So what are they Overseas Santas and inhabited?

That's really when New Years for the year in different mills, there are many, what can we say about grandfathers Frost! So what are they Overseas Santas and inhabited?

Ded Moroz (Grandfather Treskun, Frost and Karachun) - Belarus and Russia. He's a little harsh to look at. He wears a fur coat to the ground and a high hat, holding an ice staff and a bag of gifts. Our Santa Claus is the only married among all other Santa Santa: he has a wife Winter. Yes, and his grandfather, by the way, is called not just because, but because there's granddaughter, the Snow Maiden.

Santa Claus - the US and Australia. American Grandpa wears a cap and a red jacket, smoking a pipe, travels through the air reindeer and enters the house through the chimney. Australian Santa Claus is the same, only in swimming trunks and a scooter, too hot at this time in the country of rabbits and kangaroos.

Korbobo - Uzbekistan. And he goes to the faithful companion Korgyz (Snow Maiden). The Uzbek villages in the New Year's Eve on a donkey rides snow grandfather in a striped robe. This is Korbobo.

Joulupukki - Finland. This is the name given to him is not in vain: Youlu means Christmas and Pukki goat. Many years ago, the Finnish Santa Claus wearing a goatskin, and gifts were transported to the goat.

Pere Noel (Father January) - France. French Grandfather January walks with a stick and wearing broad-brimmed hat.

Saint Nicholas - Belgium and Poland. According to legend, he left his adopted family of golden apples in a shoe in front of the fireplace. It was a very long time, so St. Nicholas is considered the first Santa Claus. He rides on horseback, wearing a miter and a white bishop's robes. He was always accompanied by the Moor servant Black Peter, who carries a bag behind her back with gifts for good children, and in the hands of the whip for varmints.

Babo Nattale - Italy. Besides him, obedient children to the fairy godmother comes Befana (La Befana) and gives presents. Minx gets the coal from the evil witch Befana.

Uvlin Uvgun - Mongolia. He always appears accompanied by Zaza ohineyu (the Snow Maiden) and bus Vein (boy New Year). New Year's Day coincides with the Mongolian cattle, so Santa Claus wears a cattleman.

Nisse - Norway. A couple of dwarf Santas as Nisse are small brownies.

Kris Kringle (Yulnissan, Yul Tomte (Yolotomten)) - Sweden

Yuletomte (Yulemanden) or St. Nicholas - Denmark

Site Kaas (Sinter Klaas) - Netherlands

Sho Hing, Sheng Dan Laozhen - China

Svaty Mikalaus - Western Slavs

Holy Basil - Greece, Cyprus

Holy Barge - Savoie

Cook-Taadak - Altai region

Father Christmas - England

Pope Pasqual - Colombia

Papa Noel - Spain

Santa Mikulas - Czech

Grandfather Heat - Cambodia

Sanderklaas - Netherlands

Mauch Dzherile - Romania

Sylvester - Austria

Pakkaine - Karelia

Ayaz Ata - Kazakhstan

Oji-san - Japan

Zul - Kalmykia
But the main task of each Santa Claus this time to New Year's Eve all give away gifts. There is no doubt that all the Santas give gifts, but each does it differently:

Under the tree puts our domestic gift Santa Claus.

The exhibit presents sock English and Irish and Mexicans in the boot. Christmas gifts fall down the chimney in France, and a balcony in Spain. In Sweden, Santa Claus puts gifts to the stove, and in the German reserves on the windowsill.


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