As my grandfather taught the cat to catch rats

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That was a long time ago. They divorced in our barn rat. I went to a friend's grandfather who lambing cat and took the kitten to solve this problem. Named was the future super Piper Basil.

The kitten grew up eating cheese, drinking milk home, catching flies at the window, but no it did not want to deal with topics that have - at least catch mice not to mention the rats. Caught in a trap mouse does not cause any predatory instincts Mike Farley.

It was in the 50s, and my grandfather was a veteran of the Great Patriotic and people quite severe. When Bob myshelovnogo reached normal age, but gave no desire to engage in what was taken, my grandpa, is not noticeable from the grandmother locked up for the night in a barn cat, and the available intelligence rats there was a lot to put it mildly.

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Coming Sutra smoke, the grandfather was a little surprised - and pokotsany ohuevshy Basil sat on the threshold of the house, with a gnawed-off tip of the ear, a broken tail, barely alive but alive! He did not have the strength to meow in order to send a signal saying I tutachki. He that would topple from the inevitable final Shed being eaten by rats, managed to knock out one of the small glass windows! Granny has written sticking his grandfather and began to treat the cat. I do not know the details of the treatment but the cat quickly enough oklemalsya - thank God paws intact and belly ripped open. The most interesting thing started when he was fully recovered.

Once again grandfather went out to smoke on the porch and, for the first time in my life, I saw rats in the afternoon, without fear grandfather ran out of the barn and Tekali in all directions from the newly created Super Mega Wasi Pied Piper! It turned out that Basil is very offended by all the rats and mice in the vicinity of the court and not only. A few days later the neighbors started to complain about a significant increase in the size of their own rat population. Cat on so fiercely cut out anything that moves, even fairly large birds with one stone laid on the doorstep along with the Rat Man and mice, not to mention any mole, sparrows and other animals. The cat lived for 17 years and was threatened not only by all the rats and mice but also competing cats, cat knew this and chose to start the offspring of Vasi, he rightly multiplied their genes - throughout the county ran kittens clearly from our Basil. Throughout his glorious, this cat's life, he consistently cut out all the rats - the mouse and nasty problems with these pests we did not have.

p / s My favorite grandfather went through the war, awarded medals for bravery, for Military Merit, for the capture of Koenigsberg, for the capture of Berlin. His long dead but when I watch a video like cats sleeping next to the mice always remember my grandfather CAT TAUGHT TO CATCH RATS. Happy holiday of Victory Day! ...


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