10 reasons why you do NOT give expensive gifts

Gone are the holidays, met friends, went out girls to work, and began a time of unbridled ostentation. Who received what surprises? And it appears that one gift card for ten massages at a SPA, another a diamond ring, a third suddenly were brought to Europe, and someone sniffles and hides his eyes. Because called a bottle of cheap pop and a grid of Mandarin as the language does not rise, and to lie... Well as you can, and just lie every year. So, why is it that one women men give expensive gifts and not the others?

1. You choose the wrong men.

Because there are men and there is a layer of moral monsters, ill-educated, pampered, confident in his own irresistible aesthetes mired in poverty. Such, if something will give, is it that hideous verse of his own composition, and then you ask for a loan — a book to publish. To attract a man to fall in love with him and even to save from the turmoil of life — what could be worse? And if this sounds like you, then we must begin, of course, not with gifts, but with the question: "Why did I get so lucky?" The answer, most likely, will hide in the childhood, to dislike and criticism by loved ones, in an unspoken demand to earn love, to save, to spare everyone but yourself.

You can handle it, if you leave the past in the past and begin to choose worthy people. But the endless digging in the childhood and the tears that didn't love you, you need an effort to stop. And learn to live in the here and now, taking the right decisions, establishing boundaries, respecting yourself!

2. You don't know how to enjoy. Somewhere inside, scared and downtrodden, lives in you girl-the woman, who from childhood taught that all you have to pay. Repeatedly paying exorbitant charges for simple human joy, you no longer believe in miracles, don't want to get attached, you are afraid of any vivid expression of feelings. In a relationship you cold, prefer to be in control, word... holidays are not for you. Maybe your heart can melt a million fluffy bunnies and balloons, but who will undertake this, meeting your anxious look? Before in your life will come gifts, you need to be healed from the injury. And understand that even if a charge exists, it is better to pay the bill, than to live dry. 3. Your men are not enough imagination, but you do not know how to initiate it. Ask a successful gift in the sense of girlfriend how many times she drove the nose of boyfriend magazine advertising to the SPA, before he thought to go and buy a subscription? And fall on the pillows and, with a dreamy kind of wind it around the fingers curl, to whisper: "I saw in the store a fur coat!" how? Sick of the very thought of it? Perhaps your mistake is that you think women's tricks are a sign of weakness. In a relationship not everything is solved "in a forehead". And Yes, the male ego has not been canceled. Much nicer to indulge the "little girl" than an equal partner for regular sex.

4. You seem like a jaded man who has everything. Cast into the face of the man their self-sufficiency, and he, in response, include demonstrative apathy. Oh, you have? You earned yourself? You no surprise? Well, you're a pink elephant from a machine! If you are still with this man, and at night crying into the pillow from the offense, so any excess you actually, but there is only a mask behind which you hide every day. When you ask yourself the question "why?" and find the answer, everything will change. And even a man. Because the person who is willing to answer the self-sufficiency sweet mockery, in General, well done. Remove the mask and get their well-deserved rings, handbags and beautiful lingerie. 5. This man just doesn't consider you his woman, and thus does not feel obligated something to give. Or do you not his, and he yours, and then any gifts you count not entitled to. Just for a pleasant pastime together. Or someone of you clearly present the reassessment of the moment. A gift is not just a sign of attention, but also recognition of the status of a certain character relationships to each other. When you do not understand what you are to him, you can ask directly, and you can look at gifts. 6. Your value to men is not obvious. You failed to put yourself to people while being with you, thought it was a real gift. Sometimes it has deep psychological and even karmic reasons, but sometimes a woman just does not know how to sell yourself. This skill is well taught in women's training was of the "pick-up". If you don't enter into it too seriously and do not bend, maybe someone should learn. 7. You're too good, too grateful and at the same time unassuming. Do not ever tell a man: "Invite me to dinner!" or "give me flowers!". Cook at home, clothes bought on sale, often speak about high prices, blame spender, admit that you are living on credit. You may think that you show the man his rationality, and implying that you would do well to help. Actually, you've just stuffed yourself with mark humble (read: cheap) women who will be pleased to any trifles. It is to such men come to the house with a grid of the most essential products and washing powder, but they never come to mind to give a beautiful dress. Not because I can't, but because I doubt she will wear it. Think, if you are not too overworked in poverty? It can be difficult to keep track of how prude you become a victim. In any case, don't allow yourself to cry the Blues! And then you will not notice how you find yourself below the poverty line, and even a man there to drag. 8. Are you afraid of male power and authority, which is voluntarily-involuntarily where there are expensive gifts and surprises. Many women show that I would never sacrifice even a small portion of your convenience and will not violate your habitual way in order to be together with a man. Thereby completely depriving him of the opportunity to act and take the initiative. You have to understand that nobody is going to buy the plane tickets and present them a surprise, if not be sure that you are happy with, to trust, to relax, quickly attach the cat to the neighbour and run to collect the suitcase. Nobody wants to hear the reprimand that "you didn't consult me" and "how could you live my life?" Distanced controlling a woman can only rely on neutral gifts. For example, a gift card in Megamall. But you must admit that the joy of these gifts is not much.

  9. And finally, destiny. Actually there are several, but in this article I will only elaborate on two of them. This man is your teacher who came into your life for a specific purpose — to teach otherwise relate to love relationships and to themselves. It may seem that by this logic, any jerk on our doorstep — in this series, but it's not. If a man's karmic teacher, we can never give a definite assessment of his actions. Every situation with him is multifaceted and can be deployed in different ways as opposed to our behavior. And we know that. With a teacher is difficult and sometimes impossible to leave until we do this properly, and properly is not always what he thinks is the world. And gifts to him and from him may not be a classic sign of attention, and that mercy and many others. Sometimes it is from such men we incredibly need (not just want, but NEED, to shiver, to hysteria, to obsessions, for which we are ready at all) to something specific. The same ring together on a trip or just a night together. Because only this gift untie karmic knots long and something finally cleared. 10. You have disadvantaged personal status and reduced rights for money, luck and love.

The surrounding people, and men too, just don't want and can't give you expensive gifts. This is similar to the lock of consciousness, to prevent even the thought that you can. The reason lies in the history of the genus, the basis of your birth (desirable if you were in legal marriage were born), in which mark on the ground left your ancestors.

If you come from a noble family, but your ancestors lost all their rights in the fire of wars and revolutions, you will bear the stamp of the "poor but proud", and then a volume of Pushkin, bought in the secondhand Department, your inheritance, and the limit, until life again back right on the money.

If you having even very high social status, never received a gift from clients and partners, nothing more expensive than a box of chocolates, you never invited to relax in the rich houses, never gave even a wedding heirlooms, and jewelry, if anyone has never occurred to me to paint your portrait, then you should know these are signs of a loss of rights. And then your men, whatever they were, innocent. It is necessary to understand the tribal history and drop to restore the status.


Author: Elena Shubina

Source: /users/26725


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