Gift fire victims

Ivanovsky patron of own funds purchased and donated a large family of a veteran of the Chechen war, two-bedroom apartment.
A social protection agencies Vichuga already asking family to account for an apartment in front of them and are willing to put this fact in the treasury of their own achievements.
"168 Hours" wrote (№24 on August 20, 2013 "Baptism of Fire) on the situation in blatant Vichuga when a large family a veteran of the first Chechen war, Chevalier of the Order of Courage, a disabled group 2 Andrei Maslennikov homeless. In June, they burned down the house, and a request for assistance to the local head of the fire victims offered to move to the burnt and totally unsuitable for living room in a hostel.

We have written in detail about the situation and sent to be governor Mikhail Menu, his deputy Alexander Fomin and Vyacheslav Stupino, head of the administration GO Vichuga. Article received considerable attention in the region, its regional television quoted. We sincerely hope that on the eve of the election administration head Vichuga find more or less adequate housing for veterans, Chevalier of the Order of Courage, but in vain. The only shifting of the part of officials - this offer financial assistance to 50 thousand rubles to repair burnt a dorm room. And all.

Family Andrei Maslennikov already agreed on this option, they understood that this doom themselves to living in a slum until the end of his days ... But then a miracle happened. Rather, found a patron, who volunteered to help the family.

As we said our article sold on the Ivanovo region, and regional television in the review of the press reported about the family Maslennikov. After that, the editors called the man who said that he, too, a military officer and wants to help Andrew and his family. "We have to help each other" - he said. Unfortunately, the man decided to remain anonymous, we only know his name - Valery E. and the fact that he is from Ivanovo. "168 Hours" shared with the man of the family telephone Andrew, he contacted them and asked them to look for sale in Vichuga.

 - But then specify who Andrei children - says Irina, mother of Andrew. - After learning that two boys and one girl, he said to look for a two-bedroom. Valery E. contacted "the Commissioner for Children's Rights on the Ivanovo region" and we were visited by two women, one of them a lawyer organization Irina Ryurikovna Platonihina. They immediately helped us to execute all documents. Found a two-bedroom apartment, which we acquired on the money Valeria Eduardovicha.

It's hard to believe, but in our world there are still people who so unselfishly willing to help those that appeared in a difficult situation. Philanthropist wanted to remain anonymous, but we hope that we will be able to meet this person and tell about it to our readers.

Meanwhile, this Saturday Maslennikov family moved into a new apartment. The house is relatively new, with private facilities, there is both a bath and hot water. Three rooms - all isolated. Large corridor and comfortable kitchen. In the courtyard playground, and the school is located relatively far away. Moving the whole family is happy.

In case of fire at Maslennikov burned everything, and they bought from the former owners of old furniture. Therefore, in the apartment they can settle now.

From the state family still some substantial aid not received, although they are still hoping that the promise will not remain in words. In the meantime, striking oddities occur.

 - We got a call from Social Security and asked to tell what apartment we bought and how much it is worth, - says Irina. - They need to report to the authorities in Ivanovo. So much so, that they said that we still have someone gave computer. I do not know what they come up with. I told them and say, "Can we have presented and the car?»

How and to whom are planning to account for the flat state bodies to which they have nothing to do family Maslennikov now cares the least, because they had a roof over my head.

 - We will pray for the health Valery Eduardovicha and his family, - says Irina. - We are very grateful to him, our gratitude can not be described in words. Also thanks to Irina Ryurikovne, which also helped us. Thank the newspaper "168 Hours", thanks to all of you learned about our problem and there was a man who gave us shelter.

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