Carefully, psychologist!

Confession women "Psychologists – the enemies of the human race" – says my colleague the psychiatrist after talking with a new patient. And I agree with him. Because one of my jobs – psychiatric hospital. Read the card – my heart bleeds. In the early stages of the disease bolshinstvom went for psychological counselling, courses, groups, trainings. They were taught "to enjoy life" and how to "get rid of excessive fears and anxieties". The disease, meanwhile, progressed. And one of the leading group or the consulting psychologists did not see that the person has a mental illness.

Twenty seven million five hundred forty two thousand three hundred eighty four


The problem of people with mental illness that they do not understand what is happening to them. The person feels that something is "wrong" and begins to look for help. After Soviet times the word "psychiatry" remains intimidating, so I often go to psychologists. The horror is that psychologists in this area don't know and the usual pathology is no different. And the beauty of their situation is that they will never meet (under the jurisdiction of the doctor, the psychologist – no!).
I am from psychologists. And today I like Pavlik, oppose alma mater. As a partisan, I undermine the authority of the professional class. I have that right. Because I know the true size of the inferiority of psychological education. And the consequences of that.

Many years ago, after graduation I got a job at the centre for clinical psychotherapy. Around were all psychiatrists-psychotherapists. To enter the center, I was asked to attend the reception. After the first admission came out confused. On consultation there was a woman with 6-year-old son. She complained that the child was restless, "a pain in the ass." As a psychotherapist, instead of to understand the atmosphere of the family, asked questions about how the course of labour, but as the boy eats, and is asleep... And then sent the child on an electroencephalogram. And he explained to me, "Is intracranial pressure. It is necessary to treat the root cause, one is psychotherapy here not to do".
And then I read a little lecture, the essence of which boiled down to the fact that a person besides the soul, there is also a body full of diseases which affect the psyche. For example, at infringement of function of a thyroid gland the person becomes irritable, he to a psychologist and come. And the word "lazy" people often refer to the apathy, the reasons can be a dozen diseases. In these cases no treatment of the underlying disease, the work of a psychologist or psychotherapist is meaningless.
We not passed.

Pretty quickly I started to realize that I have a strange set of superficial, fragmented, and largely outdated knowledge. And a huge number of primitive schemes and clichés. I began to understand that nothing can. We were not given craft.

Auto mechanic, graduated from a vocational school, not only knows where the car motor, where the carb etc., but still able to make it work.
Ballerina after graduating from ballet school knows how to dance.
What are psychologists? What work they are prepared?

Our psychological "school" was famous for when I was doing my research. And crazy.the FAQs were originally designed to prepare researchers. But in science today are few, perhaps because there is not feed. Most is working with people – counseling, lead group. And this requires a fundamentally different set of professional knowledge, and different level of responsibility.

Then, many years ago, I realized that I had to re-learn, asked for help. And I began to put the brain in place. It was a long time before he left ugly feeling of helplessness. And today when I say: "know, can" is not because of the education received, but in spite of it…

I was still under the Soviet regime. But for all these years and has not formed a clear requirements – what you must know and be able to psychologist. No idea about ethical standards, so "do no harm" to the psychologist is not true.

The training of psychologists, in fact, has not changed, but times have changed. After the restructuring, the demand for specialists of this profile has increased dramatically. Today they are releasing almost every Humanities UNIVERSITY, in addition a huge number of assorted courses. And the problems are increasing "caste" "ludowego and duralube" remained the same – incompetence, irresponsibility.

Thus the great Science of Psychology, with many worthy offspring grew up shiftless, uneducated and very cheeky "daughter", a name which the Vulgar pop Psychology... Her favorite pastime is "to hang noodles on the ears" and give fantasies for reality.

In psychology there is reliable knowledge, that is proven scientific studies. And there are a huge number of theories, sucked from the finger. These myths and trades unlucky "daughter". How often I feel awkward and ashamed when I hear the comments and recommendations of psychologists on TV or come across magazine articles colleagues. Where does it come from? Give you one famous example of all: "a child from a broken home is doomed to problems." No such data. Serious scientific research on this topic has not been! In the end, half of the world came from single-parent families, because every age could boast of a pair of, three wars. By the way, that full of families all out without any problems?

The popularity of psychological services continues to grow. As the conquistadors 500 years ago rushed to conquer America, semi-literate tribe of psychologists rushed to win your piece of the market life. Most interesting is that among them there are decent people, sincere and earnest wish to help you... only Pity is that for the most part incompetent.

It is hard to imagine a newspaper or magazine without the pages of the psychologist. Radio advise, on television treated. Most of the talk show, in the end, boil down to a rough imitation of psychological help. And a great many psychological trainings, courses and consultations where you receive a wonderful recommendation: "how to live without internal conflicts" (I think that is easy enough to lose conscience); "how to ensnare a man" (a small can with a net, and the large – trap); "how to love" (Oh, that has to be about Masturbation).

Old-fashioned tips about family relationships, is often reduced to the teaching of the manipulation, such as: "have to nod and do it my way." But the essence of the advice is that relatives can't be trusted, but they do not need to quarrel. Therefore it is necessary to Dodge and but cleverly to succeed.

And what an abundance of psychological training! In-depth study there and for a short time can not be. There is a different goal – money. Therefore, may well 30, 50, even a hundred people. Reveal a professional secret – the group can not be more than 12-15 people. Work with the psyche of a conveyor – two incompatible things.
However, the people training like. Hooked on training is not worse than soft drugs. Life does not change. But sold the illusion of a speedy solution. And hang out there with anyone. It is unclear, however, what does psychology means "the science of the soul"?

There is some soul! Trade and happiness from psychologists is not worse than the sorcerers. No wonder that the biggest demand is for training, where people "make successful". When talking about a man that he is intelligent, or talented, or high-class professional, it's understandable. But successful is who? Which neither the mind nor talent or professionalism – but could the money "to shear"?
The worst thing is that in our country, to conduct psychological training, no special knowledge is required. It turned out, this lovely feeder where you can work, based on our own inventions, speculation, intuition, experience of life. In dentistry it's, I suppose, "ride", and in psychology. Therefore, there were "nuggets" of psychology.
One of the psychological get-togethers, I was faced with such a "master". On the cover of his books says "renowned psychologist, author of numerous bestsellers and Creator of a unique method". After 5 minutes of conversation it became clear that the uncle doesn't know elementary things that education it is quite another, moreover, that for all these years active "psychological activities," he no knowledge of psychology, and not acquired.

In a psychiatric hospital where I work, one in five passed his training. These trainings will "catch" emotions, to the psyche of many people is undesirable and dangerous. Tried to explain it to him. He wasn't embarrassed at all, not even interested. He looked at me empty eyes and said quietly: "While pay – let go".

He should have gone to the killers. Although as much as it has from the psychology, the killer did not earn. Successful person!
Probably, you can't just indiscriminately blame the entire market of psychological services. Of course, there are excellent, competent professionals in charge of the work. And when life confronts me with them, I happily astonished and rush to make friends. It is a pity, rarely, disappointingly it rarely happens…

No, I in no case do not act as judge or Savior of mankind. But for me for every case of ignorance and irresponsibility is a live person.
Our hospital lies a young woman. She's wheezing because she burnt the larynx – the result of a failed suicide. And before that long walk to the N, S, passed training in the center "///"... Her mother with a puzzled said to me: "But she went on a psychological sessions. What we did not?"... And that I can answer it?

Author: Evgeniya Belyakova



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