This guy has seen a lot in life ... 40 golden rules of a man with 40 years experience.

This man has seen almost everything in life. On his path of life ups and downs, love and the loss of loved ones, illness, all of which are considered fatal, and miraculous self-healing. All of what he has done in life has been achieved through hard work. The misfortunes that fell upon him, and the difficulties he had to overcome, it hardened and helped to come to the necessary conclusions. By his 40th birthday, he formulated 40 simple but vital lessons. In these short phrases hidden deep meaning.

1. It is impossible to dot the i, not looking back. B>
Steve Jobs was right when he spoke about the attitude towards money. It is often presented an opportunity does not justify itself, but a year later, you find a new chance just around the corner.

2. Work hard - not always wise to work. B>
If you work 16 hours a day, it does not mean that you are using your time effectively. Of course, to achieve its goal should be to work hard. But if it is done in an unorganized and irrational, this is a waste of time.

3. Do not go away angry from a loved one. B>
My father died when I was 19 years old. A few weeks before that we had quarreled over things a trifle. A week later we made up, and then he died. Life - is a priceless gift. Who loved ones still around, and the next moment they may not be. So carefully selected each word that you say you know. After all, this may be the last word.

4. Do not fret over nothing. B>
It is not important who some housework done! You can win the battle but lose the war. Do not swear because of trivia - it's not worth it.

5. There is no universal recipe of beauty and health. B>
If I'm six-foot man weighing 90 kilograms, then how can one and the same diet or training program and come to me, and the girl growth 1, 6 meters and weighing 45 kilos?

6. Nobody is perfect. B>
This is especially true of people who triumphs over the rest of you. No matter how wonderful and talented they may be, they are people. All are fallible. Nobody is perfect.

7. Adopted by the Council only on the real experts. B>
It often happens that people do not experience love giving away tips. Only take advice from these experts. And to become an expert in a particular field can only be working 10 hours a day for many years.

8. We are all somewhere in a hurry, but you need to learn to slow down the pace. B>
We always want to get done as much as possible for the shortest time possible. Squeeze into your schedule another "important matter." But it is not always good. Yoga and meditation can help to slow down and find a connection with itself.

9. Remember that at work, with friends and family for dinner you - one and the same person. B>
My coach told me often that you can not wander aimlessly across the field and expect that during the game you will show good game. You have to be at the same level all the time. It is why many athletes are hard enough in life? Because they are taught to play tough.

10. We can not know everything and understand. B>
Bad things happen to everyone. In such situations, you have to accept the fact that some events simply can not be explained. Perhaps an understanding of what happened will come to you later.

11. I believe in karma. B>
I am convinced of its existence on personal experience and that of my friends. The more you give - the more half-shell in return.

12. You - is a combination of five people close to you with whom you spend the most time. B>
Maybe it sounds like a cliche, but he really is. If you really want to change your life, then you need to change the environment. Spend more time with people who believe in you and support.

13. Yoga actually works! B>
I had a displacement of two vertebral discs, which pinched sciatic nerve. I suffered from terrible pain. Two doctors told me that I needed surgery. Then I started to practice yoga. I was very pleased with the result.

14. Balance and moderation - is the key to all doors. B>
Sometimes everyone needs to pamper yourself. Of course, the daily eating cake - it's not the best idea. But from time to time you need to allow yourself like a whim. The obsession with healthy way of life often causes stress and harms only.

15. Your inner voice is always right. B>
Always listen to your inner voice! Every time I went against his intuition, it is turning into a disaster. Listen to your intuition, it will never let you down.

16. If you are unhappy with yourself, you will never be happy with another man. B>
Any successful relationship begins with you. You can not hope to have someone you blessed. A suitable man - is just the tip of the iceberg, and the foundation is in your hands.

17. The future of medicine in the mixing western and eastern directions. B>
I'm a big fan of oriental medicine - acupuncture, shiatsu, reiki, herbal treatments. However, Eastern medicine is not perfect. However, Western also has much to develop. In my opinion, the future of medicine for the merger of these two directions.

18. Both positive and negative energy is palpable. B>
At some point, everyone feels it. On the one person you overflowing vitality, and on the other - is exhausted. The energy is very real.

19. No one knows your body better than yourself. B>
When I was going through treatment, many people gave me advice. Some were in vain, while others are very helpful. Which one to choose, it depended on me. After all, I know and feel your body better than anyone.

20. Friends come and go. B>
If you have been intimate with a man 10 years ago, this does not mean that you are also close today. And that's fine. People change, and with them are changing attitudes. Sometimes people quietly come into our lives to help achieve the goal, to understand something, and then they just walk away. This ongoing process - the magic of life and relationships.

21. Green vegetables are very useful! B>
Notice that there is no one diet, which would not eat green vegetables.

22. Everyone accepts death in his own way, and every death is not like the others. B>
Death does not come easily to anyone, and it always comes in different ways. You can lose a father, friend, grandmother - every time there are other experiences and different perceptions.

23. Many illnesses can be prevented. B>
Even the most serious diseases, including some forms of cancer, diabetes or heart disease, provoked a way of life and nutrition. Leading a healthy lifestyle, we are not only able to prevent most of the diseases, but we can change our genetics.

24. God (or anyone arbitrarily call this Higher Power) know when our time will come. B>
Very often, when I felt that the end was near, to me there was something incredible. It could be a chance encounter with a stranger who helped me. Or a happy event, which took place just at the moment when I was close to the abyss.

25. Thanks - way to happiness. B>
Thanks taught in all religions. It's really a great power! Always be grateful for what you have. No matter how nasty your situation may seem, there is always someone who is now much worse. My mother said to me, "Boy, that did not have shoes, crying, until I met a boy who had no legs».

26. Do not compare yourself with others and do not try to be someone else. B>
There will always be someone who has more money or a better job. Comparing yourself to someone, or trying to be someone else, you join a game that has never won. Oscar Wilde said: "Be yourself, everything else will follow».

27. Happiness can not buy money. B>
I grew up in a poor family, so I always wanted to earn a lot. When I was 27 years old, I made enough money to cover all your debts fees. But I was not happy. Very quickly I realized that happiness can not be bought for money. Pay attention to what successful people are successful because they are engaged in favorite business. Focus on happiness, and then there will be enough money.

28. Vacation - it's wonderful! B>
I had never been a fan of holiday. I do not take a vacation, even for a week, and was limited to three days. But the holidays are not coined for nothing! During this period a person can relax and clear your mind.

29. Being in shape does not mean to be healthy. B>
Sometimes people who, at first glance, have very good physical shape, in fact, prove to be very sick. After all, your health and well-being is important not only physical fitness, but also your thoughts, surroundings and perception of the world.

30. Your inner world - the key to your health. B>
As I said earlier, you need to listen to your inner voice. This also applies to the issue of health.

31. You have to be closer to nature. B>
I love walking. But recently I was very fond of walking barefoot on the sand or grass. It increases vitality.

32. Do not take yourself too seriously. B>
You should be able to laugh at themselves. Excessive and serious harm to you and others.

33. There is only one correct way to take a compliment. B>
It's enough just to say thank you.

34. Sugar, vegetable protein products and pasteurization are harmful to health. B>
I think that everyone will agree with the doctor. If you use these products, it is necessary to reasonably limit their number.

35. Each of us is exposed to stress, and it is manifested in different ways. B>
Doing hard work to make ends meet, or to care for a sick loved one with cancer - all these great stress. Even physical health does not mean that you are not exposed to stress. Stress accompanies us everywhere, just in different forms. And it manifests itself in various forms - from someone outside, someone internally. Everyone needs to understand how it is necessary to cope with stress. "You can not stop the wave, but you can learn to surf».

36. Targets and deadlines are important, but sometimes you have to stop and say to yourself: "I do not know when, I do not know how, but it will happen». B>
It does not always work, because often you see only what you want to see. Therefore, I advise you to go back to item number 15 and listen to your inner voice.

37. You yourself attracted to his good fortune. B>
You have to be clear what to strive for. When you feel it, then everything will turn out.

38. When you find your calling, begin to happen amazing things. B>
When you open your own business, it first will take all your time. But then everything will go, and the way you intended. At some moment you just realize that prozoshlo something incredible and you all turns out! This means that you have found your calling.

39. Everything is interconnected in the world - your mind, your body and everything that surrounds you. B>
With this, I think, nobody will argue!

40. Meditation changes everything! B>
Clear your mind is as important as to cleanse the body. I meditate two times a day for 20 minutes in the morning and before bedtime. After each meditation, I feel like my mind is clear. I feel more relaxed and calm. I am in harmony with myself. I became more vividly relive their emotions. Meditation - is an effective tool for achieving health and happiness. And it must take advantage of all!

These phrases concentrated invaluable experience of the wise men. By following these tips, you can avoid many troubles. Make life easier for your friends and share with them this record.


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