Turns out to be a LIE kills

From early childhood I have great difficulty tolerating any lie. And, basically, always spoke the truth. The fact that I have an acute empath and through your body always digesting all the feelings of people around you, or away if I'm connected to them emotionally. Also felt a mental message, through the feelings in your body.

Where is the empathy and lie, You ask? Yes, that and...

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Of course, I figured it out much later when I grew older and began to consciously monitor the reaction of your Body.

So, when people lied to me or lied next to me, anyone (and any lie can be seen immediately, even without clairvoyance, just the reactions) I had a condition in the Body, as if pour sulphuric acid and yet I felt a strong sense of shame, as it seemed to me then, because I know the person is lying. It was not unbearable.

And to stop it I immediately began frantically to say something – "yeah... I certainly understand that this is probably so, but I'm not really sure." Then with feigned optimism asked, "well, it's true, huh?" and quickly translate the theme. Because I was on the verge of fainting from internal corrosive pain. It seemed to me that it is very embarrassing to catch the man of a lie or another crime, such as theft.

Over time, becoming older and wiser, continuing more calmly and carefully monitor your Body's responses, realizing that I can completely trust, I was surprised to find that it is sensitive to the human condition, which at the moment tells a lie.

I can feel HIS shame, HIS inconvenience, His acidic feel, and it's a word called – HIS FEAR...

Since that time, I knew exactly what does lie with our body. When a person is lying, he somehow feels fear of exposure and nothing to do with it, because the Body always tells the truth! The greatest invention of God in a three dimensional world Is the Body.

His implicit (energy) reactions, illnesses, postures, gestures, appearance is always visible – what happens to a Person, how he lives and what he has unresolved issues.

So, since every lie is a fear of being exposed, whether we like it or not, the reaction of the Body on his one acid cocktail of stress hormones, eating our own body and leads to various diseases, causing a strong shock to the cells.

Then I start to track your body's responses when insightful people, credible to me said – "You're fooling yourself!". Imagine the reaction of the body was like that! Though not so strong, since there was no real danger – "I'm lying, I will expose and punish!"

But the Body reacted as well! With this time tracking "zamorana" easier. As I have learned it is easy to trace the desire to hide from the truth, according to your Body's responses.

And the more I destroyed the illusion, the happier and more comfortable with my Body became.

Well, of course! Portions of acid cocktail has become less and less. And this time, I know that there is no greater pleasure in the world than honesty with yourself. It helps to avoid a huge amount of pain where every time we "reward" your Body, staying in the illusion of "zamorana".

I know that Honesty with yourself is not heroic (though partly so), not the highest spiritual level, not a professional approach. This is a real Love for Their Bodies, which, therefore, I'm saving from destruction and torture.

Once on the Central TV showed a popular-science film "Hell", the creators are the same as those of the film "Great secret of water". Since I had little interest in exploring Ada was surprised, just deeply, liars and traitors of a foreign trust, are in the lowest circle of hell the ninth. Much lower than murderers, child molesters, and of others who have committed, in our view the gravest crimes. To ours, but apparently not in the opinion of Who hell was Created.

I was just struck by this information! Introduced into confusion. And I could not understand what is so wrong with the traitors... Although, I'm sure that every person at least once in your life passed through the experience of betrayal to others and knows what a terrible pain. Much stronger than any physical.

But we are so used to lying to yourself, others, even the closest! The lie has become so our reality that there is such a thing as a SAVING lie!!! Who is now such a harmless thing as a lie, believes that a crime?

Meditation and different kind of analysis, I spent a lot of time... And I did here are the conclusions... of Course!!! They may not match Yours.

Now, once in the minds of people there were no filters. We were clairvoyants, Anneliese, Anacostia and it was the Norm! All lived! And, nobody thought it as something cool. Well? What kind of lies or betrayal could go then it when Everything is completely transparent?! We lived in a True World. And, of course, did not have even the concept such that it is possible to hide something or lie, and even more so to betray the trust close. This is an absolute myth in this society.

The time has come when the powers of the Matrix, a person deprived of these opportunities. And created around a world full of illusion, in which the sleeping humanity is plunged. Thus, we selected the Right and the ability to perceive the world objectively. A blind and deaf is the easiest to manage. They are easy to convince that they are Slaves, that they should fear "the one Who Created them and Loves Infinitely". The illusory world is plunged Mankind into darkness.

Very easy, creating a chip, called the Mind, embedded in our consciousness is absolutely about values and fears, thereby separating from the world and Real life. All human life, began to pass his mind In the constant "lovemessage". And the lie became normal and natural phenomenon. In some moments, even encouraged.

It took its rise from those who ruled the Earth. They created a lot of myths about values, in which we still live. Well, for example, predatory and illusory value as money.

We agreed, even our consciousness agreed. We have to live according to these laws. We have to justify the lies as your own, and others'. We have forgotten Who We are!

Thank God, each of us has a body that cannot be deceived, who fell asleep in this hell, and kept a direct connection with our True Essence – the Heart. It feels lies and betrayal directly comments a huge pain. We were People without It or not — I don't know..

Well, now the question is...

If we had an active direct seeing, hearing and knowing? If we were totally transparent to each other? Would be possible this illusory false reality in which we now exist? Would be possible All the crimes that exist in Our world??? It would be possible, just think about malicious action against another, when Everything you See, Hear and Know?! Where your thoughts instantly manifest in the Minds of All?!

It turns out that the lie (the illusion of) is the original crime that begets all others. A crime against the Truth.

Here is the answer... don't be lie, all the other circles of hell would be like the Sahara desert in the dead season. You either tourists or Safari and even the gerbils hiding Empty and quiet. Well, the servants of hell would be transferred to another object... Possible after training.

A good prospect.


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I have heard that the truth can kill. Anyone can kill, the Truth, is Truth? Those who are insanely afraid of. With a very strong habit of living in illusion, constantly close my eyes to escape from the realities of the world, perhaps the Truth can kill.

But, in fact, killing is not itself the Truth, and the Human response to it. I think that even here the examples are not needed. And the reasons for the dramatic relationship to the Truth, weight. Until mental illness. If violations of the psyche there is, then, is a way of life of the Person who chooses direct subordination to the laws of the Matrix, completely disabling a sensory organ – the Heart.

Just imagine a World where everyone and Everything is transparent.

Someone There can kill, Right? I think we would have amused the inhabitants of This World, telling them that sometimes the Truth hurts.


Author: Aigul Edilbaeva


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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