Wedding in the New Year

We've learned that the wedding is mainly carried out in the summer. But soon the New Year, and there is a belief that marriage is a fait accompli in a wonderful time, are the most strong and successful.

Festive mood in the air around all decorated with tinsel, jingle bells, and it seems that even street garlands of light for your holiday.

And many years later, you will be like for the first time to look at wedding photos and admire their beauty: it is next to Santa Claus, who will surely come to congratulate, even in the face of a distant relative, and do the bride and groom will look at the background of all the Christmas atmosphere as fairy-tale characters.

The holiday was a success and was marred by cold weather and other inconveniences, let's look at all the key moments of the wedding for the New Year.

The first is of course the cold weather, which may interfere with the wedding walk. Do not be afraid of the cold, on the contrary, the bride will look even better if it is wearing a white coat a la Maiden, and on foot, of course, should not wear shoes and elegant boots on his head instead of frozen light veil cobweb.

The groom also need to think carefully about your costume, wear an elegant coat, gloves. In this case, the couple in the photo will not look cringe from the cold.

You can consider itself a walk in the style of folk festival with sledding, invite artists. Then certainly no one will freeze in the fun. Instead of the ordinary, a little walk chopopnoy newlyweds with guests, such a choice for the start of the holiday will be very interesting and new.

Second do not forget that the New Year most of the restaurants are almost completely booked, so you need to take care about the order in advance. Price service, generally increases, but on the other hand, in the winter time the price for all wedding equipment, including dresses and significantly reduced. In bridal stores increased range, no queues at the registry office, so you can choose a good time.

It is not necessary to assign the registration date of 31 December. On the one hand, to celebrate the wedding of a chiming clock may be tempting, but it is better to hold a wedding is not in itself new year, and a little earlier.

So, you will be able to celebrate two holidays alone may meet the New Year in a close circle. Still, the New Year for the Russians almost the most important holiday, and his meeting may overshadow other happy event, thanks to which guests gathered.

For those who are not pressed for money and do not want to skimp on such an outstanding event in their lives, can use the New Year holidays as a honeymoon and go on holiday to an exotic country or in the city of lovers - Paris.

At this time, travel companies offer a wide range of tours, not only abroad but also in Russia. Thus, it is a great opportunity to spend an unforgettable time together in unusual circumstances.

There are special cheap tours for honeymooners, you can visit one of the cozy towns of Eastern Europe: cute restaurants, decorated for Christmas, and your love - this trip would be, perhaps, the most expensive trip to your heart.

And finally, a couple of people signs for winter wedding:

• In snowy day wedding - a wealthy, prosperous life, if your wedding day a strong wind - the life of the young will be windy.
• If your wedding day a severe frost hit, then the first-born is a boy, strong and healthy.


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