Truth and lies about one of the greatest buildings of the world - the Great Wall of China.

Some facilities that makes people become so iconic that they add up to a huge number of myths and legends, but so skillfully that it is impossible to understand where the truth and a lie. One of these works is the Great Wall of China. Today Editorial has decided to once again remember this grand building, tell a little about its history and tell a few legends about him. It still boggles the mind that the wall stretches to 8851, 8 km. How many people have invested in it their health and their lives ... But first things first. We begin with a brief historical digression.

construction of the wall began in the III century BC during the reign of Emperor Qin Shi Huang (picture below). The purpose of the construction of the wall was to protect the state from attacks of nomads. During the Han Dynasty (220-206 gg. BC. E.) Expanded the building. But a large part of the wall that has reached our days, was built when seated on the throne of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 years). From 1644 to 1911 the Qing dynasty from Manchuria, this time to the construction of a very indifferent attitude, and it was almost completely destroyed. There was only a small section near Beijing, which served as the gateway to the capital. By the way, in 2008 there was the finish of the race bike during the Olympics.

Wall began to recover in 1984 on the initiative of Deng Xiaoping. Any resident in China can donate any amount to the restoration of this building. In 1987, the Great Wall of China was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This is one of the most visited attractions in the world. Each year, the Great Wall is visited by about 40 million people.

Let's talk about the legends that surround this building. Firstly, many believe that this whole structure and built in one go. In fact, the wall is interrupted and its different segments were built by different dynasties.

Another popular myth that the Great Wall can be seen from space. The funny thing is that he was born in the XIX century in one of the American magazines as a space flight could only dream of. Moreover, in 1932 on one of the TV shows we have argued that this structure can be seen from the moon. In fact, consider a wall of the space is quite difficult.

Besides claiming that the substance, which was used for fixing the stones, was involved in the human bones. Perhaps this myth emerged from the metaphor, because the Great Wall is also called a huge cemetery, because of the fact that a large number of people died during its construction. As for the substance, the special ingredient in it was rice flour ...

It is said that the builders of the wall followed a huge dragon that traces of fire showed them where to lay construction. Well, one of the most popular legends is the story of a woman named Meng Jing Niu. She learned that her husband was killed during the construction and immured in the wall. A woman came to the wall and began to cry, and then part of the wall collapsed and opened up the remains of her husband, she was able to bury ...

The Great Wall - a symbol of the centuries-old struggle of national pride and greatness. The government allocates huge amounts of money to keep this reminder of the past. If you liked our story of this grand building, you will certainly share it with your friends.

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