Combat application multicopter in Syria

Accidentally caught the eye of a report of the Lebanese channel Almayadin (Al Mayadeen) about the fighting in the mountainous region Kalamun and destroy militant stronghold of one of the hills with the help of a guided missile. The report has footage shot copter. I am interested in a role in this battle copter.

Actually, the report. And under the cut seen my transcript, which wanted to share - the line between toy guns and too transparent:

Historical information on the events:
In Syria, the ongoing armed conflict began as a civil protest and artificially heated in 2011 in an armed conflict. Syria has always had a difficult relationship with its neighbors on the political and religious reasons. Armed conflicts have used rich Persian Gulf monarchies. In Syria, a flood of mercenaries, weapons and Islamic radicals. And at the moment the war in Syria has little relation to the original political reasons - it is a war of Sunnis and Shiites (Alawite), spread beyond Syria. To varying degrees, are involved in this war, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran.
Location battlefield and the warring parties This story filmed the Lebanese TV channel & quot; Almayadin & quot ;, which is the Western media associated with Iran, which rejects the channel itself.
May 12, 2015 "Hezbollah" and the Syrian Arab Army occupied two strategically important hill in the mountainous region Kalamun (Kalyamune), located west of Damascus, on the border between Lebanon and Syria.

Valley (Valley) Kalamun that strategic value can be compared with Панджшерским gorge in Afghanistan. Kalamun, the center of which is the city yabroud, stretches for several kilometers along the main road to Damascus - Aleppo towards the Lebanese border. Control of this strategic area is control of the eastern Lebanese border through which the vital supply routes for militants and weapons transfer bandit groups. Without control Kalamuna will be impossible successful actions of Islamists in Damascus. Control Kalamunom would allow rebels to cut off from communication with Damascus and Homs to Damascus to try to surround the northwest and west. But the insurgents have never fully mastered Kalamunom.

Since September 2012 militants twice organized the "battle" for Kalamun, but each time unsuccessfully. At the end of 2013 for another attempt to capture the gorge militants gathered a large force of up to 20 thousand people
Excellent understanding of strategic importance of the gorge Syrian Arab Army planned and carried out an offensive called "White Mountains", which started from the beginning of 2014. In severe mountain conditions the Army to avoid direct fighting in the villages in the valley, and sequentially, one by one, occupied the commanding heights.

By the end of March was liberated yabroud and almost completely destroyed by militant groups, some of whom fled to Lebanon. Then the Syrian army began cleaning gorges along its entire length from small groups infiltrating from Lebanon. In turn, the territory of Lebanon also penetrated Syrian militants, including jihadi group "Islamic State" and Islamists competing with it, "Al-Nusra Front».

Neither Syria nor Lebanon can not control the long border in remote mountain areas than are fighters, creating a transshipment base. Since May 5, the Syrian Army started an offensive and "Hezbollah". For 5 days managed to clean up 50 kilometers on both sides of the border and free up border checkpoints.

Particularly fierce fighting with the Syrian Islamist militants were in two heights, exposed to fire from the Lebanese part of the border and is located near the Syrian city yabroud. Capture two hills is also important for Lebanon: in recent years the Syrian Islamists periodically fired rockets the Lebanese Bekaa Valley.
Since August last year, the Islamists began to actively attack the Lebanese army checkpoints and settlements after the Syrian army began to push aside Kalamune Islamists troops to the border, and leave deep into Lebanese territory they are not given military and fighters of the Lebanese Shiite movement.

Syrian Islamists, meanwhile, argue that attacking the Lebanese Bekaa valley only from the fact that the Lebanese Shiite organization "Hezbollah" invaded Syria and its militants are fighting on the side of President Bashar Assad.

Report Almayadin channel (Al Mayadeen) about the fighting in Kalyamune mounted not chronologically. Also, shooting was done at different times - the weather changes in the use of the frame of military equipment is obviously the fight (the height of the siege) is continued for a long time. By the way in other reports have been added at the same time, the channel in Youtube there is a more powerful guns in cars.

I did FREEZE and place them in a logical order.

Gunmen on a hilltop:

The launch:

Frame lets you see how far the target is:

The missile flies to the place where the militants were seen:

Repeat frame above militants


Movies with the copter:


After ten seconds:

Further up the hill shooting soldiers and shooting directly on the hill.
Destroyed fortified point. I suspect that the scraps of rags - that is what is left of the militants.

With occurring now clear. The role of the copter is also evident - adjust fire on positions of militants. The question remains how the rocket flew right on target. In this issue helped the time to start. While virtually nothing is visible, but the silhouette of a compact missile launcher awakened memories of the old log UT, where there was an article and illustration of compact anti-missile system.

Google to help and soon find an answer:

This antitank missile system of the "Baby» .

In the USSR complexes such as "Baby" were produced until 1984. Under the license, they were produced in Bulgaria, Iran, Yugoslavia and China. In total, the complex "Baby" was in service for more than forty-five countries.
Complex "Baby" very much and successfully fought. The most effective was the first mass use of facilities such as "Baby" during «Войны Doomsday »in the Middle East. In the early days of the Arab-Israeli war of 1973, Egyptian infantrymen by a set of "Baby" inflicted a crushing defeat on the Israeli tank units. According to the Arab side, these complexes have destroyed about 800 Israeli tanks. Only 6 October 1973, for instance, it was utterly defeated 252 Panzer Israel - knocked out more than a hundred cars.

To service the "Baby" needed an experienced operator. In the battle operator watches the flight of the rocket and correct it
Management and guidance of its projectile to the target is carried out by commands from a shell on wires from the control panel , under the supervision of the projectile and target in the optical sight. Blockquote> The following is easier to search for videos on Youtube, and confirms that this is the missile, and explains why it is so strange curve trajectory.

Just think:
Copter - today's complex microprocessor-based device with a radio channel, with video cameras.
And missiles, guided by three-core wire length of 3200 meters. Inside, no electronics like 50 years ago.

Copter - showed the operator where the fortified point of fighters and missiles guidance was carried out through the telescopic sight, watching the bright tracer missiles.

This powerful combination of technology with a difference of 50 years, I was very surprised and inspired this article.
I hope the time to read the article was well spent. Technology go to the masses. And the world becomes safer.

Approximately in 2005, not far from this place there was a same combination of modern and old technology. Namely the emergence Google Earth in 2005 has allowed militants to easily and accurately measure the distance from the launch site of the alleged primitive homemade rockets to targets in Israel and increase accuracy.



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