Klitschko is the champion!

Sound of battle

On the night of Sunday, October 12, Ukrainian Vitali Klitschko in brilliant style he took over the WBC world champion Sam Peter. For the first time in the history of the two brothers at the same time became the champions of the world heavyweight division.
1st Round - Fight of the Century began.

Klitschko in black shorts, white Peter. Hall chanting in unison: Vitaly! The battle began without intelligence - Ukrainians began working immediately with two hands and several times got into Peter. Vitali works in an open rack. Peter up to 2-meter giant can not reach - round of Ukrainian.

2nd round - feels that Klitschko had not been in the ring and is undergoing adaptation - the opponent does not admit to themselves, shooting Nigerian Nightmare from distance. Toward the close of the round, Peter went on the attack, but he obviously did not have enough speed. Draw.

Round 3 - Klitschko is working with two hands, but strikes can not be embedded (often gets, but without much result). Visually, it seems that this younger Klitschko, not Peter. Nigerian went on the attack and went right, Klitschko meets skilful work from a distance, but its impact is still lacking strength. Round of the Ukrainian - it looks better in the ring, Peter seems to save power.

4th Round - Klitschko repeatedly checked Peter punches to the head - that is, as if nothing had happened. Vitaly constantly shoot Peter, but for some reason completely dropped his hands. Straight punches Klitschko Nigerian not take. It is time to include uppercuts.

Round again for Ukrainian.

Round 5 - Peter and the risks embedded in the strike, but misses and then Klitschko several times precisely in Sam strikes female. In the middle rounds Klitschko was in Peter Accent blow - he did not even shudder (incredible!). Peter sorry sight - he did not reach the 37-year-old Ukrainian. Toward the close of the round boxers exchanged blows accurate.

Round again for Klitschko.

Round 6 - Hall chanting in unison: Ukraine (no accent). Klitschko did not slow down the pace, and double block punches Peter - that somehow still on his feet. The pace of the fight was sleeping - Klitschko goes to the left jab - this tactic works - the distance is maintained. At the end of the round, Peter was able to finally get into the head of the Ukrainian, but all the same round for Vitali Klitschko.

Early wins will not be - 7th Round - Peter takes jab. Klitschko slightly hooked. Peter gets into the body - wants to knock the breath. One minute before the bell Klitschko gets very good left hook (with lowered hands!). The round ends clinch. Round again for Ukrainian. The camera shows Don King, nice talking to someone on the phone.

8th Round - The impression that the Nigerian does not want to go into the ring. He feels that the chances to win on points he had no climbs in the attack, repeatedly falls - Klitschko right hand counter-attacks (2 times) - Peter did not even notice (it is made of iron or something?). All of Klitschko's punches hit the target! Hall requires a knockout! Round of Klitschko (a huge advantage).

9th Round - Peter does not go in the ring, in a state Grogg - brilliant victory Vitali Klitschko.


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