Very bad gifts! They should not be giving anyone...

The holidays definitely are in search of suitable gifts for relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. How do you want to choose not only original but also useful thing!

When choosing a gift, don't forget about national signs! According to some of them, not all gifts are favourable.

What not to give for the New year
  1. Watch
    Such a gift is not held in high esteem in many countries. The Chinese believe that given clock is ticking until the death of the person. We, of course, are not so scrupulous as the people of the East, but we have this gift is not respected: it is said that this thing promises a quick fight.

  2. Knives
    It is believed that such a gift will bring bad luck and quarrels in the house. But if you got a knife, you should give the giver a coin to the trouble passed.

  3. Socks
    They say that a woman should never give socks a beloved man, as he can get away forever from the house. But some women have managed to use this sign for their own benefit. They instigate in-law to give socks to the sons of men as soon as possible out of the influence of mothers.

  4. Books
    It is believed that it is impossible to give books to their loved ones, this gift promises to breakup. Also, do not donate books couples. This gift allegedly can provoke quarrels and discord in the family.

  5. Pearl
    This sign came to us from Ancient Greece where it was believed that pearls are tears of the sea nymphs. In fact, so gifted pearl is a harbinger of tears.

  6. Mirror
    With mirrors in different cultures associated with many of beliefs and superstitions. They are often used for divination. It is therefore considered that such a gift can bring trouble in the house.

  7. Dishes
    In this regard, I want to remember the tradition break dishes at the wedding. The couple make it to leave all the bad behind. If you do decide on such a gift, be sure to put something inside. In any case not to give the empty dishes, it promises a lack of money.

  8. Animals
    You should not give animals without the prior consent of future owners. If the animal is a gift, it should take him a symbolic ransom (a coin or small bills). Otherwise, according to legends, the animal will not be able to find a place in the new house, he allegedly will seek the way to the former owner.

  9. Slippers
    This sign is popular in the countryside. Superstitious people believe that this gift portends a long illness and even death. Especially negatively they relate to Slippers white.

  10. Tie
    It is believed that such a gift "ties" of the donor to a future owner. If so, and to give the tie, let it be a butterfly!

So what can you give for the New year? Great gifts will be money, gift certificates, cosmetics, and electrical appliances.

Hopefully these tips will be useful to you, don't forget to share them with your friends!

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