New year corporate gifts

Eighty million seven hundred eighty six thousand six hundred ninety one

New year β€” a holiday that you want to spend in a cozy atmosphere of a family or a noisy company of friends. However, everyone wants at least a modicum of magic and attention. To perform these tasks, the company "Paraphernalia" has prepared a large range of ready-made gifts, which are assembled in an attractive package and contain only quality products.
The company "Paraphernalia" is engaged in creation of corporate gifts how to please and surprise colleagues and children. The company absolute staff in the field of gifts for business and cooperates since 2011 with more than 400 companies, both Russian and foreign. Among these organizations in manufacturing, banking and insurance industry. Moreover, the firm treated repeatedly and remain constant and satisfied customers.
Work on the directory begins even before the holiday. So, new year gifts in the development in may. Gift ideas are created under the influence of positive events and unforgettable trips, with the growth in our time, of various goods, pleasing to the eye and capable of being useful, and also, of course, due to the delicious items. Employees of the company consider and approve the compositions of gifts, carefully and tastefully packaged, next β€” followed by a photo shoot for their appearance in the catalogs.
Delivery takes place as transport companies and client in particular. The company is constantly improving, and with it the production, which gradually increased from 12 to 400 square metres. Great attention is paid to the quality control: careful monitoring of expiration dates, careful Assembly and packing, cleanliness in the workplace. This section presents not only the corporate gifts for new year, but the holidays such as March 8, 23 February, various professional, children's parties, calendars, gifts for meetings.
Our catalog features a great assortment of corporate gifts for any occasion prepared by "Attributes". Each gift is assembled with a personal touch, stylishly Packed and carefully assembled. By the New Year 2020 You will be able to find various surprises from the original sweet gifts up to the exclusive content. After all, the festive atmosphere is complemented by a colorful and pleasant gift, which, however, is made with a share of love and humor. Immerse yourself in the magical bustle of this wonderful holiday!


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