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Now, as I write this, I'm sitting at my desk in perfectly correct posture - back straight, feet on the floor, his stomach tightened. Well, I must confess ... the only reason that I'm so well is that I write about back pain, and it always reminds me of the need to sit up straight. Look at me ten minutes later, and you will see that I, as usual, sitting, leaning over the table and lounging in a chair.

The occurrence of back pain has many causes, but one of the most common - that's what I'm doing right now ... and maybe you do it at the very moment when reading this: sit. And if you spend a lot of time during the day in a sitting position, you may have the same problem as me - frequent back pain. Since the seat - this is something from which we can not refuse (at least in full), we must look for other ways to cope with these chronic back pain, and exercise - one of those ways.

Treatment and prevention of back pain - a difficult but necessary exercise if you want to change something in their lives. The first thing you must determine is - the cause of your pain and whether your condition requires special treatment. The information provided here may help you to learn more about typical problems with the back.

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If you and your doctor have decided that the cause of your pain in your lifestyle, read the following information and determine how you can change it. We have a plan of action will prompt you some ideas about how to treat and prevent back pain.

If you sit too much.

How do you feel after a long sitting? Do you feel that your back is stiff or feel excruciating pain? Do you feel a tightness in his movements? What about the tension in the neck and shoulders? I firmly believe that many of us suffer from pain due to the fact that sitting for long periods of time. You do not have to completely eliminate the rest, but there are ways to minimize the harm caused by it.

Action plan. The following ideas will prompt you as to move more, and find a way to sit more comfortably. Select one of them to be used during the day:

1. short breaks. Set an alarm clock on PC, PDA and so on. N. To pause every 30 minutes. Spend at least one minute for it to stand up, stretch like or change the position.

2. Get up during operation. What can you do while standing? Here are some ideas: talk on the phone, check e-mail, podurachtes (if you can raise your monitor), without interrupting the operation, and so on. D. Choose something one and work out for themselves a new rule - only do it standing.

3. Sit on the gym ball or cushion. Try to do this for a few minutes several times throughout the day (all day can be tiring for the waist). You can do rotational movements, sitting on the ball, to straighten the back, and you have to make some effort to keep from falling. If you do not like this option, buy a special pillow that provides the correct posture.
What other ideas might come to your mind? Make your own list and select what you can do every day, until it becomes a habit.

Poor posture and muscle tension.
Poor posture is of great importance for the emergence of back pain. If you're like me, you start the day, having good posture, but gradually begin to stoop, sliding from his chair to collapse on him, when your body is tired. Continuous monitoring of the bearing can take up all your time, but there are simple ways to slightly change the position of his body.

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Action plan. Use of at least one of the proposed ideas for the day:

1. Set the timer to sound signals every 20 minutes. During this time, make sure that you are sitting right - back is straight, shoulders deployed back, feet on the floor and knees at the same level or slightly above the hip.

2. Be more ergonomic. What can you change in your workplace, in order to maintain your posture? If you need support for your back, place a rolled towel behind. If you need to lift the legs, put them on a special footrest. Change at least one item on your workplace to help you straighten your posture.

3. Take care of flexibility. At least three times a day, pay five minutes to perform at his desk exercises to stretch the muscles.

4. Do exercises to stretch the muscles every day. Try to perform a set of exercises to strengthen and stretch the back muscles tense, or select a different set, such as yoga, stretching rasslablinyuschie with gymnastic ball, stretching exercises all the muscles of the body.


Excess body weight is a very common cause of back pain, and can cause undesirable changes in the joints, ligaments and tendons. You already know that exercise and diet - it is a direct way to reduce weight and, if you are already moving down this path, then you've got control of the situation. But if you need the extra boost familiarize yourself with the following simple methods of gradual weight loss.

Action plan. Select acceptable for a program.

1. Sign up for any program to lose weight.

2. Make a plan for implementation of a certain set. Cardio and strength training will help burn calories and reduce weight, so if you just do not go to training, in your calendar, select at least three days next week for training. Write down the time when you are going to do, how long and what kind of exercise you perform. Go to my site Beginner's Corner, to obtain specific information on how to start their studies.

3. Buy a pedometer. Wear it all day and watch for his testimony. Every day, try to increase the number of steps by 100, while this number reaches at least 10,000 steps a day.

4. Adjust your diet. Another way to lose weight - is to reduce the number of potreblinemyh food calories. Take a product that you upotreblinete every day and replace it with a low-calorie, which will bring you pleasure. Could you change a donut on some fruit, yogurt and cereal with brown sugar? Can you live without an afternoon Coke? Limit yourself to 100 calories a day and you will lose a pound in a month, without making any special effort.
If these proposals are not suitable for you, create your own action plan.

Lack of physical activity.

Too long rest - it is a reason for the occurrence of back pain, but even if you do not sit at a desk all day long, and sometimes go, these movements may not be enough to prevent back problems. It is not enough just to stop being a sedentary ... to do exercises to strengthen the body and the heart. Some types of back pain can be caused by weakening of the muscles, so the inclusion of these groups of muscles in your training program (cardio and strength) is one of the ways to prevent and reduce back pain.

Action Plan.

1. Perform complex power exercises. For at least two days next week (not necessarily consecutive), try to do the exercises from the complex Intermediate Strength Workout or studied under the guidance of a professional trainer.
2. Perform cardio exercise for 30 minutes at a moderate load of at least three days next week.
3. Pick a set that does not require spending much time. Perform exercise at least 10 minutes each day.
4. Take walking and go 3-5 days a week for about 30 minutes.
Just by changing something in his regime - whether less prolonged sitting or doing compound exercises, you can get rid of chronic back pain. The secret is to do this every day until until it becomes second nature. Over time, you may want to throw all of these seemingly minor class, but they do benefit.

Andrew Stanemte

Source: GetFit.ru


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