5 Stunning exercises Paul Bragg from back pain

Paul Bragg argues that violations of function of the spine beyond repair, at almost any age. 5 Paul Bragg exercises have been developed, which are light and easy in carrying.

The only condition which must be strictly observed, - it exercises in a complex set of

. If a person will likewise take care of your spine, then in 70-80 years it will be healthy, energetic, will have a clear mind and sober memory. To do this, you must realize the importance of exercise for their health and to implement them on a daily basis, at least in the minimum volume. Positive results appear within a few weeks or even a few days of regular exercise.

Getting the exercises for the spine, should be guided by the following rules:

Do not apply sudden force to the lost mobility of the spine areas;
Perform exercises burden commensurate with their physical features, starting with a small and gradually increasing it;
Do not try to do the exercises with a maximum range of motion, start with a small wobble vertebrae movements, gently and gradually increasing their amplitude.

These rules must be observed for the reason that you do not know the true condition of his spine, the degree of salt deposits, the state of intervertebral discs and ligaments. Excessive load instead use can cause harm.

Remember that training and stretching the spine, we are strengthening the muscles and ligaments, which will keep the spine in a stretched state. This work will stimulate energy and blood circulation throughout the body. Increase metabolism and internal organs get stronger. In general, it is beneficial for the well-being of the whole organism.

The success of any business depends on the motivation. The stronger it is, the more people can achieve. Starting the implementation of a complex of exercises for the spine, create this motivation - convince yourself that you do these exercises are vital

. This will decide more than half of the task. Now we need to get involved in the training mode, and gradually increase the load. To do this, start with the smallest.

During the first week do exercises slowly enough. If you feel discomfort or fatigue, stop for a while doing the exercises. But gradually you will feel from the regular classes the body becomes stronger, increases endurance, spine becomes healthier.

As with any physical exercise, after exercise on the spine will experience pain in the muscles. It's quite normal. they will soon.

Rest between exercises provided.

The first exercise effectively acts on the part of the nervous system that is responsible for the work of the head, the eye muscles and nerves, which are binding to the stomach and intestines. When performing the first exercise we are working on a headache, eye strain and indigestion. Significantly trains muscles of the cervical spine.

Lie on the floor face down, followed by a bowl lift and bend your back arch. This basin is above the bowed head.

The body must be supported solely on the toes and hands. Feet shoulder width apart.

The knees and elbows are straight, creating the necessary tension spine.

Lowering his hips almost to the floor, lift your head, then quickly fold it back.

Exercise should be done slowly.

Lowering the pelvis, as low as possible, then slowly raise it as high as possible, thus it is necessary to bend back and try again.

If done correctly, exercise can feel some relief by relaxing the spine.

The second exercise trains and strengthens the muscles of the thoracic spine. Stimulates the nerves that go to the liver and kidneys. When you exercise there is relief from the liver disease and kidney failure resulting from the breakdown. Establish normal operation of the kidneys.

Lie on the floor face down, raising the pelvis and arch the back.

The body relies only on the toes and hands. Hands and legs straight.

Rotate your pelvis as much as possible to the right, thus lowering the side as low as possible.

All repeat with rotation in the opposite direction.

Exercise should be done slowly.

The following exercise trains the muscles of the lumbar spine in the region of its transition from thoracic to the pelvis. During the exercise the spine is in a state of complete relaxation, there is stimulation of each nerve center. There is a relief to the state of the pelvic region. It stimulates the regenerative process of the intervertebral disc.

Sit on the floor, stretch placed on straight arms, which are located slightly to the rear, legs bent.

Lift the pelvis, the body must rely on the direct hands apart and bent legs.

Movement should be done rhythmically.

After lift the body to the spine was in a horizontal position, and sink.

The fourth exercise is designed to train the muscles in the lumbar ligaments. Strengthened part of the spine where the nerves are responsible for the work of the stomach. It restores balance of the body and the spine is stretched.

Lie on the floor on his back. The legs should be extended, arms out to the sides.

Bending your knees need to pull them to your chest, clasping her hands.

Then push your knees and thighs from the breast, and the arms do not let go. Make a sort of "rockingĀ».

At the same time, raising his head, try to touch your chin knees.

Such a situation, try to hold for five seconds.

The fifth, a closing exercise is the most important for stretching, strengthening and training of the gluteal muscles ligaments.

It should lie on the floor, face down. Raise your hips as high as possible, while arch the back arc.

Support should be on straight legs and arms, head down.

In such a situation, it should be like 5 to 7 minutes on all fours.

The number of the exercises should be started with two or three times, gradually increasing to 10 times each.

Alternative replacement, or an effective addition to the above, the complex of swimming lessons can add style "BrassĀ».

The above set of exercises Paul Bragg advised to perform, taking into account the individual characteristics. Initially, it is recommended to perform each exercise no more than two or three times. Within a day, the number of repetitions can be increased up to five times or more.

Just a few days the body muscles are filled with strength and become more flexible spine and ligaments. Normal development of people in a few days will be able to easily perform each exercise 10-12 times.

As for the frequency of sessions, the first Bragg recommends engage daily. Once there the desired improvement in the spine, can reduce the number of classes to twice a week. It is enough to keep the spine flexible and stretched.

As previously indicated, fairly week of classes, with the spine to favorable changes began to occur. Within 2-3 weeks they become permanent.


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