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Stumbled today is quite an interesting article veteran Foreign Service Andrei Vasilkov about Syria and about what is happening in the country and how to teach it all the media, especially the US. Thing topical and alarming situation in principle. Because after Syria and Iran, the goal will be only one, IMHO.

There is a lot of interesting characters. Source. I recommend not to be lazy.

Syria: an old play in the new theater.

It is no secret that in recent years the theme of conflict in the Middle East does not leave anyone indifferent. How many people - so many opinions. But how objective these views and based on what facts Russian analysts coming to their conclusions.

Watching nauseating "rat race" youthful specialists "pen" on TV and in the media about the so-called "Syrian theme" I Arabist, lived and worked not in the embassy, ​​Tass's, trade mission, and among the people of the Middle East in Syria , Lebanon and Jordan for more than 10 years, the hair stand on end from amateurish views prevailing in a number of journalists who once tasted "shawarma" or "falyafel" on the streets of Damascus and have decided that they are experts in the Middle East problems, particularly over the fate of the Syrian people in the foreseeable period of our future. Sorry, but I burst in the chest limiter retirement silence from such brazen "irritation" analysts fate of the Middle East. Sorry, but professionals may cause only a contemptuous smirk, what happens at senior conscripts against the "greenhorn" natershego heel foot bindings. And why fool the ignorant people and even using megaphones radio and TV?

Let's look at how to say "simple and understandable" language, without getting into the political and historical jungle. Who is this for the majority of Syrians, Bashar Assad, and that he must do to resolve the conflict situation?

West and its supporting position of political scientists and journalists in Russia claim that al-Assad is an urgent need to leave his post and immediately before the army to disarm in the face of the "opposition", that she "did not shoot from guns on peaceful demonstrators" (that never happened) to hold new elections and further "democratic" transformation at gunpoint is not laid down their arms, mercenaries and militias of deserters who are not armed for this, so here is simply to disarm. Who do they pay for it ?!

The so-called regime, Assad clan - father and sons in Syria has been and will remain in the status of national heroes, like in the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov! Of course, there will be losers and disgruntled regime cosmopolitans, deprived lot, devoid of crowds and demonstrations, of which in any country (especially ours) abound. Merit Assad clan and their associates the country are obvious.

Judge for yourself. '42 Within the boundaries of the present territory of the country there is no war, although Syria even for a day does not stop fighting for the liberation of the occupied territories, is helping the Palestinians and did not sign a peace agreement with Israel until it withdraws from land captured by force.

For the past 30 years Syria alone is opposed to Israeli aggression, losing its former Arab allies betrayed the cause of resolution of the Palestinian problem and passed under the wing of the United States, becoming vassals of the empire. The army of the country - the pride of the people, and his only defender in the face of Israeli aggression.

The country has created with the help of the Soviet Union a modern global system of air and missile defense, similar to that which exists in Russia - the only one of its kind in the Middle East, which is up to date and up to the present day, a rocket that can hit targets at ranges far beyond Syria.

Also, the country has established with the help of Russian missile defense system of maritime boundaries, which cover the entire battery marine area of ​​Syria, with the ability to hit targets, including aircraft carriers, such as "Nimetz 'outside water borders in the event of threats to the state.

Syrian Air Force - one of the most modern in the region, the park helicopter and aircraft sufficient quantity and quality to repel any possible attack, including NATO, the enemy. Combat training of pilots carried out virtually every day, day and night, thereby maintaining their high skills.

In January of Syria will come from Russian combat training Yaqui new generation. Armored troops and battalions of tactical missiles to Syria in a state of constant alert. Destroy it all - this is the task of oppositionists, they have to work in exchange for money and weapons.

In the early 80's during the war in the Bekaa Valley was the myth of the invincibility of the modern Israeli army and its air force, which is unlikely to dare again to hold military adventures against Syria without the help of the United States and England. Speaking about the current corruption among officials in Syria, forget about the degree of corruption that prevailed among officials before the arrival of Hafiz al-Assad to power and reforms carried out in the interests of the working people of the country (Special supermarkets, benefits, etc.).

During the reign of Assad in Syria has become educated, industrialized countries of the region, oil was found, made the electrification of the country, built great roads in the villages have electricity, water, work in agricultural production. Syrian youth have the opportunity to learn, acting general reform of school education. Young people, like all citizens, have the right to unhindered from leaving the country to study and work abroad.

The country is on the path of socialist development of the European model, without hindering the East traditional small businesses, encouraging investment by the private and foreign capital. There is a law on the promotion of investment and tax incentives. Practiced in the country, many traditional religions.

In Syria, freely and peacefully living Muslims: Shi'ites, Alawites, Sunnis, and Druze, Catholics and Protestants, Jews and Orthodox Christians of all persuasions, are churches of all denominations, with Christians freely sell alcoholic beverages, Muslims are selling religious books all over the city, near located in the Armenian district of Bab Tuma Muslim tea, where they play for tea and backgammon Armenian cafeteria, where there is a strong spirit of wine Araki, smoke and cries of visitors who cut cards.

There are many Internet cafes in Syria, even in the poorest shack has satellite "teletarelka" can be found on the streets of foreigners from Europe, the US and other countries. However, today a lot of garbage everywhere, everywhere there is a building, crowds of wealthy refugees from Iraq, the occurrence of which resulted in an increase in property prices.

So why was given this country to NATO. The goal - to protect civilians from the local generals - a fairy tale for morons. But the real goal - is through the prostrate and bloodless Syria OPEN DOORS TO IRAN! Destroy his anti-American leadership and pave the way to the oilfields to download for free "enemy" oil and threaten Russia new missile bases.

It is not a similar situation dreamed of oil king Rockefeller in 1917, when all the oil-rich Iraqi Kurdistan was recaptured from the Turks and ended up in the hands of supposedly "samorazvalivsheysya" wrote Communist historians of the Russian army and Cossack patrols patrolling the Baghdad area.


You can list many more, and the one who wants to hear - will hear, and he who fulfills received from advances of provocateurs, useless to say, as he provocateur. The only thing I want to say "connoisseurs of the East" - a young Bulldozer work their career path at any site: you have not "happen" in the country are on duty, but "live" and not a year or two to have an idea of ​​what the people want.

And the main thing. Who gave the right to interfere in the internal affairs of a sovereign country without its request? What will happen then? It is an example of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, nothing says? Since when did the UN and NATO called upon to decide the fate of other countries without their consent?

How easy it was to replace the UN observers on aerial armada of NATO hawks. For me, this is a topic literacy lessons pensioners or students. But not all the comb a comb. It's true. On it and freedom, democracy. However, China is neither one nor the other, or others not swung when the famous shot raging students who have forgotten that disrupt the guns to armored cars - is not only criminal damage of state property, but also a dangerous act directed against sitting inside soldiers and they were armed, and the right to consider such action an attack on the army threatened his life, in which the answer is simple: shoot to kill. Shouted "Help" in the media and silenced. "Shut up!" - Barked American bankers - "China needs us!»

And yet. All is forgotten, all is silent. No one has declared the blockade and threatened bombing. Even Taiwan. But China is not even sneezed, he knows its place. He is now the force. He at all out. And to understand. Until now, in country order. Chinese spit on the opinion of the West.

But, after all, what the Syrians to Russia and whether to support Syria in this conflict to an end? It is believed that Russia - does not need allies such as Syria and Iran, as it harms its rapprochement with the West, which is necessary for the elimination of Russian cultural and technological gap with the developed Western countries. Syria - an obstacle for a rapprochement with the West.

The fate of Syria should not worry Russia since minor issues on a global scale? We must choose his allies strong and successful! Just wanted to add, "said Pike carp about." Is this true? Syria - it is an old friend and chief ally of Russia in the Middle East. On the Golan Heights, and Russian blood flowed.

Syria - is the gateway to Iran, and Iran - is the border with Russia. In Syria, home to thousands of Russian citizens, and if the aggressive opposition to seize power, and if you leave Syria without the aid, they will all be destroyed in the first and second remaining Christians. In my opinion, several regiments of new air defense systems with Russian settlements, horror at the NATO pilots if they were secretly and urgently to transfer to Syria (as was done in 1973), would close the issue of the possibility of NATO aggression in this country.

Probably. I do not know whether it is possible to make even technically. Bit I'd like. Moreover, I believe that if Russia once delivered to Iran 300 th air defense systems, which was signed, is the question of aggression would be eliminated by itself. NATO pilots do not like to shoot them.

And who loves? They say that Russia does not have the forces that Russia - this is not the Soviet Union. That's bad in this case, that is not the Soviet Union, which did not throw their allies in trouble and always a strong position against any aggression. A special force is not necessary. Air defense - it's not thousands infantry, where to eat, sleep, etc.

If the region was not interested in Russian, then it could be considered Griboyedov and death in Iran in vain, and the last entry stupidity secret envoy of the Russian tsar Kutuzov in the harem of the Turkish sultan for talks with his chief wife. Then the death of Russian in the Syrian war can consider them a private matter, and what to do with the hundreds of mixed Syrian-Russian families and their members are having Russian citizenship in Syria?

Also assume that it is their personal problem? Then tell me why they need a Russian passport, for the possession of which are queues at Russian consulates in the Arab countries. We are similar in many respects with the Syrians. We Scythians-Sarmatians. Once we lived in the same territory. East. According to custom, on behavior in different situations, we are close.

Anyone who has lived in Syria and talked with the people, will confirm this. When I left at the end of the last trip from Syria when even thought no one could slip the idea of ​​what is happening now, at the farewell banquet, a Syrian pilot, raising his glass, he said the following sentence: "Syria has no more friends in addition to Russia, but Russia has no friends rather than Syria ».

This opinion exists in the vast majority of the Syrian people. Russia for the overwhelming mass of Syrians - a friend and helper, a reliable defender of their interests in the world. When the Syrians know that you are Russian, they smile, they are inviting you to want to bestow anything, let it be the last thing in their house.

And at the United Nations came to the fact that representatives of the US and Germany have dared to accuse Russia and China that they now have on their hands the blood of civilians dying from the atrocities of the Assad regime, and they will regret it. Say you ever met such hypocrisy. Interestingly, they understand something they say?

Incidentally notorious victims of the Assad regime are not supported by any fact, except the reports of militants who gladly served in the media, the data of the UN, and in which the number of victims is growing every week to 1,000. What can I say! Spineless Russia in the Libyan tragedy has meant that we began to threaten with sanctions, even the representative of Qatar, the trick is reminded barking miniature pinscher on hands at the mistress. Daredevil? Crazy?

No, just squirt! "Ai Pug, know she is strong, just barks at the elephant ..." But the war is still close as ever. For translucent gauze statements about the impossibility of military aggression by the United States (and, perhaps, it will be Turkey, secretly dreamed of Ottoman Empire), the preparation for it are already visible. Their ambassadors from Syria withdrew, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Italy, France, Britain, Germany, the United States (since the evacuation of staff).

Regardless of doubt the economic crisis is going to overcome the West through war. Syria and Iran - the objects of attack, it is clear to all. Well, that same rush of the West in decision-making, including the military caused by the March 4 elections 2012 in Russia and 2 March 2012 in Iran. Logically, the "victorious crusade" must begin before the mentioned dates. To prepare for such a scenario that can not be discounted, Russia remained only two decades.

So today, at stake is not only the fate of Syria, but also the honor of Russia. And if the Russian retreat, tomorrow in the same way we will be able to select and the Kurils and Sakhalin, and oil in the Arctic shelf.



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