Chronicles of the Pied Piper

When the Pied Piper left the bank, on the move stuffing letters of credit in the travel bag, it was getting dusk. Throughout the music played on the streets rushed the children, circus performers spinning somersault pretty girls gave passers-by floral wreaths and publicans rolled out of the basements endless barrels of beer.
Hameln celebrating freedom from the rat hordes.

Pied Piper smiled, pulled on gloves and moved toward the gate of the city. The road was blocked by a small crowd.
"Well, as always," Pied Piper thought wistfully. "At first, tears of gratitude, and the title of honorary citizen, and then begins to push almighty toad, and you announce a sorcerer and servant of the devil, only to take back their money».
 - Good evening, gentlemen. - I squeeze it from itself.
The crowd murmured shyly greeting. Then the mayor pushed out forward.
 - We have it ... dear ... - Mayor blurted, blushing, turning pale and looking around. - It's a miracle how it was. You whistle in his svirelku and rat on you straight into the river drowned.
The crowd murmur approvingly.
 - You said there's something else. - Continued the mayor. - What, they say, any living creature, and so can enchant. The truth is that you?
Pied Piper confused.
 - Well ... - Hesitantly he said.
In the mayor's eyes sparkled.
 - And you could not rid our city of a bitch?


 - I beg your pardon. - Pied Piper turned around. Before him stood an older man in a uniform with gold buttons. - Colonel Shkoptkoff - Head of the city guard. - To present Mr. - What are you, my dear, do the town square with this strange object in their hands? - He pointed to a flute.
Pied Piper silently handed his business card chief of police.
 - "The famous Pied Piper of Hamelin." - Read the colonel. - "When disposing your city from any malicious creatures at reasonable cost».
Mr. Shkoptkoff thoughtfully shook his card, and said:
- I have not been informed that the mayor's office hired a Pied Piper.
 - And what does the mayor's office? - Pied Piper replied calmly. - I hired a rat. Rid the city of the people.


 - With the rats is clear. - Do not lag behind publican. - But you, probably, have different melodiyki.
Pied Piper sighed.
 - There is. - He said. - Different ringtones for different Okaz.
 - And for the women? - The innkeeper did not let up. - Can you play the song, and that all women to you that ... Crowd.
 - I can. - Answered the Pied Piper.
 - So why did not you play that song? - Hit the publican.
Pied Piper looked longingly at him.
 - Yes, because I have not invented this tune, so they then fell behind.


Pied Piper. Modern

 - You excuse, that everything is so chaotic, on the run. - Pied Piper looked at his watch. Before meeting with the mayor was forty minutes.
 - What do you mean, I understand. - The journalist smiled sweetly and said something in his notebook. - So, you play the magical melody, conclusions, say, the rats to the river and drown them?
Pied Piper angrily waved.
 - What are you talking about? All sorts of Society for the Protection of Nature would eat our guts. - They stopped at an intersection, passing a school bus. - You know, something from which one place eager to get rid of, in another place can be rather big value. Mutually beneficial exchange - is the foundation of our business.
 - Excuse me, but who may need tens of thousands of rats? - Surprised journalist. - On experience or what?
Pied Piper looked at the sign "McDonald's" and embarrassed.
 - Why just on experiments?

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