Top 10 unwanted gifts

You know, when we started to learn not to look a gift horse in the mouth? From the time of Peter. It is said that Peter himself toured the house nobles Petersburg, inspecting a holiday, and the one "who had a sour face, was a bit Batog." Yet today - unwanted gifts that we least want to get the new year.

10th place: Even in Russia there is one gift that is not necessary to give, if you do not want to live with a man "at loggerheads": Russian tradition in any case can not give anyone piercing and cutting items.

9th place: In Germany, it is not necessary to give the diaries and other stationery. Germans see it as an allusion to the most terrible trait - punctuality.

8th place: In Libya, it is impossible to give living beings. It is believed that the ill or, God forbid, had died, donated by a living soul will carry off a host for.

7th place: In China, in any case can not give clocks - they remind us of the transience of time.

6th place: In Japan, it is impossible to give any items that are meant to restore purity. It is perceived again as a hint of immorality, the Japanese carry very sensitive.

5th place: In Greece, the most unwanted gifts - fruit and flowers. All they can only harvest of the previous year, and thus are not suitable for anything new, especially for the New Year.

4th place: so beloved in America hats offend Canadians, especially if he is a descendant of an Indian tribe CVU. At CVU hat - this is an allusion to the lack of intelligence.

3rd place: If you want to insult the French woman, give her a perfume! Traditionally give spirits in France is only entitled to the husband.

2nd place: In India, there is no limit to the gifts themselves, but in no case can not give anything with your left hand. It is believed that, whatever the gift, given with the left hand, he bears the shadow of an evil spirit, and hence can only bring misery.

1st place: To offend the hot Mexican, he should give a shampoo or any other means for hair. A hint of a lack of "Hair" is perceived by Mexican men as an allusion to the lack of courage, but this will not bring no real macho. In general, most men are afraid of panic find under the Christmas tree socks, aftershave lotions and ties, especially those of color that does not suit them. Women are not happy with New Year surprises in the form pans, aprons, cheap jewelry and creams, albeit expensive. The children hate Father Christmas for the "student kit" and comfortable warm pants.


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