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All vital processes in our body (for example, heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, musculoskeletal system and others) is completely governed by the brain. The same control signals that are distributed from the brain in the form of pulses to deliver the command to "their" bodies, you need to overcome a number of obstacles. The signal along the nerve fibers in the spine, which through openings between the vertebrae approach each organ (heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, musculoskeletal system and others) to seamlessly transmit the corresponding command. Therefore, the condition of nerve fibers in the spine in General, depends on the state of human health


Have a healthy child without any complications, the spine is smooth and straight. But over the years for a variety of reasons (sedentary work, trauma) spine in several places is curved and has sometimes the form of the letter S (forward curves – cervical and lumbar lordosis, curves, back – chest and cross-kyphosis, – scoliosis).

The process of displacement of the vertebrae and the bulging discs are usually accompanied by inflammatory processes. This also leads to the fact that control signals are reaching the pinched inflammatory process of nerve fibers, distorted and fading in them. The result of these changes in the spine usually becomes a violation of the functional regulation of organs and systems of the body, which usually manifests in various diseases of heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, musculoskeletal system and other organs.

Many patients spend a lot of time and effort but also money for treatment of these organs. But unfortunately, these patients cannot achieve a positive result. They do not even suspect that the whole reason of chronic exhausting maladies – a sore spine.

Of course, many patients usually after unsuccessful treatments wondering What to do in such cases?"

Us in the article "And the veterans, they are the children of war – healthy people?" (read here) highlighted the experience of the veteran on the use of exercise from spine. It's only been a year after the publication of the mentioned article, but to the veteran during the year there was a radical change. Boris was the name of the veteran, over the past year, mastered the computer and was fascinated by the Internet.

The consequence of the abuse of sitting behind the computer monitor has been the emergence of persistent pain in the spinal column. With the sad experience of not only outpatient, but also treatment in hospital, where they treat the effect and not the cause, Boris decided to cope with the disease tested technologies.


The first thing that Boris Nikolaevich has noticed is the need to create comfortable conditions in the workplace. First, the chair must change the height so that, depending on the position taken postures, respectively, were able to minimize unwanted overloads on all muscle groups. In addition, the backrest must have lumbar support and it should provide an opportunity pivoted back to be the thoracic support. For some time Boris used a simple chair, and had periodically to keep yourself on how to clean, then again to return. On the back of the chair he put up a hand-made cushion. But with the acquisition of office chair time spent at the computer, become more comfortable.

About the REQUIREMENTS TO CORRECT FOR Stalone you work at a Desk most strongly loaded lumbar region of the spine.Therefore, if there is disease in this part of the body or there were injuries, doctors advise such people to lie or stand.

The height of the chair should be such that the seat was flush with the knee joints. The back part of the thigh should not push too hard on the edge of the seat, otherwise it will be hampered the movement of blood in the legs. It is better to use the support (in the form of a bench under the feet. Sit stands close to the back, resting on her shoulders, not leaning forward. Buttocks should touch the back of the seat, and a chair to stand close to the table. It is recommended to change the posture every 15 minutes.


Since the organization of the workplace (even with the acquisition of the office chair) can not solve all problems, that our hero uses a combination of physical therapy exercises that help cope with back problems in individuals working in jobs with low physical activity.

Performing compound exercises should begin with the fact that we sit on a chair and put it under her palm. The second hand should grasp the head with the side where lies first hand. Reserved elbow will serve us as opposed to. Shoulder to relax, placing his elbow and head in a single plane. Without changing the placement of the hands, to relax.

Pull the head in the direction behind the opposition, but due to the fact that one arm beneath you, the movement will stop. When performing this movement is likely to feel the muscle stretching, which should be painless.

Head and neck bend to the forearm at an angle of 45 degrees. If at this stage, perform the movement with no pain, then adjust the angle. Finding such provisions when they appear painful, it is necessary to make repetition of the above movements. Note: time stretching should be brought to 15 seconds, but it is unacceptable to tilt your head more than 45 degrees, as this is dangerous.

Then turn the hand under you, palm down and repeat the cycle of motion exercises. Do them on both sides, even if you are concerned about one of them.

Sit on a sturdy chair with a straight back, placing the edge of the towel, folded in half. Joined near the breast in the palm of your hand, stretching them in front of him. Breathing are rejected on the chair's back, throwing the head straightened hands. When performing these movements to preserve the maximum freedom. If done all correctly, you will hear a small click, but no pain.

We continue, getting deeper, to perform the same exercise movement. Ideally, it is believed that this exercise gives maximum benefit when it is possible to get to the waist, unless, of course, will allow the back of the chair.

Boris on a personal example it was convinced that the complex of exercises helps to straighten the spine, strengthen back muscles, resulting in restored growth, which was 18 – 20 years and, importantly, improve all vital signs. However, some exercises are not enough.


Among specialists, at the moment, yet there is no consensus on the problem: does running benefit or harm to the spine. In any case, a healthy person, he is not exactly contraindicated. When you have back problems, it is already a controversial issue.

The supporters and fans, in favour of running his favor based on the fact that adults do not have blood vessels in the discs of the vertebrae, so "to eat" they may only due to the diffusion with other tissues. This condition can occur only when metabolic processes are stimulated by good walking and Jogging.

That is, Jogging is a kind of preventive means of dealing with osteochondrosis and other diseases of the back. But don't be carried away by the process running, and to monitor the overall status to detect the earliest stages the risk of undesirable consequences and to stop the training process.

We should take into account the fact that nature has produced for man is ultimately a very imperfect mechanism for movement. The heel strike the ground while running leads to concussion of the spine and degenerative disc disease therefore is a direct contraindication to the run.

Studies found that the running and landing of man on the heel, its weight increases by roughly 5 times. So, if a runner weighs 80 kg, at a time when he lands, his back is under load 400 kg, resulting in some trouble with osteochondrosis.

If it used to be that osteochondrosis is a disease of the pensioners, scientific studies have established that the disease occurs much earlier – at age 30 — 35 years. So the most active people at risk for osteoarthritis, doctors advise to observe some rules when running: soft cover (grass, soil), special sports shoes, softening the blows of the feet on the ground, a combination of Jogging and gymnastics, strengthening the muscles of the back and spine.

Even if such shoes will be somewhat more expensive than ordinary running shoes, but in any case it will be quite accessible to everyone wishing to do sports. Besides, according to Boris, to save on the equipment just not worth it, as treatment, the resultant diseases will cost far more.

All of these recommendations are aimed at reducing the lumbar lordosis and effectively increase the mobility of the vertebrae in all parts of the spine. In addition, all of the recommendations in their observance, strengthen the back muscles and the whole "corset" of the trunk. The man begins to sit up straight, not leaning on the back of a chair. This improves the blood circulation in the legs, decrease or disappear cramps in the legs.


Source: dolgo-zivi.ru


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