How to wash a cat

Many as Pets prefer to keep them. But the cat is not a toy but a living creature that needs good care, including bathing. However, not everyone knows how to wash a cat. Of course, in contrast to human pet doesn't need weekly bathing, so often to wash a cat is not necessary. However, in the process of care to wash your cat still have, but not once.

Healthy cats lick themselves and do not need additional washing. The fact that cat fur is covered with a special protective lubricant, which is produced by glands found on the skin of the animal. Every bathing applying soap solutions and shampoo deprives the hair of a cat's natural defenses. To wash your cat as a preventive measure it is recommended that no more than three times a year. However, spot washing of the feet of an animal are permissible even every day.

How to wash a cat a Cat is forbidden to wash with shampoo or soap designed for humans. The fact that the skin of the person and cat has different acid-alkaline balance. The PH level in humans is in the range of 3.5 to 5 units, and the cat comes to 6. Therefore, in order not to harm the animal, wash the cat with special shampoos.

It should be noted that shampoos for cats can be dry, in the form of sprays and liquid. Dry cleaning is less traumatic for the psyche of cats, but it is rarely used for medicinal purposes, while the liquid shampoos can be used as drugs against fleas, ticks, dermatitis and other skin diseases.

Before shampooing, you need to train the cat. Pet bathing is perceived differently: some cats are afraid of, others are aggressive. Swimming is always stressful.

About 4 hours before the procedure, eliminate feeding. The animal can only drink. Cats are very sensitive to the intentions of the owners against them and before bathing can hide, to worry and to behave restlessly. To lull an animal, prepare to swim quietly, then there is no need to deliberately make noise water, to rattle the pots and tubes. You can even take a cat on hands and Pat, so he calmed down a bit.

Useful tip: a Fluffy cat before washing I comb out.

In the process of washing is very important to adhere to certain regimes of temperature and water. The temperature should not be below 22 degrees and the water temperature is 37-40 degrees. If the ambient air temperature is below warm bathroom hot water or turn on the heater.

The cat is better to wash in a deep bath. Do not attempt to wash the animal in the pelvis. In fright the cat will cling to the edges of, to sprinkle water, he can even escape. In an extreme case, wash your cat in the sink.

Every cat breeder should know that the animal is not afraid of the water. Cat afraid of the noise emitted by the flowing water. So before you wash a cat, you need to dial into the bathroom a small amount of warm water – the level should only slightly touch the cat's abdomen. This water to wet the animal. But drenched cat is better out of the shower, to rinse any remaining product.

To during the procedure, the cat does not slip feet, lay on the bottom of an old towel.

The bathing itself should be conducted in a normal psychological situation for the animal: you must avoid loud sounds and loud conversation.

In the process of washing, hold the animal with one hand and shoulders. Moisten coat and apply shampoo to the abdomen, chest, back and withers. Watch carefully so that the water won't accidentally hit the cat in the nose or ears.

Water intrusion can cause inflammation in the nose or the ears. For the reinsurance to close of the ear of the animal with a cotton swab. It is important to note that washing the ears of the cat prohibited. If the ears of a cat is relatively clean, it is enough to clean the auricle with a gauze swab. But if too much sulphur, in the ears of an animal instilled with saline. Within a few minutes you should massage the ear, and another 10 minutes to put the cat on its side and remove the tampon remains of a resulting saline.

To clean the ears of the cat can and cotton swabs, but it should be done very carefully without penetrating wand too deep. If necessary, this procedure can be carried out before washing the cats.

Wash the cat with the best assistant. One person holds the animal and the other washes. Before shampooing, have your assistant hold the cat ears. When soaping, special attention should be given to front paws, chin and tail of the animal.

No need to wash cat heavily foaming shampoos. Also do not apply too much shampoo, and that then have to wash it off. Washing a Persian cat, you should use a special shampoo for fluffy cats.

For okuchivanija Shorthair cat average 10 liters of water, and to wash the shampoo with a long haired cat you will need 15-25 gallons of water. If you shoot the animal out of the shower, do slow flow: strong water jet may cause the animal pain.

After the cat is washed, wrap him in a dry towel and take it to the room. The towel should be large, so that the animal could not escape. For fluffy cats will need some towels.

As an aid to drying of the wool fluffy cats with a thick undercoat you can use a Hairdryer with warm air, but on the condition that the animal is not very afraid. You can even keep the hair dryer and to ensure that the cat we spent some time in a room with a working Hairdryer. In a few minutes the animal will get used to the noise and not be nervous.

If you can't dry the cat with a dryer, cover a popular place for cats Newspapers or absorbent cloth. The cat will fall on its place and excess moisture naturally absorbed into the litter.

How often to wash a cat cats and dogs should be washed only when circumstances so require:


  • the presence of parasites in the hair;
  • dermatitis, herpes, allergies and other skin diseases;
  • pollution wool synthetic or natural substances;
  • as a preventive measure;
  • to prepare for the exhibition;
  • fluffy cat sometimes wash with special shampoos that prevent pilling of the wool.
It is important to remember that to bath procedures cats have a number of contraindications:


  • the disease of the animal;
  • the later stages of pregnancy;
  • the post-operative period.
Also the cat must not be washed for two weeks after vaccination.

But even if the animal is completely cool, you still should avoid frequent bathing otherwise, the immune system of the cats fail, leading to serious illness or death of the animal.

If the cat doesn't leave the house, and the owner take good care of her hair, to wash the animal should 1 every 3 months. If the cat is walking on the street, the animal should be washed 1 time per 1,5-2 month. Not often. With the exception of the bald cat in the winter, they are washed 1 time in a month, and in summer 1 every 2 weeks.

Author: Dmitry Ivantsov



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