15 Men Worth playing Olympic sports, even if not interested in sport

Olympics - a great event for people all over the world. Only here for those who do not consider themselves fans of the sport are not always interesting to watch the competitions.

< Website has found a way to attract the attention of the female half of the readers to the events in Rio with photos 15 hottest athletes . Oh, where is the program schedule?

1. Tszetao Ning (Ning Zetao) - Chinese swimmer 92,365,827

World Champion 2015 in the 100-meter freestyle and 4-time winner of the Asian Games. Ning became the first in the history of Asians, who won the gold medal in the short run at the championship in 2015.

2. Tom Daley (Tom Daley) - British diver

Tom specializes in jumping to a 10-meter tower. He is the youngest winner of the European championships. In the piggy bank it already winning two Olympic medals: bronze in 2012 and 2016. In college, Tom seriously interested in photography.

3. Camille Lacourt (Camille Lacourt) - on the back of a swimmer, France

Specialization - backstroke. Camille - a four-time world champion and three-time European champion. Married to Miss France 2008, has a 4-year-old daughter.

4. Grabich Federico (Federico Grabich) - Argentine swimmer 14,696,064

On account of Federico 4 medals at the South American Games in 2010 and gold at the Pan American Games in Toronto in 2015.

5. Chad le Clos (Chad le Clos) - South African swimmer

Olympic Champion 2012 and multiple world champion. In 2012, at the Olympic Games in London, Chad won a gold medal in the race in the 200 m butterfly. This year, Chad has pleased fans of the silver medal.

6. Taufatofua Pita (Pita Taufatofua) - Taekwondo fighter, Tonga 38,918,559

Pete - the first participant from Tonga, who came to the Olympics to compete in the discipline of Taekwondo. He started 5 years. With 18 moonlights as a model. He also has a degree in engineering, he is actively helping the homeless.

7. Ashton Eaton (Ashton Eaton) - athlete, USA

Ashton specialized in all-round events. He is the Olympic champion in 2012 and a five-time world champion. World record holder in the heptathlon and decathlon. His wife, a Canadian athlete-mnogoborka Brianna Theisen-Eaton, also a world champion. Their inspiring on Instagram victory can be seen here.

8. Marcel Nguyen (Marcel Nguyen) - German gymnast 42,454,875

Marseille - a three-time European champion, also in his arsenal two silver medals in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Do gymnastics to 4 years.

9. Matt Anderson (Matt Anderson) - American volleyball player

Winner of the World League in 2014 and winner of the World Cup in 2015. In Russia, widely known as a striker Kazan volleyball club «Zenit».

10. Jacob Dalton (Jacob Dalton) - gymnast, USA

Multiple winner of national competitions. He founded a clothing line for athletes. Married to the gymnast.

11. Vladimir Morozov - swimmer, Russia

Winner of the bronze medal in the Summer Olympic Games 2012 in London in the relay 4 × 100 m freestyle, two-time world and European champion in 2012 on a short distance, a multiple champion of Russia.

12. Ricky Rubio (Ricky Rubio) - Spanish basketball player

In his team Rubio has become a silver medalist of the Olympic Games of 2008 and 2009 European champion of the year. He became the youngest player ever to play in the final of the Olympic basketball tournament (he was 18).

13. Kerigini Marcelo (Marcelo Chierighini) - Swimmer, Brazil

Bronze medalist of the World Championship of 2013. Winner of the gold medal at the Pan American Games in Toronto in 2015.

14. Ryan Lochte (Ryan Lochte) - Swimmer, US 9,533,035

Ryan is a six-time Olympic champion and winner of 39 gold medals in the world championships. During his career set more than 10 world records in both the long and short in the pools. Specializing in freestyle.

15. Ranieri Alex (Alex Ranghieri) - beach volleyball, Italy

Alex started to play with 6 years. Already in the 17 he appeared in Rome with the team, which has shown itself perfectly. Its main cheerleader - mother, Mirta Ranieri - came to support his son to the Olympics in Rio

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