Beautiful victory Wladimir Klitschko

Ukrainian heavyweight boxer Wladimir Klitschko last bout in Dusseldorf defended his world title IBF and WBO. Klitschko TKO American Eddie Chambers, sending him into a heavy knock.

Already in the third round of the competition in professional boxers became clear for whom holds the lead. During the first round of the athletes looked at each other and do not make sharp attacks. In the second round Klitschko Chambers dropped wrestling techniques, but received no comments from the referee.

But with the third round Klitschko found a comfortable distance and outplayed the American on points. Throughout the fight Klitschko wisely kept the enemy at a distance, actively moving around the site and putting single, but crisp punches.

The end came in the 12th round, 20 seconds before the final bell. It was at the end of this round after a precise left side Klitschko Chambers was in dire knockout.


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