Regularly I get questions from those who are "taken into the army." In fact, on the right - call. "Take" usually Cop. These questions are always awake mass grave thoughts and memories. The range of topics is wide enough and therefore it was decided to respond immediately to all and all at once. So pristuplyu.

Zayd afar. I studied in a boarding school. And since childhood I know that the children - they are the most violent, despite its apparent innocence. Adults up to them away. In general, the animal manners compatriots familiar to me from early childhood.

I repeat: the most brutal - the children. That is why the most ferocious manners and order reign in the youngsters - areas where children sit up to 18 years. This occurs partly also because among children have sufficient adult men who could steer them. Leaving children unattended can not be categorically abandoned to arrange them so that all astonished. There - just the opposite. It is not only "at the Soviet power" is. Particularly curious recommend reading "Lord of the Flies" Golding - very informative. And I do not recommend on this occasion plant stink. Always easy to judge from the outside, such as "as to what was caregivers and where they look?" Those interested can go and work "there" in person. Then these idiotic questions will disappear by themselves.

In the army - all the same that the boarding and colonies. Unaccompanied Minors. With the only difference being that the physical condition has let these children hurt any adult. The brain is, alas, not add. Rare officer has the desire and ability to deal with them. To do this we must live in the barracks, and he - and his own family life. Unhappy with this situation - go to military schools and corrects the situation themselves, do not have anyone to blame anything. My grandfather - General and Dad and a senior bratelnik - Polkan. So I know the case very well on all sides. Left on their own kids are busy only in that bite each other like spiders in a jar.

So. Some practical advice. Follow these tips is very hard, because the situation will continuously require the instant you take such decisions, of which you have never even thought about. And any slip can greatly affect all your further service. Of course, my advice is unlikely to help. But at least you'll know that what we should be ready. Then a collision with reality is not so wild, as it usually happens. I should add - I do not set a goal to someone "scare" or show their own "steepness". I just think that everyone should be aware of what awaits him.

Actually Service consists of three parts. The first, most difficult and terrible - duhanka, the first twelve months of service. After serving a year is called a scoop (all different), because it is converted to the title by applying 12 strokes scoop on the bare ass (the procedure is painful and terribly painful, but virtually inevitable). The third category - the grandfather of the armed forces, veterans who have served eighteen months. I'll just talk about spirits (salobonah, apprentice, green, Sons), for about the rest of you all will become clear in the course of life, the good times abound there.

Prepare necessary for the most serious hardships and deprivations. Overcoming them will be very difficult. Especially - if you do not allow physical condition. Because if Grandpa will give the command "Plywood - to fight!" And decides to punch you in the chest with the butt of an automaton - so that the gate shuddered, even if sufficient physical strength after a couple of bumps bruises crawl up blades. I am not kidding. This is not the worst thing that can happen to you. Well, if chahlyy.- It concerns almost all urban residents, whose physical training - at all. Rural boys, so-called "peasants", much stronger and sturdier. They are also the best hit - that butts that fists. A city usually physically weaker, but much meaner. All are good, in short.

I went by the way, a couple of times at the club championships. I watched playing public. Number of slouching, humpback, curves, oblique and generally underdeveloped simply felled at all. About any "health" of the question at all. For those just scared, because their fate is unenviable. It feels that the nation degenerates. In this room is a strong stench of unwashed bodies for a long time.

This should stop too much. Wash, shave and get a haircut must be constantly. Erysipelas must be clean, undercollar - fresh and boots - polished. It is not idiocy, as it seems to those who himself seems very smart. It is a measure of what you are inside. Remember: if you Chmyr inside, you're outside and exactly the same. This can be seen without an army. Mess in the head always appears outside. If you have in the web and you are able in all conditions to keep themselves clean, it's always a matter of respect of others. Dirty same Chmyr with redoubled force, and God forbid you to be so. Again, urban residents tend to look after themselves are not accustomed (always everything mom does), what is even more anger from the "peasants".

Those who can not look after yourself myself in there the conditions instantly falls. At first he had dirty hands, then feet fungi, then covered with rotting boils from head to falcon. As the head lice run, and in Hebei them so much that throw it on the floor - it is run on these lice flee. For this first dirt will beat grandfathers - so to speak, for educational purposes. And then begin to drive and own, because he was such a monster can not be near. His place - from the garbage and eat these, by the way, it was there. At the table, they are not allowed.

Generally, immediately throw away all your training (unless of course it was). The manifestation of civility and intelligence in the army - a sign of weakness mongrel and weaknesses you should not be. "Politely intellectuals" hate with extreme force and beat them (from the awareness of their own bestiality) with renewed fury. In part - to work, because the urban population - the most disgusting qualities of character. I'm not saying that it is right and necessary to do so. I say that it really is.

What I mean? Yes, the fact that almost every jelly initially considers itself smarter, taller and better than any rural or country boy. At the same time being unable to do hard physical work and being able to just grind the language, he does not tire of repeating that all this - for morons and cattle, and he - nature high spirituality and got here by accident. The word "intellectual" is used in the army only in the sense of vile name-calling. Well, just like at home "philosopher" means "fool."

I am not going to give the definition of the concept of "mind." But for the fact that education - this is not it, I can vouch. Among uneducated villagers smart complete. And those who keep their cattle and morons, they did not fail to prove the contrary the most affordable way - using fists and boots.

Special dislike Muscovites are serving not let me lie. It seems that for the fact that they all have in Moscow, and the rest is nothing. Our foreman is the first day enlighten us, explaining that there are three kinds of men: the good, the bad and Leningrad. And he was right. So many bastards as among his fellow St. Petersburg, I have not seen anywhere else. This is not to say that all of St. Petersburg - the bastards, it says that those among us a lot.

But back to the hardships and privations. If you do all day play with toys on the computer and read a good, good books, they you will not give the necessary knowledge. From you require very different qualities: physical strength, ability and determination to stand up for themselves, as well as the behavior "on concepts."

Main in this case - the power. Strong in the men's team is highly respected. This is - the law of nature. Almost every girl dreams of a handsome, tall and broad-shouldered, handsome - so tells her instinct. Only a male can give a healthy offspring and feed the family. And these same males constantly trying to find out - who are the most powerful and worthy. It seems long ago we got out of the caves, but in this case, so nothing has changed. Yes, and is unlikely to change. And because physical force - is essential. You should always and everywhere, and in the army - especially. In particular, in order to not be afraid to fight.

In order to fight well, physical strength is needed. But not in this case it is the main one. The main thing - it's your attitude. What you are willing to do with the enemy and the pain at the same time tolerate. Tolerate necessary ANY. Pain and blood do not be afraid ever. Man easily makes almost any assault. Tested repeatedly. If you hit, so that the body can not stand it, you're disabled. That is what we must fight - or did you / they cut down, or they you. Afraid this is not necessary.

Always fight me as if you want to kill - simple death. I never think of some sort of rack, honesty shocks and other Labuda. Your task - to put it in place, even before you begin to be. Use any materials at hand. There is something at hand - grab and hit. Army stool on her head completely broken. The head is very difficult to break. It is difficult - but possible. So its still take care. Do not be afraid of blood, nor their or someone else's. And even if you are weak and maloholen - would not be afraid. Think about the rat. She hemmed in, without hesitation thrown on huge man. And I have not seen a single person who would not fall off from the small but desperately brave and ferocious rats. This - a sample of courage. However, do not go on the rampage, to die is also very simple. Again, no kidding. In my memory for two years in the "upper tundra" gone five different ways.

If, before the appeal is still far - Work out hard. The proper sports - this is boxing. Do not listen to all sorts of Karate-aykidist. Time for all these workouts kill the sea, and the result you get miserable. No, five years, you can, and what will be taught, do not argue. This is - a very long and productive. I saw all these as "eastern single combat," especially among the city. First, they beat them on a common basis. And when I learned that you are also some kind of karate, an interest in battered increase dramatically. Wow - this Mozglyakov, but there too - karate! Well, come here, a sheep! And poneslas- what they taught there - is unclear.

By the way, fighting the common man in the division train a maximum of six months. Then - training and polishing techniques. Martial arts, which require more time - a waste of time. That is why all fallen in the service of Aikido fans only fly to the fist to fist. For in the sections they were taught only to breathe, to squat, throw up your hands and do not even think about how to attack first. Meanwhile, the future grandfathers just six months have taught people to kill.

Fighting - it's not stupid movie with Van Damme, which constantly penetrate all sorts of wacky urs-mawashi, and other trash. In fact, everything is very fast and looks completely wrong. Two or three hits a ball on the floor - and all. One lies, the other stands. And so - just boxing. Not only does it teach you and accustom to beat, so also will acquire endurance horse. I do not think that this occupation for idiots - there is need to think, no less than in any other communication with people. Even if you do not get to the medals and regalia - nothing. Well-delivered blow, two or three chords - this is quite enough. Well-delivered blow puts an unprepared enemy at times, without any jumps and drygonozhestv. Feet above all to raise crotch is not necessary, it's stupidity and affectation. In general, beysya often. Get used to the pain and shock. Then he will thank himself.

Well, the force itself. I'm not talking about pumping muscles in bodybuilding sense. Undoubtedly, outwardly it looks great, but does not have to much. There is a totally different technique - lifter. The one on which the train weightlifters. Soviet weightlifters were the best in the world and, consequently, the method of training - too. Even now you can easily find a good coach, because not all gone and drank themselves into criminals. If you can not find such a - go to powerlifting, it is about the same. In the beginning, it is not necessary to look for some type superzaly Gold Gym heaped with imported machines. It's all nonsense, adapted primarily for defrauding money. You just have to be friends with the bar, ordinary iron bar. The increase in strength and muscle mass, it gives it, not the "wonder-trainers" and "magic" supplements thirty bucks for a vial. The bar, simple bar - it is the only thing to any beginner. The emphasis is on basic exercises: pull, bench presses and squats. With the right approach, it will give fantastic results in the shortest possible time. And these results will remain with you for life - in contrast to the pumped volume of bodybuilding, which should support the exorbitant amount of grub and spetstrenirovkam. To summarize, I would say, boxing, coupled with weight training - destructive thing.

But back to mordobitiya. We believe that you are mentally prepared for it. But a couple of tips you still need to give. Never show that you are afraid of someone. You see the inevitability of the fight - the first hit. Forget just this oriental delirium. "Forward always loses" - it must be a bredyatinu unpicked and a garbage people teach! Bay without hesitation and try to do it first. In the army, there is no fairy Confucians, no you will not philosophize. Beaten time beaten twice, and then falls, exactly the same as in the zone. Life is lowered so terrible that I talk about it I do not presume. As army roosters live to muster - I still do not understand. Violence of this kind are particularly prone Bisexual our "brothers" from the Caucasus and Asia. Again, there are manners atrocious. So Bay without hesitation, be more respect and fear. You will not - believe that their misfortunes are you to blame yourself.

You behold meanness you fairly. No one had nothing to forgive. Be vindictive like a hyena. For every created muck each svolota must answer. This is - the law. In relation to cattle, any indifference and connivance is a manifestation of weakness. No one will take it for the nobility and generosity, I'm talking to you as operas. Just the opposite. I do not give oborotku - so weak. And if weak - climb again. So bring it started to end. At the same time, never, under any circumstances, do not hurt the weak. There is a category of degenerates, pulls in the most humble and downtrodden. Beat Chmyr - the last thing, with scum and livestock. To do so - then shame before the others and do not respect themselves. Try at least something to be a man, does not fall.

Try first to have reliable friends, and then for them to hold on tighter. Try to resist the plagues all together, tie the comrades in any trouble, helping them struggling. In this take the example of the "black". I use the word not in an offensive or derogatory sense, and I hope that people understand me reasonable (moron explain useless). All the nonsense about the friendship of the peoples of you knock out all at once on the first day. By slobbering idiot of brotherly love and universal equality can go back seven years later, not before - after the point healed. If at all, of course, you can. Now, "black" mutual assistance and care about each other are at the highest level. If you hit the "black" - whether for business or just like that - a whole regiment will come running to intercede. If you beat the Slav - the remaining tribesmen will quietly look at it from the smoking room and the comment: again hit - so have something! Just do not byut- And then I'll climb it?

In such a situation and mood, please go somewhere in the pockets of "Islamic warriors" do something practically very difficult. From them, you just have to run. And when they catch - to require transfer to another part - to the Slavs. Among such cohesion Russian I met only among residents of Trans-Baikal, the so-called "Semenov". These are very serious people, and they were not zabaluet one. Taking off my hat. By the way, the bandits are out most severe. I can assure you as the expert.

"Good" grandfathers and generally older beware. In the army, goodness only simulated and is always preceded by some podlyanku. Be vigilant. Usually it begins like this: "Hey, give, please, the boots!". Then he will not have time to look back as they clean the boots - he asks as normal, and does not hit as these freaks! Then tuck in the bed, and then belishko prostirnesh - and here you are at the very bottom, six in all. Try to do only the work which, from your point of view, did not disdain to the most respected grandfather.

Generally it is a very complicated issue. You will work in any case. The main thing - to divide the work on zapodlyatskuyu and normal. Wash toilets - that's okay, no matter how wild at first seem. In case of refusal by order make, for non-performance of which can be and answer. But it is impossible to clean other people's shoes for any scenario - even under the threat of violence.


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