, increased sensitivity of the skin.
Iron-deficiency anemia.
pressure surges.
Acne, dermatitis, dermatitis, inflammation and suppuration of the skin, severe pigmentation on sites.
Yellowing of the whites of the eyes.
Insomnia, gnashing his teeth in his sleep.
Warts on the skin, cracked heels, brittle nails.
Inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system.
Bronchial asthma.

Contraindications to remove parasites in the home

1. Pregnancy and breast-feeding child.

2. Acute heart and vascular disease, heart attack and stroke in history.

3. Cancer.

4. Acute liver, renal insufficiency.

5. Gastric ulcer, erosive gastritis.

6. Menstruation in women any bleeding.

Necessary stages of preparation for the removal of parasites from the body
Before applying any technique removing parasites from the body a person must establish healthy eating (better - vegetarian, with no fat and heavy meals), 1-2 weeks to adhere to the discharge light diet with plenty of fresh raw vegetables, fruits, fresh juices, with no refined foods, sugars.
Please observe the correct drinking regime - drink clean (preferably distilled) not drinking saline water

. Just before the parasite clearance procedure is necessary to pass kidney cleansing courses, intestines, liver.
In parallel with the parasite clearance is recommended to perform bowel cleansing enemas - especially if the person suffers from constipation. For enemas can take infusions of wormwood, yarrow, tansy, marigold, chamomile, adding them in cool water.

Tablet "from worms»

In modern pharmacology many diverse human resources from worms and other filth. It would be easy - take a pill and everything is fine! But the thing is that the majority of antiparasitic and antiprotozoal agents have a lot of contraindications.

Very often, these contraindications relate precisely those who need treatment in the first place: pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, people with chronic diseases of internal organs

. Help comes folk medicine have long been using tested recipes from parasites. Components for these recipes gives nature itself - the flowers and seeds of some plants

. Cloves of parasites known among the people for a long time. Its flowers (widespread spice) are capable of destroying the round, flat and tapeworms, and also successfully used against fungi and protozoa bacteria. The advantage of carnation flowers in that they destroy the larvae and eggs of parasites, not allowing them to develop in the body.

Its medicinal properties of cloves against parasites is manifested not only in the intestine, but also in the blood plasma, in the reproductive organs, the nervous system. Therefore, such a definition as a "stud of worms" is too narrow, not revealing all the possibilities of dry flowers of the plant.

How to receive a carnation from parasites correctly to achieve the desired result?

Flowers should be crushed clove powder and take three times a day with clean water. Plain clean water - a necessary condition for treatment. The course lasts a month and destroys any parasitic organisms.

To consolidate the results, you can take the clove powder to two times weekly. The means available, clove is at hand in almost every family. The only contraindication may be idiosyncrasy. Essential oils that are part of the plant can cause allergic reactions in some people.

In addition, a single dose of reception for young children should be restricted to a single flower.

Why is it better powder rather than broth?

Indeed, traditional medicine often uses infusions or decoctions of herbs. However, plants from parasites (tansy, tarragon, cloves) are used only in the form of a dry powder, using zapivaniya water.

When heat treatment herbs lose very much of the nutrients. Broth are absorbed in the small intestine, not having to go through the entire digestive tract. And many pests are parasitic in the colon or even in the liver. The components of the powder penetrate everywhere, many times increasing the effectiveness of pest control.

Pink + wormwood

Often, cloves and wormwood of parasites are used simultaneously. Dried herbs should be crushed. You can use a coffee grinder for this. Each herb is ground separately.

Take chopped herbs before dinner. Dose - tsp. For adult men take a spoonful of herb with a slide, children are given less, without slides. The first drink wormwood, cloves, then carefully squeezed all the water. Parasites are most active at night, so the mixture of herbs and drink half an hour before dinner. Treatment lasts 21 days.

Children can be given for zapivaniya water with honey, then to food did not feel the bitterness of wormwood and clove astringent sharpness. For the sake of preventing the end of the full course of treatment use fee once every three days.

"Triad" Russian - a fatal blow to parasites

Tansy, wormwood and clove of parasites are used individually or all at once, as a collection. The formula developed by Dr. Ivanchenko, includes herb wormwood, tansy flowers and clove powder in the following proportions:

Tansy - 3g;
clove - 1, 5 g;
Artemisia - 1 of
Wormwood and tansy - plants with extreme bitterness, so not every adult is able to swallow this drug, let alone a child. You can use the drug capsules, mixed herbs, and laid in the desired dose capsules. Some roll milled blend of herbs in bread crumb.

The first day. A single dose half an hour before a meal.
Second day. In a single dose before breakfast and dinner.
Third day and all the next week. Three times, before each meal.

All herbs cause heavy menstruation, so do not start treatment before menstruation. The caution should be used in hypertension: from cloves is a property to increase the pressure. Absolutely contraindicated in pregnant women Triad, tansy can cause abortion.

Nature is very wise, and for each poison she came up with her antidote. Experience in traditional medicine against worm infestation is large enough. For example, in the standard herbal anthelmintic include tansy, ginger, dandelion grass and wormwood. But after being discovered the healing properties of cloves, in particular its anthelmintic effect, it was a clear favorite among all of these analogues. In addition to the beautiful appearance and palatability of the plant is extremely rich in vitamins and trace elements.

The chemical composition of cloves is not inferior even to many advertised pharmaceuticals. Substances which it contains, advantageously inhibit the growth and proliferation of intestinal parasites. Carnation has proved its effect in the fight against Giardia, Ascaris and pinworm in adults and children older than two years. With a powerful anthelmintic effect, it is a kind of "orderly" whole organism.

To get rid of intestinal parasites cloves are used in the form of powder, essential oil, and along with wormwood and tansy as a part of herbal anthelmintic.

To combat the worms lodged in the body enough to use the following means:

 - A small handful of cloves grind in a coffee grinder, the resulting powder was taken at the tip of a teaspoon, drinking plenty of water. The course of treatment is 12 days. And after that - for maintenance, you must continue taking clove powder 1 time in 7 days. Clove essential oil is recommended to be added to tea or coffee for 3-4 drops.

As part of the herbal clove acts as an independent agent, and at the same time enhances the effect of other herbs. Combined with wormwood herb tansy and cloves able to eradicate the problem of intestinal parasites once and for all.

For the prevention of helminth infections may be used cloves as an additive to various dishes, tea, coffee and pastries.

This is the best option to combine business with pleasure. It is important to remember that even a useful plant as cloves, has its contraindications. It is not recommended for pregnant women, children under the age of 2 years, and persons with individual intolerance of substances belonging to the carnation. In all other cases the use of cloves will easily rid the body of parasites.


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