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Greetings YaPovtsy. Here I am ready for my first post. It is about the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War, about us, about me and my family ... I would be glad if you share your thoughts and memories about it.

My name is Evgeniy. I am 30 years old and I was very lucky. I'm alive and grandparents on both lines. And when I decided to collect family tree, learn the history of your family - I have someone to ask.

According to my father, grandfather, Kashirskoye Alexander G. - already in '84, [next] and grandmother - Margarita Ivanovna - 80. mother's grandfather, Levchenko Ivan Pavlovich and Maria Ivanovna grandmother - for 78 years.
Baba Rita - the keeper of the family. And memory. Letters, documents, photos ... and stories. All survived. Thanks to her, I know their ancestors nearly 5 generations up. Among the documents that I took to scan, had red triangles military ... That's about them and will be discussed.

My mother's father - grandfather Ivan - during the war years was a boy. We can say that the war is over. If you do not take into account the fact that his father fought and was captured again at war, and then sat at the prisoner. My mother raised five children, and the sixth died soon after birth. But he did not hit the front.
Santa Sasha went to the front as early as 44. He served on the 1st Ukrainian in the direction of Dresden. The commander of the two 45-millimeter guns, firing squad. Infantry support, suppression of machine gun units pillboxes, shelters. On the front with the infantry. He does not like to talk about the war. Only in recent years have almost similar, and he began to share with me your thoughts. He went through the war, and founded the clan. Family Kashirskich, otherwise you will not tell.  3 sons, seven grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren. And the number of great-grandchildren grow  ....

But his elder brother Nikolai - did not come back ... He fought an artillery from the first year of the war. Twice wounded. At 44, he died. Here is his letter and I read one late evening. To say that I was very surprised by this letter, and the rest of his letters - an understatement. I was very impressed. Now I give it a couple of letters, documents and a little more, and then share what it was I was so delighted and amazed.

Letter to the second part

Letter Part 3

Another letter


Order on awarding

Letter of the commander's death


Now that you have reviewed these documents, I want to share some thoughts that excited me after reading. And for a long time afterwards, when I thought about it.

My grandparents are very different. Highly!!!!…. Grandfather Ivan rustic, and if he fought, sure that his thoughts and feelings would be stronger than the other. Santa Sasha, his brother Nicholas - the children of a military doctor (since 1 World and later civil), in a sense - the intelligentsia.

Grandfather Ivan finished vocational school, served in the army, and most of his life working as a driver. Workaholic. It can not idle. All I can do hands - tools, small repairs, household chores, maintenance car - all thanks to him. Two weeks ago, he taught me to weld !!!

Santa Sasha after the war left the army (and was in good standing and it would increase the part of the army), and continued to study, became a designer of machine tools, led the team. There has always been pathologically honest! As far as I know him - I never was a deal with his conscience. Nothing snatched from the state, never asked. If you need - he demanded justice and achieve it. He earned an honest living. Embossing subordinate apartment and a trip to himself was silent.
Now he had the opportunity to receive from the state funds to repair, at a certain resourcefulness to receive a grant for a new apartment, a new car, some other things. He refused ... There was even outraged. "How can I cheat when other veterans live in poverty and misery ?! It's not fair! I have everything ... "(all treshka in Khrushchev, and 408 moskich age older than me).

I did not understand this attitude ... My philosophy of the modern consumer - "With the black sheep although a tuft of wool! Since the state is necessary to obtain all possible it is itself takes her. Let share "... How can I understand it?!? !!?

All childhood grandfather was for me, I do not even know how to describe it. Strict. Demanding. Silent. It is better not to get it if what is not right.

Only in the last few years, I realized how much I was given my grandfathers and grandmothers ... and I love them. These different. So much has been given ... to enclose. Learn. Only the last few years I started to consciously come to them, communicate, spend time .... What we have on equal ... 30 years after ...

Grandfather tells Sasha that his older brother Nicholas was his example. He and his friends were an example for all of them, slightly more than the younger ones. They played chess, singing, helped build and studied. Sometimes I think that my grandfather feels far from ideal - his brother.

I do not know who and what will think about it. In letters to Nicholas gets me face people who have been very consistent. In a sense - "correct". I see the integrity, determination, honesty, sincerity, inspiration, enthusiasm, desire to live, create and build !!! ... Only those people with that mindset, faith, truth - could build the USSR to win the war, the first to go into space and a lot of what else ...

I almost do not know the people in their environment that look like him ... they ...

"... Every time a chill began to climb in my heart every time just starting to creep into question, I thought," After all, I'm Russian! And what will Dad! And I'll look at his parents and brother! What eyes! "You see Mom, I love you! I do not want you to blush for me! NO! Are you ashamed of me I will never be! I proved it and prove it! .... »»
"... I can not be in the hospital! I can not be idle. I want to work, to improve, to learn and to teach others, want to be useful to the homeland and to you! For me, life - work! Only in the work I see the meaning of life! »

Can I say this to your parents?!?! And my friends? Acquaintances?

Only now do I begin to understand that the actions grandfather Sasha - a reflection of its essence! Suppose that in some ways it is different from Nicholas, but this is the true faith! What I'm doing for the people, the country, people ??? !!! That I am !!! Is not that the state should do me ...

Some would say that these people have been fooled by propaganda, afraid of reprisals, they were blind, lived a double life. Grandma says that every night on the streets of Petrovsk went black funnels (apparently before the war), and her parents, and in general from every house looked in the gap through the curtains, and prayed that he did not stop at their home. Each letter of the war years, front-line there, or just a family - are stamped "Views of military censorship." EACH !!! And so it is. I marveled at the stamp. Some add that the other letters which must have been others, simply did not reach their destinations. And certainly be right. I have already said, I'm sure the letter Wani grandfather would quite different in other colors and overtones.

Each has its own truth ... People are different, and the truth always has been and will be a lot ....

So why am I writing this post?

These are the people who gave their lives for us, not just worthy of thanks!
Banal and empty words - "Eternal Memory! Eternal glory! "... Etc. - They are empty and false ... And we know ... Already, the memory goes .... Another generation, and it will treat it as well as I am now to the Patriotic War with Napoleon ...

These people deserve more. So that we know more about them, their truth! Their faith! We try to understand them. Remember, this is - there!
When his grandfather came home from school with a request to visit the school and tell them about the war - he refused. "All this has been written! Make a movie! Bury wrote a book ... and read ... ".
And yes - it is. There are movies, books, memories ... Just right now I begin to understand that what is written in these books - it's true! That shot in those old movies - this is also true! It was not invented by propaganda, it is not invented for beauty. I believe. I know - such truth really was. These vytsvevshie lines on these letters - the truth.

... And the library is now destroying books that are not in demand ... How many kids today read books about the war?!?! Today, May 9, someone about something to remember, write ... Recently read blokadnitsy memories here ... And yet! Every year fewer and fewer .... A crafts contemporary films all the distortions ...

Thanks for reading all this. I hope I can convey the jumble of emotions that raged in me after this war letters.

Let us remember our ancestors who gave us the opportunity to live. Thank you. Santa Sasha

Grandfather Ivan

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Thanks to everyone who went through the war, who lived and worked in the rear.
Thanks to my mother, whom I love very much.



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