How to order Santa Claus in the New Year for the baby

If your family has a small child, so the New Year holiday must be marked the arrival of Santa Claus and his granddaughter.

Of course, the year-old kid visit a bearded grandfather to anything, but in 3-4 years children are really consciously waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus. Children are naive and take everything that happens around like magic. Here are a few rules that should be followed if you want to belief in the miracle they survived for a long time, that kids were not disappointed with the holiday.

A few days before the festival tell the kid, who is Santa Claus, where he lives. Prepare it moral to this meeting. After all, children often react to strangers, even dressed as fairy tale characters of people, not as we expected.

It is best to order the arrival of Santa Claus at the agency, because professional artists will make it much better and there is no risk that your child learns the beard of a family friend, which may disappoint him deeply. But in any case, the child does not talk about how you have placed the children are much more perceptive than we often think of them.

Try to play a surprise when on the verge seem grandfather with a sack, to respect him, even if the child spends in his room, sit down on a chair (my grandfather because, old).

It is not necessary to invite the fabulous guest is December 31 - January 1, children do not have a clear boundary in the celebration, for them the concept of "new year" take several weeks. Moreover, in the hectic pre-holiday visit of Santa Claus can be crumpled.

The gift can be discussed in advance, pass it the artist to you when he handed it to the child. Of course, if your kid is dreaming about some toy and get it as a gift from Santa Claus, his faith in a miracle, it is an unforgettable state of happiness he will be able to carry through life.

No need to force to force a child to read poems or sing "Little fur-tree ...", as it may embarrassed, upset and crying. And especially do not need to say that if he had not read the stanza learned, you will not receive a gift. Let all be voluntary.

If the baby is frightened guests burst into tears, then calm it themselves, do not involve the strangers. Let the child will choose the form of communication with the guests: who would want to sit by the Santa Claus on his knees, and someone will smile shyly in a corner. Home leave the child a good impression of a holiday, make him believe in magic.

Ideally, make an order, you need to communicate with the person who will come to you with congratulations, tell us about the nature of the child about its features. If your child is sick and he contraindicated outdoor games, etc., notify in advance to avoid unpleasant moments.

Times are changing, and if we as a child waiting for the New Year doll or some board game that was your friend, but it was not you, but now the children are waiting for a present mobile phones and even three year olds are easily controlled with a computer.

One thing remains unchanged all the children sincerely believe in miracles, and waiting for him just before the New Year when the Christmas tree lights lights and so mysteriously glistening tinsel, when the house unexpectedly comes a visitor from a fairy tale and give that dream baby every night for the past few months.

Today, when there are an incredible number of opportunities to turn a New Year time in a story, give your children the joy that after a long time, as adults, they are dreamily gazing into the distance, one would say: "You know, because once when I was little, I was coming true Santa Claus".


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