Some facts about rats

How many species of rats exists today? Why is the profession of the Pied Piper because demand in the Indian megacities? What is common in rats with primates? How many young female rat can give birth? As the rats are guided in the dark? The rats are dangerous to humans? Answers to these and many other questions you will learn from this issue. (Caution: Some of the photos may seem unpleasant or even frightening)

1. Remember the tale of the Pied Piper? And in many major Indian cities such as Mumbai or New Delhi this profession is very real today. The main fighters against rodent populations here are specially hired people who are called "night killers of rats." "Night" - because they have to work in the dark.

2. Bombay Pied Piper bear metal vat full of rats killed in the city streets. The daily rate of contemporary Indian Pied Piper 30 rats. Everyone who was able to fill more than 30 pieces, is awarded for each carcass above the norm.

3. Work Ratslayer - not for the faint of heart. Occupation is not only unattractive in every sense, but also very dangerous, because the rats are carriers of many diseases.

4. In some regions of India, rats broil on the fire.


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