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taken from the official website of the Cat Simon
20 pictures + lots of letters (sorry for gugloperevod)
in the end - an idea for creative!

1. 1. Probably all seen at least once funny cartoons about charming cat Simon.
The author of this wonderful cartoon - Simon Tofield (Simon Tofield).
Location: London, United Kingdom (England - for those who did not study at school)

2. Who is Simon Tofield?
Simon - English animator who is interested in British wildlife, painting, stay in the fresh air and, of course, cats.

3. Do Simon's cat in real life?
He has three cats (or cat) - Hugh, Maisie and Jess.
** UPDATE! ** Now it has 4 cats! Hi Teddy!

4. Why is so much time passes before the release of each successive film series about the cat?
Simon CAM draws all movies Kota. This requires up to 25 pictures per second animation.

5. What kind of software is used to make films Simon's Cat?
Adobe Flash. Simon draws on the tablet Wacom Intuos 3 format A4 & quot;
(thanks mate cheese for popravochku)

6. When the store cat Simon will again be open?
We're not sure. We will reopen as soon as possible.

7. Who is the «Shrooty?
He is a talented sound designer who works on the film with Simon. If you want to get more information on the work of Shrooty, you can visit his website

8. In the film, Simon sounds from real life cats?
In fact, Simon does all his films CAM voiceovers, including meowing!

9. Who is the "Tandem?
TANDEM - is the Oscar winner, animation company, which is based in the UK. If you are interested, you can visit the site TANDEM.

10. A quick chat with Simon Tofield - July 2010
We asked Simon lay down my pen for a few minutes and asked him a few questions:
B. In the near future you will make more films about Cote Simon?
O, sure! Actually I'm doing one right now.

Q. What are the next movie?
A. Ha ha! I do not want to reveal too much! But when the film is complete, he will touch each kote-owner. Even more than the 'Fly Guy "!

Q. Why are you so long to make a new film?
A. He made some time after the last film, because we were very busy working on a second book Simon's Cat. I was hiding, come up with new ideas and, of course, using hundreds of new photos.
In addition, because many people have asked about it, I was busy creating illustrations for such products Kota Simon as a diary and calendar, which are so rife with new pictures, that they are almost like little book.

Q. Before asking a question about the second book, as well the case with the release of the first book?
A. It went very well. The book was released in more than 20 countries and in total has sold more than half a million copies. The popularity of the book was a big surprise for me. As was the case in the first filomom, and the first book, I did not know whether she will like. But I got a very nice letters from people who tell me how she liked it.

Q: What can you say about the second book?
A. It is called "Behind the fence." This is because most of the events going on in the open air. Imagine adventures of a cat Simon and perhaps all the other cats when they are outside of our sight.
Another trick in the book what unexpected places will visit the Cat Simon. I really enjoyed working on it, because it gave me the opportunity to express their love to nature and the outdoors. The second book is very thick, and I am very happy!

Q. Is there anything else that you want to say?
ANSWER: I would just like to say a very big thank you for their support and received good reports of people who took the time to send them to me. I enjoy looking at all the pictures that people post on the Facebook page of the cat Simon. Thank you for sharing with me his pictures of cats, as I shared with you my cat!

16. Simon's Cat in the network:

Official website:


Sign up for Simon's Cat video on YouTube, and always will be one of the first to see the new film about the cat. Total views uploaded videos: 71150375 !!!

Facebook - 191,774 people like this (20.07.2010)
Become a fan of Simon's Cat on Facebook. Cat Stories and photos of thousands of fans from around the world cat!

Follow Simon's Cat on Twitter to hear the latest news and cat stories about him. And if you're lucky, the cat Simon will answer you!


18. Here you can buy the book "Cat Simon" (360 ros.rub price of the book.).

in Ukraine for some reason it is not for sale

Abstract of the book: With the cat every sign. In any separately taken moment any cat for sure: ask is, refuses to eat, sleep, sleep, sleep, guts trash divided mouse with the owner, takes a healthy ego and / or life-threatening tenderness uchinyaet maximum damage with minimum effort and so on indefinitely.
See the continuation of the famous cartoon about the cat Simon on paper! Starring: Simon the cat, dog Simon, Gnome (garden), mice, birds, hedgehogs, Simon.

19. "Happy" owners yablofonov
can play with the cat (game screenshots):

Sorry if where nakosyachila.
As promised, the idea:
I propose a new game - "Add Cat».
First you need to download a pdf file with a Cat, print off and cut. And then make megakreativnuyu photo with the Cat. And even win a prize !!!
Here are the winners:

second place:

just fun:

That's all I wanted to say. Thank you for your attention.
a snack More comics:

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Of course, our super-Jaber may not bother with printing, paper picking and nail scissors fotika search for their creations. Just otzhabte someone! Pliz, place carved silhouette of a cat for the next toads. Staged a battle toads with Simon's Cat!

and this is very important - we also did their pussies "cat tree" with kittens:


logical end:



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