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A nutritionist Paul Bragg is known for its concept of healthy eating and as a popularizer of natural hygiene. He was one of the first to proclaim the necessity of abandoning the modern power system, which is dominated by canned and refined foods in abundance carbohydrate, meat, fat and sweet food. Details of the material further Vlad Wolski for a men's magazine GENTLY.

Paul Bragg was born in 1881 in Virginia, USA. Heart disease does not allow him to play with their peers. In 12 years, he also contracted tuberculosis, then his parents took him to a sanatorium in Switzerland, Dr. Rollier, who treated their patients exercise in the fresh air and a special diet. By age 16 Bragg was absolutely healthy and vowed to devote his life to medicine, especially nutrition, and kept his word.

Throughout his life, Paul Bragg called people to improve their physical abilities, and explained how health promotion. Probably, there is no area of ​​medicine that Paul Bragg did not devote at least one of his works. He wrote about the treatment of cardiovascular disease ("How to keep the heart healthy '60s), an improvement of about illness feet, hair, about parenting ...

Paul Bragg fasting

The most famous of the books of Paul Bragg - "Miracle of Fasting." She appeared on the West millions of copies. And the best illustration of books, articles and lectures Bragg served himself, his own experience, his way of life.
At 90 years of age he was strong, agile, flexible and tough as a young man. Bragg makes daily runs of 3-5 kilometers, a lot of swimming, playing tennis, walking in the mountains, working out with dumbbells and weights, dancing. His working day lasted 12 hours. He did not know illnesses and fatigue, he was always full of optimism, courage and desire to help people.

Bragg lived to be 95 years. He died in December 1976, but this was not from old age. The death of this man - a tragic accident. Inspired by the surf, he was overtaken by stormy weather is extremely powerful wave. Save him failed: Bragg stayed too long under water. He mourned five children, 12 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren and thousands of followers. The autopsy doctors were amazed at the state of the vessels of the "old man": they were both 20-year-old boys. Bragg was right when he said of himself: "My body has no age».
The point Paul Bragg continued his daughter Patricia. As a teenager, she got into a car accident, lost her sight and had many other injuries. His father saved her - she became completely healthy. Patricia Bragg has written extensively about the treatment of the eye natural methods ("Bragg improvement of the system»).

Meals "Bragg»

It currently Bragg was more stringent than those to whom he gave his recommendations. Meat it is almost never used, rarely ate fish. And it does not stop to call Bragg vegetarian, meaning there is not an ascetic, aversion to any food, if she did not plant.

A very important role in their system Bragg wellness averted starvation. He said that in order to cleanse the body of accumulated decay products in it and all sorts of poisons should be carried out weekly and daily fasting, in addition, every three months, seven to ten days of hunger. During fasting, you can only drink water.
Bragg starvation - is primarily to avoid self-poisoning organisms accumulate harmful substances in it, the source of which is an unhealthy diet, as well as water and air pollution, abuse of drugs.
Miracle of Fasting Paul Bragg

"99 percent of patients - wrote Bragg - suffer from a wrong, unnatural food. People do not realize how much they pollute themselves by eating the wrong foods and drinks, and how because of that toxic substances accumulate in their bodies. " And he added: "Fasting - not the way to treat any disease or illness. Fasting puts the body in a situation where all of his life force is used for cleansing and healing. Fasting helps the body help itself ».

Bragg careful and, although he was always quite sure of the harmlessness of starvation, preferred to recommend it under the supervision of a doctor or a person successfully practiced on itself is a means of recreation. He believed that the transition to a healthy diet of foods rich foods, chemically treated, from the food salty, too sweet, refried, a glut of flour and starchy foods, and just abundant should be made gradually and in stages of short-term fasting.

In our times, we fed almost forgotten what true hunger, what the real needs of the organism in the diet. Now people are often mistaken for hunger gastritny chronic neurosis, develop the habit of
There are several times a day, even if the burrow is and is not desirable. But change habits related to nutrition, is a snap: just for this solid psychological attitude.


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