"Effective management" have caused more damage to Russia than the invasion of Hitler

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During the years of the liberal "reforms" destroyed hundreds of factories

When the media talk about the success of the Russian economy and the opening of new factories and plants, the news caused a double sense. The emergence of new jobs - is, of course, well and good, but behind the scenes is another point.

It just so happened that in 1991 the new owners Russia waged a rout of the domestic economy and destroyed many factories that from such a pogrom would be horrified even Hitler's Gauleiters, who is known to be very careful to production facilities in the occupied territories.

As you know, in 1941, in accordance with the decree of GKO number 99ss of July 11, ordered to evacuate the factories from areas threatened by occupation. All that could not be evacuated for destruction. Nevertheless, the zealous Nazis were able to put into operation the most bombed factories and start production of much-needed Reich products.

What happened half a century later, probably would cause the Nazis shock. Russian "businessmen", taking as a result of predatory privatization hundreds of factories, were a hundred times worse than the Nazis, having managed only mediocre ditch captured capacities so incidentally multiply Russian army of the unemployed.

In order not to be unfounded, it is necessary to look at the martyrology of destroyed factories and then make a fairly simple conclusion: the Nazi invasion in 1941, with all its horrors, it was flowers. But berries hatch after 1991. A particularly devastating for the Russian economy began to post-Yeltsin years, when the destruction of the Russian factories took on a mass character.

Moscow factory "Dinamo" dates back to 1897. The plant has experienced a revolution, civil war, the Great Patriotic War, but could not survive the pogrom democratic era. The country's largest manufacturer of electrical equipment, whose products have been known throughout the world, fell victim to the "effective management." At present the plant "Dinamo" - is the abomination of desolation and, of course, offices. Where do without them. Huge amounts of money invested in the Soviet era in the development of the enterprise, crumbled, as the labor of generations. About discarded on the street labor collective modestly keep silent ...

Autoworks AZLK appeared in 1930. In those years when, according to the liberal historian, our country was ruled by cannibals Bolsheviks, led by Stalin executioner. However, ogres Bolsheviks somehow built factories, but white and fluffy Democrats, led by ex-mayor Luzhkov rushed to go under their French partners and strike a pose comfortably. Selfishly motivated, of course. Now the former AZLK, changed his name to "Avtoframos", produces budget cars for third world countries. And that's a good idea, since managed to maintain though how many jobs. Although most of the territory AZLK ideal for filming the post-apocalyptic movies.

The same can be said about the ZIL. "Winds of Change" and "effective management" led with the same husband, billionaire E. Baturina brought the plant to the point that now it is carried out by illegal trips, similar to those that take place in Chernobyl. And Chernobyl, and the ZIL became prohibited zones due to accidents - one due to environmental and the other - because of the democratic. Once ZIL produced some of the best in the world limousines, trucks and very high quality condenser operating without problems for over 30 years, and now "effective management" has become a factory in scenery for films about World War III. If Zilu worked on multiple rocket launchers and a pair of artillery battalion, and then he would have looked better. But there is a world of destructive power than the "effective management." Especially among pensioners and their Austrian changers.

Sealed the fate of the plant: Moscow precious land has long attracted all sorts of "investors" who are dreaming, how to quickly master the coveted hectares. So what about the ZIL plant, the first-born and the flagship of the domestic automotive industry, has long been possible to speak only in the past tense. If that semi-comatose stub automobile in the future and will be produced, so it's component parts for foreign automakers or collect "screwdriver" Again, foreign cars.

Those readers who remember the Soviet audio and video, for sure say a few kind words about such brands as "Ruby" and "Vega". Berd Production Association "Vega" appeared on the basis of the evacuated in 1941 Kharkov plant № 296. In 1946, abhorred the past quarter century cannibal Stalin transformed plant into an independent company, and since then the brand "Vega" has become one of the most desirable acquisitions from domestic music fans . Of course, to put up with the legacy of the Soviet past cannibalistic new democratic owners did not want to, and in 1998 on the "Vega" bankrupt. Or went bankrupt. Why are the new owners did not have the mind to get to work effectively own company - a mystery. But in general, this example is very indicative of the Yeltsin era. Chop wood - chips fly. Labor collective put on the street without a piece of bread - yes one such "little things" in the troubled era tortured fitter President tennis player?

Even more illustrative example of MTZ "Rubin". If the "Vega" was one of the most quoted in the USSR audiomarok, the TV "Ruby" in general have been out of competition. Of course, to the level of Sony or Philips they nedotyagivaet, but often TVs "Rubin" worked for decades, and it was something taken for granted. If this venture led by intelligent and educated people, not "effective management", the "Ruby" would have a good chance to stay current brand, rather than becoming "Gorbushkin yard».

Fools Bolsheviks over which is not laughing just lazy, built a factory in 1932, and more than 60 years the company has worked for the good of the country, to bear the war years and moving the evacuation, but was powerless to poluadekvatnoy pack of "effective management", which turned honored brand "Rubin "in anecdotal" crust. " In the martyrology destroyed domestic plants in the column "Date of Death '" Rubin "was listed in 2003. But we are told that it was kind of like the "fat" years ...

Why are there TVs and turntables! The domestic economy were killed as much larger scale. In the end, "Rubies" and "Vega" wiping out "Samsung" and "Technics", and some no replacement they found, and here is how, for example, the factory "Red Proletarian" or Vladivostok "Dalzavod"? They are being replaced by something?

If someone does not know, the "Red Proletarian" already existed since 1857 and up to ... well, to "fat" era, when, in fact, was buried alive. The plant experienced four kings, all general secretaries, revolution, two world wars, but could not survive the plague post-perestroika "managers", which drove him to his grave. Previously, the plant was producing machines and featuring a unique production that would be justifiably proud of any country, but in the post-Yeltsin era the only thing that interested the new masters of life - it is not the plant itself, and certainly not the people who worked on it, and the land that he held. For it now, and is a serious bickering over the corpse of the enterprise about which had long been forgotten. "Businessmen" need as soon as possible to throw the mortal remains so that they do not take the gold metropolitan zemelku.

Even more interesting story with "Dalzavod." Once on this company serves ships of the Pacific squadron, the ones that fought and died heroically in Tsushima, and then in the Soviet era - the ships of the Pacific Fleet of the USSR. Then perestroika began, and power rose lover of mineral water with his assistants. As a result of the "reforms" from the previous "Dalzavod" left except the name. In his workshops collect Korean SUVs, and 1165 workers sent to the "free floating", as the current Russian their skills are not needed. Tie the wheel to "Ssang Yong" can and children sunny Uzbekistan, and even for a penny, and let Vladivostok workers solve their problems themselves.

Is it any wonder that in the former shops "Dalzavod" build a beer garden and shopping centers - that is, without which workers and their families obviously can not do? As for the repair of ships of the Pacific Fleet, it is not so sad: for them there is some nook, especially since these ships, the retirement age is not so much and left. And in the future and probably "optimize" "effective management" and the Russian navy will soon be equal to the North Korean or Taiwanese.

Tsushima, you say? Unmatched disaster? You seem to have a vague idea of ​​the worth of "effective management". And that's what the North Koreans and Taiwanese will not be exact, it's beer restaurant in the former territory once sensitive sites. So we are again ahead of the rest.

But "Dalzavod" not alone. We can recall the Petrozavodsk Shipyard "Vanguard". Irrepressible ogre Stalin could not calm down, and the plant "Vanguard" was born in 1939. Well, nothing can be done: Stalin loved plants to build, bread does not feed him. Not only them. "Vanguard" lasted exactly 70 years, as long as it is not a misfortune struck in the face of brilliant managers.

The death sentence was signed by the company in 2010, and since then, "Vanguard" took its place in the martyrology of murdered domestic factories. What became of the workforce does not make sense to mention once again. It also makes no sense to talk about investing in this venture funds and labor. New owners to care no. It seems that their goal is the same - to bring Russia to the level of Senegal, and in this they succeed, even ahead of plans.

If anyone doubts it is possible to look at the Saratov Aviation Plant. Once upon a time in the Soviet Union built a very good aircraft, but after 1991, the President-tennis player and his successors somehow more glances in the direction of the American aircraft industry. That's the pride of domestic aviation industry IL-96 has recently received a black mark. With regard to the Saratov Aviation Plant, this company, founded by the same restless Stalin in 1932, in 2010, declared bankrupt, 30000th team disbanded long ago, and now on the site of the factory plundered and torn down buildings adorned market IKEA. SAZ survived the German Luftwaffe raid in 1943, which left from the factory ruins, but was revived and then for many years produced aircraft Yakovlev, but which could not survive because it is the post-perestroika industrial genocide.

List of murdered domestic factories can be continued indefinitely. That's what the Democrats have succeeded, and even exceeded the plan, so it is the destruction of its economy and throwing hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people on the street. The saddest thing is that this itself would not lead even the Nazis, which, as history shows, were interested in preserving jobs and industrial production. But after 1991, Russia was faced with something more terrible than the Nazis - a kind of phenomenon that can be described, and if, it is only from a medical point of view. And his name - "erosion". Those are the most erosion, decay, rotting alive, that have established themselves in our country. Erosion devoured hundreds of factories, kicked out and drove to the grave thousands of decent people who have remained unclaimed and thrown out of life.

While in Russia since 1991, democracy was established, in its present form, it deserves more conviction than Nazism. Only from Nazism had its Nuremberg, but the Russian democracy like hardly shines. While all that was going on in Russia for the last 25 years, has long been deserving of a separate, careful trial. Which, unfortunately, is unlikely to be ever possible ...
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