Corporate party

Already almost every company there is a good tradition to organize corporate events. The main purpose of them - it's to bring people to the team working smooth and successful.

Drinking corporate events may be different. Some employees believe that such events contribute to the strengthening of relations in the team, in addition, such events - a great way to relax a bit after hard work.

Others believe that such holidays - a waste of money, and consider that it would be better spent on a holiday money distributed to employees as a bonus.

How would you personally did not relate to corporate events, they should not be pointedly ignored, of course, if you want to work for a company or one year. For this reason, in any case it is not necessary: ​​

You should not assume that you will not have to go to corporate events

These activities still better not ignore it if you do not have it on very good reason. Your absence will certainly noted the leadership and is regarded as ignoring the corporate culture, and the entire staff of the company. For this reason, if you absolutely do not want to go, be warned in advance and apologize.

You should not be entered in the clothes, which will be totally out of place

Corporate culture implies a certain style of dress. You probably know in advance how your colleagues will be dressed.

For this reason you should not be open protest and to come in clothes that obviously will not fit into the overall picture of the holiday, even if it means you'll know that dressed to the nines, dressed to the same style. It is not necessary to convert the bulk of the people in the white crows, because they are your colleagues.

It is not necessary to come hungry

Many are sent to corporate events with one goal - at least tasty and eat their fill. Such people are beginning to absorb everything that is available on the holiday table, and looks like this picture, as if these people for a week not eating anything.

This behavior also does not remain unnoticed and be perceived negatively (such as the absence of any knowledge of the usual etiquette). For this reason, if you do not have time to give up in advance of the event, please follow the rules of etiquette and do not go for the food. Recommended snack something light before the holiday, so as not to go to him hungry.

Do not use the event with a view to convey to the leadership of your plans to rescue the company

Corporate events are held and with a view to the company's management could communicate with employees in an informal setting. However, it is not necessary to use such events to promote your ideas to rescue the global development of any company.

Remember that people come together to relax, to celebrate success, to establish a dialogue with all within the company, but they are hardly ready to talk about the problems or to address global challenges.

Do not zloupotreblint alcohol

Do not zloupotreblint alcoholic beverages under the guise of a general, because when the hops will take place, you will obviously ashamed of his behavior, which, in addition, will be seen for sure, and the company's management.


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