15 amazing animals that you probably have not seen. Wealth fauna are no borders!

When it comes to Mother Nature, do not cease to marvel at its grandeur and inexhaustible amount of surprises that it gives to us generously. Take, for example, the animal world: Here recently we wrote about a very unusual beast. It would seem that all have seen, but there it was!

1. Emperor tamarin
These primates with funny white mustache live in the rain forests of the Amazon and are found in the northwest of Brazil, eastern Peru and northern Bolivia. They live in small groups, but it was among the people who are in need of care and attention. I do not know you, but to comfort these animals, I would like very willingly!

Photo: Image by Kevin Barrett / Flickr

Photo: Image by Tambako the Jaguar / Flickr

2. Kermode bear (bear ghost)
Do you think that before you polar Mishutka who got lost somewhere in the woods? In fact it is a very rare American black bear, lives exclusively in the forests of the west coast of Canada. Kermode, or as they say local Indian tribes, bear ghost, does not apply to polar bears and albino was not called, and the presence of white hair due to the presence of a recessive gene coloring.

Photo: paulnicklen

This blonde is a Kermode bear as it camouflage while salmon fishing on the river, and that helps them to be filled with plenty of fish than their relatives temnosherstnym clubfoot.

Photo: by Maximilian Helm / Flickr

3. Quokka
Do you want to find yourself near an incredibly happy and always smiling animal? Running march in Western Australia to meet with Quokka fun!

Photo: instaquokka

The charisma of the small kangaroo is so great that now the whole Internet is teeming with fun photos Fluffy. What can we say about the new fashion trend - "Self with Quokka»!

Photo: instaquokka

4. Bat-eared fox
Just look at this sinister smile ... What is this beast holding his? And nothing - in fact, they are very friendly, even foxes.

Photo: charlieanimates

Due to its prohibitive ears they have acute hearing and ears help them to cool down: a lot of "locators" increase the surface of Fox, promoting uniform distribution of heat. Small, yes udalenkie!

Photo: seancranephoto

5. Sand cat
Ready to see the representatives of the only cat species living in sandy deserts? Meet barkhan cats that live exclusively in hot, dry areas, namely in the deserts of North Africa and Asia.

Photo: by kellinahandbasket / Flickr

Barchan SEALs are considered the smallest among the wild cat and weighs only 2, 1-3, 4 kg. But how such small to survive in difficult conditions? The pads of their paws are covered with a dense mat of fur that allows you to "hot" cats walk on hot sand, but also makes their tracks almost invisible. A big ears help to hear the approach of both production and enemies.

Photo: by Tambako the Jaguar / Flickr

6. Sloth Bear
Bears sloths, sloth, or live in South Asia and belong to an endangered species of animals.

These balls of fur are very different looks and lifestyles of these bears, so they are isolated in a separate genus. Despite the name, they do not know about hibernation and can even run faster than a human, although sometimes too lazy to hunt, especially in the rainy season.

Photo: by Jane Perez / Flickr

7. Bengal lorises
Bengal loris - species of primates of the genus slow loris, found in the Indian subcontinent and Indochina.

Photo: natgeo

Unfortunately, these beauties are listed as particularly vulnerable: they are under the strict protection of the national legislation of the countries they inhabit.

Photo: chrisweeet

8. Rocky Daman
Do you think that the little rodent in the photo? In fact, the animal is even more related to elephants and manatees, in that hard to believe.

Hyrax rocky, or otherwise deserted, live mainly in the south-eastern part of North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. They had a great climb through the rocks and also love to relax in the sun group. Small damanchikov even can be tamed, but with adults beware!

9. Cotton-top tamarin
If the animal kingdom has decided to form a rock band, this mod would be exactly the singer.

Photo: by Airwolfhound / Flickr

These primates live exclusively in the northwest of Colombia, off the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Unfortunately, because of deforestation, they are becoming less and less.

Photo: by russellstreet / Flickr

10. Patagonian mara
Mara, or as it is called in common, Patagonian hare - the second-largest rodent in the world.

It lives in the pampas of Argentina and on the rocky expanses of Patagonia. March is quite easy to tame, so in recent years, increasingly there are farms where bred these rather large and unpretentious animals.

Photo: by orestART / Flickr

11. Long-eared jerboa
Just for fun, imagine a baby mouse and rabbit. Not so if it looks?

Photo: kuroebisama

Long-eared jerboa - rodent family dipodidae, who lives in North Africa and Asia. As you have already guessed, this delightful dwarf because of its long feet can not walk, but fun rides.

Photo: by Bell Pletsch / Wikimedia Commons

12. Red Wolf
This is not a fox, not a dog, but a real wolf, a red, or as it is called, is mountainous Himalayan. Mining predator can be seen in South and East Asia, mainly in the mountainous terrain.

Photo: ashwin_gokhale

The red wolf is listed in the International Red Book with the status of endangered species, as well as in the Red Book of Russia.

Photo: by Neil McIntosh / Flickr

13. Golden snub-nosed monkey
Have you ever had seen Blue-faced monkey with orange fur?

Photo: natgeo

Roksellanovy snub-nosed monkey live only in the Southern and Central China. In addition to the unusual appearance, these monkeys have another feature: they produce sounds without movement of the facial muscles.

Photo: by Su Neko

14. Pallas
Perhaps the most fluffy cat in the world.

Photo: Image via Thinkstock

Manuli, or Pallas cats, common in Central and Middle Asia. Within their area of ​​Russia is represented by three areas: Eastern, Trans-Baikal and the Altai Tuva. They tolerate low temperatures, that is what these pussies. And the cat is very expressive growl that is often portrayed in popular memes. Oh, the internet!

Photo: by Tambako the Jaguar / Flickr

15. Malay Bear
Malay bear, or biruang - the smallest member of the family of bears.

Photo: abesniderphoto

This toed lives in tropical and subtropical forests of the foothills and mountains of Southeast Asia. He is well-climbs trees and thin and long tongue helps to produce honey and pick out your favorite termites from their nests. Another feature - an off-white or red spot in the form of a horseshoe on the chest of the animal. The shape and color, it resembles the rising sun: that's where the scientific genus name "Sunny Bear».

Photo: arawlings1629

Animals in this list is unique and unique in its own way. But there is one feature of the joint - their gradual disappearance. There are many happy stories about saving vanishing species of fauna. Let's hope that this lovely lucky beasts. Do your friends are the facts? Faster tell them about it.

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