15 amazing animals that you probably have not seen. Wealth fauna are no borders!

When it comes to Mother Nature, do not cease to marvel at its grandeur and inexhaustible amount of surprises that it gives to us generously. Take, for example, the animal world: Here recently we wrote about a very unusual beast. It would seem that all have seen, but there it was!

1. Emperor tamarin
These primates with funny white mustache live in the rain forests of the Amazon and are found in the northwest of Brazil, eastern Peru and northern Bolivia. They live in small groups, but it was among the people who are in need of care and attention. I do not know you, but to comfort these animals, I would like very willingly!

Photo: Image by Kevin Barrett / Flickr

Photo: Image by Tambako the Jaguar / Flickr

2. Kermode bear (bear ghost)
Do you think that before you polar Mishutka who got lost somewhere in the woods? In fact it is a very rare American black bear, lives exclusively in the forests of the west coast of Canada. Kermode, or as they say local Indian tribes, bear ghost, does not apply to polar bears and albino was not called, and the presence of white hair due to the presence of a recessive gene coloring.

Photo: paulnicklen

This blonde is a Kermode bear as it camouflage while salmon fishing on the river, and that helps them to be filled with plenty of fish than their relatives temnosherstnym clubfoot.

Photo: by Maximilian Helm / Flickr

3. Quokka
Do you want to find yourself near an incredibly happy and always smiling animal? Running march in Western Australia to meet with Quokka fun!


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