Stolen holiday

Melancholic making of pre-holiday shopping promenade caught myself thinking that New Year's Eve, I do not want anything. Well, that is all. I do not want no fine dishes and drinks, do not want to look at and to listen to anything. Because I am on any day if I need to, I can arrange a chat with any delicacies, which can only come to mind include any movie or music. So what's so special I can offer New Year's Eve? Alas, absolutely nothing. Common ordinary day. Rather night. Overall, the holiday was stolen, you bastards!

And how good it was in Soviet times!

And a whole sturgeon Now nobody will be surprised. In Soviet times, the New Year table to begin to prepare ahead of time, carefully collecting mined to fight in different places delicacies. Here are a couple of cans of sprats bought accident a few months earlier. They have not in any case! The two banks are eaten by 7 November, and two more just on New Year's in store. But stick boiled-smoked sausages. Not Finnish sausage of course, but still - only for the New Year. To the table was not worse than that of men.

And a box of chocolates "Rot Front". Cherish as the apple of the eye of the kids! Because it is a New Year's table to snack champagne. And the champagne is too sweet to run more, look. Oh, it is not always the case. Therefore, again accidentally bought a bottle of Soviet semisweet gathering dust in a closet for weeks. And the bank, herring - a strategic reserve. Those who think that you can eat before the New Year, to three years of execution pickles. And a special chicken in the freezer already quite a while waiting in the wings. Bank green peas Globus. Vietnamese and cans of pineapple compote. Straseni deficit! It is better to have all her mistress to steal the gold than the tin.

Of course, not all products intended for New Year's table, you can stock up a few months before. Required oranges / tangerines, for example, alas, the most for a couple of weeks. Because, first of all, for a long time can not be stored. And secondly, in the shops these oranges / tangerines appeared shortly before the New Year. Now people are spoiled. He does not eat an orange. Neither the New Year or the summer. Maximum - fresh juice drink. Oh, people, people. Cross You do not have to. Of orange juice squeeze!

And still legends that were craftsmen who could fall to stock up watermelon in some cunning way that it lived up to the New Year. Can you imagine! Watermelon on New Year's table! Wow! I really this had never seen. But legends are heard.

In general, the Soviet housewives gathered New Year's table, not as you are now, for a couple of days before the New Year, but for a couple of months, or even six months. Yes, in principle, have any right of Soviet housewives always been "NZ holiday", ie a set of very scarce delicacies (by Soviet standards, of course, since the old dry salmon with salt traces of the tread, it is still the delicacy), which is forbidden in ordinary days there on pain of death. And only a few major holidays, including New Year's went by default with the highest priority. When such a right hostess saw any place, you learn that gives deficit, such as some same pink salmon cream or a box of sweets, just getting to refill your NC. On holiday ever die, and the table must be "like men." That is to say that it was immediately clear that this is a festive table. And in truth, it has been seen.

The average Soviet man in ordinary days ate the most common feed, but the holidays his mistress laying meadow. Hence, by the way, and the phrase "in the USSR in the shops there was nothing but the feast on the table it was." Well, not everything set, but the standard set has always been: potatoes with chicken / duck / meatballs, brawn, sprats, a plate of sliced ​​sausage and a plate of sliced ​​cheese, salad, herring in sunflower oil, sprinkle with onion (who took - green who is not got - a ring), tangerines. This excuse. Put.

Apart walked the famous salad in its Soviet interpretation. Finely chopped: boiled potatoes, pickles, peas, boiled carrots (I always hated it), eggs. It is so to speak base. Mandatory ingredient - meat. In principle, it should be boiled beef or chicken. The Soviet way salad restaurants "capital" of the salad itself "Olivier" was different just that - there is added, beef or chicken. But this in Moscow. The province has often been a luxury, so the role played chicken or beef sliced ​​cooked sausages (also brought from Moscow or bought in a New Year's tolkuchek the load with a miniature bust of a young Volodya Ulyanov, or something like that). And of course - Mayonnaise! A couple of jars and store up in advance and stored as the apple of the eye for a festive salad. If the hostess could not get mayonnaise, then all this stuff with sour cream. Ironically, sour cream, even if very watery, more accessible than mayonnaise. And yes, a jar of mayonnaise is never thrown away, and then used on the farm. And sometimes in medicine - the Soviet people in such jars are usually handed over analyzes of urine (sorry for such a lowly subject on the eve of the festive table).

And add to this that at the holidays, especially on New Year's Eve, opened jars of homemade pickles - tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, mushrooms. For the sake of Soviet man plowed the whole summer and autumn in the country. But it was. In the stores, then no fool would not buy sauerkraut or pickles. And mushrooms and tomatoes pickled in Soviet stores he has never seen. True there were Bulgarian pickled. And also Bulgarian pickled cucumbers happened. True, again, not everywhere. In the province more often marinated in a 3-liter cans. I, by the way, in 1981 in a labor camp near Simferopol worked in a factory that produced such cucumbers in those famous three-liter jars. But in Moscow, visited the Bulgarian pollitrovyh in banks (which are then sometimes successfully replaced in Pivnyak circles that were not everywhere). That fresh worse. Fresh tomatoes and cucumbers in the winter there has never been. What? Cherry? Oh ... Well people. You tell me - grapes.

In some regions has the specificity. In Siberia, for example, salad and potatoes with chicken prefer homemade ravioli. But in general, everywhere, everything was about the same. And, I forgot! More vinaigrette required! No salad - a festive table is not a table.

And when you consider that at the feast of the cupboard getting any dishes, which on ordinary days have never used, but the covering cloth, so the children rolled out soda - at the beginning of the 70s, even more in Moscow only "Pinocchio," but then went and "Pepsi Cola "and" Fanta. " Without a "phantom", by the way, none of Moscow hostess could not imagine New Year's table. So, given all this can be understood in terms of eating Soviet holiday really looked like a gourmet feast. In this sense, the holiday was a real treat. Now this is not in sight. Throughout all there year-round. Not interested.

But as they say, do not live by bread alone. What else was good Soviet New Year's Eve? That's right - a cultural program, which the rest of the time you will not see or hear. Then you and the various films are normal, and not about the development of virgin lands and production concerns. What? Now you can laugh as much as necessary, and say, "fi", but in Soviet times almost all entirely polls with great pleasure watched "Irony of Fate." And waited impatiently. What? Every year the same thing? I beg of you. Every year, in this case - is once per 365 days. Believe me, it is not very often, and therefore not exhausting. Especially when you consider that most of the rest of the day except for the program "Time" and live with another Plenum there was nothing to watch. No, well, yes, "Morning Post" on Sundays. But frankly, the "Morning Post" 80 percent was packed with some incredible husks. And if it happened at the very end though something interesting (like Toto Cutugno, or even once Abbas), it is not every time. Well, of course the films after the program "Time" shown on the second channel. One film. It began at 21:30, and 23 hours to tend to an end, and TV is turned off. A fact that was shown on weekdays - was a common Soviet nudyatiny. If someone thinks that in those days almost every day on TV showed the famous comedy Gaidai and Danelia with Ryazanov - then go down to the ground sinful. Very, very, very rarely, usually on holidays several times a year. Therefore, the "irony" New Year - it was just a superhit and insanely fun.

So in this sense, the holiday was actually a holiday. From the amount of interest shown (again, by Soviet standards) movie simply dazzled eyes.

And of course "Blue light". It is now at the sight of Joseph Kobzon and Lev Leshchenko begin vomiting spasms. And then it caused elation. And from the appearance of Pugacheva with a new song people fell into the turbulent experiences of women and even then probably a quarter discussed this new song and outfit Pugacheva. Again, any type of Jokers official Gennady Khazanov joke jokes. Oh, you would know how wildly popular once enjoyed Gennady Khazanov. You know what? But this - as soon as it appears on the screen, so once all the yelling "Khazanov! Khazanov! "And then all the guests who smoke in the stairwell, or ladies who gossip in the kitchen, rushed to the TV set. And yet were Veronica Mavrikievny and Avdotya Nikitichna. Also all the bellow and months after their appearance retold their jokes. And who could see out, the 4 o'clock in the morning after the "blue fire" started "Melodies and rhythms of foreign music." Also half the dregs, but there are ABBA, and «Smokie», and of course all sorts of Italians. And Joe Dassin slipped while he was alive. But it certainly is not everyone could see out to 4 nights. Yes, those were the days. Typically, the Soviet people - and for the most part - went in 22-23 hours. Few went after midnight. So unaccustomed course New Year's Eve is not all kept up to 4am.

And still dancing to the player. Those who had good records, he brought all danced. Later, already under the tape. And burning sparklers and firecrackers from firing. So what that the deficit? Yes, sparklers and firecrackers is not yet everywhere you could buy both at once. But in general, if you try, then buy. But the joy of full pants. And children and adults. But pitardy outside no one ran. And that, I believe, too, was very good.

And yet in the midst of all the spree began at the entrance to each other's homes go. Then the neighbors supported one another relationship. And in the end as a result of different companies from different apartments were mixed with each other and not always clear what a guest in the apartment came to celebrate. Smoke yoke, in general. And the songs sung happened under the accordion or guitar.

And all this apply Soviet festive illumination in the streets. What? Well, special wires with ammunition for light bulbs, in which vvёrnuty normal bulbs, but painted in different colors - blue, red and green. And in the big cities on the main streets still hung glowing stars and large plastic luminous like snowflakes. And when you consider that on ordinary days the Soviet city after 23 hours immersed in darkness - even in Moscow after 23 only on main roads were more or less light - just imagine how incredible miracle was this Christmas illuminations, and even to the same - which is particularly appreciated! - Devoid of ideological and revolutionary November 7 as a load.

Here is everything together and gave rise to some unprecedented atmosphere of Soviet New Year. And the people on the streets in anticipation somehow became cheerful and kind. All we congratulated each other and smiling.

Now this of course not. On the streets of people New Year's Eve with such persons go like this night to begin mutual destruction, and no one is sure exactly what this one particular passer will not try to kill him. And then he, too, must be killed in return. Therefore, no one smiles or expresses joy. In any case, it is a feeling.

Overall, the holiday was stolen. Stolen. We all have everything. And whole roasted sturgeon no surprise. Not to mention the fresh tomatoes, grapes, and even foie gras with pineapple. Even one is not surprised by the New Year on the shores of the Indian Ocean. A holiday there. One name. Alas.




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