Bathing a cat - as a kind of martial arts

Goes the view that wash cats optional. They say that cats lick themselves. Knowledgeable people also say that their saliva contains special substances (enzymes) that are advertised on television like detergents - destroy not only dirt but also bacteria, and in the most remote places ...
I myself believed in it all my life, ignoring the obvious fact that my cat walks by himself, not only in the trash, but also on the chimneys and garage, collecting their fur soot and grease, which he can not or does not want to lick. < br /> And now comes the day when the owner is forced to give up all illusions and pseudo-scientific honestly say to yourself: "This animal smells like socks business trip." And when that day will come to your home, as it has come in its time in my, before taking the cat under his arm, and carry him into the bath, think about my experience. Know that although the cat has the advantage in speed and agility, and not having to worry about the safety of human life, has the advantage in strength.

It is necessary to strengthen the benefits of choosing the battlefield. Do not try to bathe your cat in an open area where it will haunt you can not do. Select buried a small bathroom. If you have a weakness for comfort, and a large bathroom, better bathe the cat in the shower with glass doors, closing them, as if you yourself would like to take a shower.
Plastic shower curtain is not enough! Angry cat is capable of one stroke to break the claws paws through three layers of polyethylene. Know that although the cat has claws and will not hesitate sderet you live with your skin, your advantage is intelligence and foresight.

Use it to pre-select clothing that will protect you. I have highlighted the jackboots, cotton trousers, jackets padded top, metal mesh gloves, often used by butchers, construction helmets and hockey goalie mask.
Battlefield should be prepared in advance. You will not have time to search for towels, when the cat starts to tear a hole in your pants. Take care to place the uncovered bottle with feline shampoo to steady it, (you can close it only after some time).

Advance type in a tub or trough of 15-20 centimeters of water. If you do not have the trough, type in three deep water basin, one for washing, rinsing two. Make sure you can reach the towels, even if you are lying on your back in the bathtub. Use the element of surprise. Take the cat, if you just want to scratch him behind the ear. He should not pay attention to your strange clothes.
Cats poorly versed in fashion, and do not rely on their findings appearance. If it bother your outfit, quietly and gently, avoiding the sizzling sounds, explain to him that it was a scarecrow costume for a masquerade ball.

Once you are logged in with a cat a bath, the speed of action is crucial to your safety. Close the door, in one swift motion dunk cat into the water, pour it with shampoo and soap start. Begin the richest thrill 45 seconds of your life.
Cats have no place, for which they would be comfortable to hold. Add to this a soap fur to understand how complex the problem. Do not think that you will be able to keep the cat for more than three seconds. During this time, you have to pour it on another batch of shampoo and scrub it at a furious pace. Breaking out, the cat will fall into the water, thus washing away with soap itself. Attempts to third, the cat will jump out of the tub, so do not expect that he himself well opolosnet, so that in the end, have to help him in this.

The Following. Cat should definitely dry. Beginners washers cats think that is the most difficult because people have already exhausted the limit fuss, and the cat finally furious. In fact, all the real problems are over. Cat for a while firmly attached to your leg.
It happens, however, that the cat starts to climb up. Wait, in this case, when the cat climbs up on the helmet, and shake it to the floor, encouraging him to thereby attach to your leg. The other leg, remove the plug from the drain hole bath, and when the water is drained, you can safely not only wipe, but also a hairdryer to dry your pet.

After a few days the cat will relax enough that it can be removed from the leg. Three weeks after bathing, it will not show any aggression, but mostly sit, turning their back on you, sometimes falling into a cataleptic state.
It is a mistake to think that this, he demonstrates his offense. As a rule, it is not. Rather, he simply considering the missed opportunities of active defense, and the course of action in the event of a repeat wash. But it smells much better.

Why cats do not like to swim?
Cats - excellent command of the skills of professional swimmers! Once in the water area cats do not sink, and actively begin to swim towards the land "on the dog", while maintaining complete peace of mind. One has only to hint about bathing your pet, a cat starts to balk and strongly resist. Animals do an excellent job with the hygiene of your body without the use of water alone. Some members of the cat family, love to play with water in the basin, from the tap in the bathroom, etc.

Cats are not afraid of the water, it just gives a lot more fun to watch the water procedures other activists. In rare cases, the cats on their own jump into the water: hunting for fish in the game, salvation from enemies. Cats fishermen or civet cat breed requires special conditions, such as access to water tank with fish to the cat lost natural hunting skills (in the wild civets cats-fishers eat fish, frogs, snails, crayfish). Siamese cats are also not averse to go for a swim in a comfortable environment is known for a long reign of King.

Under natural conditions, cats do not bathe to clean the dirt, where did they come from the love of the water? Owners forcibly bathe their pets, allegedly doing good. Some features of the cat's life with the owners require submission: bathing after walking, swimming in front of exhibitions, swimming after a visit to the vet, etc. In addition to all, wash cats scented shampoos, soap and air conditioning, but it is not necessary to cats.

Not all owners furry pets know that skinny little useful and stressful situation and a cat and you provided. Cats with sweet temper suffer, and "nravnye" bite, hiss and shout, can even be injured during ejection, respectively Harboring a grudge revenge.

Watering cat water is fraught with troubles - wet wool direct way to hypothermia. Wool is teploregulyatorom, it regulates heat, preventing hypothermia and overheating. Water falling on the hair, knocks hairs together, disrupting the normal ventilation, you may notice that the cat begins to immediately thoroughly "dry" his rough tongue, restoring the old look and feel of fur cover. Dogs in such situations easier - and shook herself dry on the go.
At home, the living cats do not need to constantly monitor the wool in the house is warm and the body will not freeze, but hard to argue with nature. People do not realize that animals do not need to constantly wash, although people also due to frequent washing removes the natural protective layer of skin!
Cat - well-built body, which can cope with different pollution yourself without the intervention of a caring owner. If you decide to uniquely constantly bathe the cat, in spite of all, start it from an early age pet. The only way you can reduce stress and make your stay more normal cat! Cat - it's not a toy, but a living being with their needs and characteristics that must be respected!




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