Mysteries of fate. Karma.

Who owns the destiny of man? Who gives some people the happiness and suffering of other - sometimes for life? Why do some - "born under a lucky star" that everything in life is possible, and the other - the "poor Macarena" in which "all the buds fall down?" Why are some healthy and beautiful, others crippled from birth and ugly? Why such a disparity in the success and failure of such arbitrariness of happiness and unhappiness? Observing life, we can conclude that there is no justice in the world, because very often we see the suffering of the people are good and enjoy life unworthy. Often referred to "undeserved" happiness and suffering. But really in the cosmos, where everything is so orderly, so reasonable and logical, really in this cosmos arbitrariness and randomness reigns when it comes to human life? The innate sense of justice in the person protesting, rebelling against this flagrant injustice to people's lives.

Legends of the East say about the injustice in the gifts of Destiny reason those who have in mind only this one person's life. Legends claim that it is impossible to deduce a judgment about randomness and arbitrariness in the universe only one passage of eternal life - only in his last incarnation. They say that everything will be clear that everything will fall into place, if we follow the life of a person in his past, if we consider the previously lived his life. It is argued that our present life is the exact result of our previous lives.

Since our ignorance obscures our vision about the past, the events seem to us as if appearing out of nowhere, as if by accident, but it is - an illusion, and it comes from our lack of knowledge. People unfamiliar with the cosmic laws do not see any reasons come from life experiences, and the result is unknown to them the laws considered good or bad "destiny." Many lives people lived on earth, and in them he thought he wanted, acting - that's good, that's bad. He created a force that helped or delaying it, and others. Each of us, when shall come into this life, comes from the distant past, embracing many lives, and when we undertake again for our earthly task, we bring our destiny - so what we have created. Legends insist that there is no chance in the world that everything that happens is related to the previous reason; that the world in which we live, yet there is a world of law, justice and order!

b) What goes around, comes around.
Yes, there is a small earthly justice. But there is a great cosmic justice. This cosmic justice is carried out by the law of cause and effect - the Law of Karma. It has an unmistakable law of retribution that says - "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." According to this law, suffer in life and enjoy life equally reaping what they have sown. If a person lives a happy life, he has earned it a good old life; and if he is unworthy of life, it is preparing a future of misery.

Cosmic Justice repay everyone for what he is kickback: for good good and evil evil. This reward people on their actions produces cosmic law. "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth", "as the call, so the echo", "how to make your bed and sleep enough," "do not spit into the well - have a drink of water" - these sayings of folk wisdom related to the Law of Karma.

The destiny of man made up his affairs in which the Law of Karma is the corresponding results. The consequences of actions, words, desires and thoughts of man will inevitably come back to it - either in the form of punishment and suffering, either in the form of happiness and joy; Karma is the product of man; His whole life is a result of his karma. Consequently, the only person he creates his own destiny.


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