How is life Evgenia Vasilyeva:

Shopping elite of a prisoner "Oboronservis»
"Komsomolskaya Pravda" find out what is now engaged in a friend of former defense minister Anatoly Serdyukov and some whim she reprized her attendants

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Blonde on the waterfront

It was a sunny afternoon. According to the Moscow river embankment, I crawled in traffic on the editorial job and listened to his native radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda" (97, 2 FM). Transmitted astrological forecast "Scorpions, you are now waiting for an unexpected and pleasant meeting».

And soon the impossible happened: on the track at the granite parapet I saw a luxurious blonde wearing sunglasses and a blue jacket. And immediately I recognized her: it was Yevgeny Vasilyev. Well, that same, elite prisoner of Dairy Lane. Flashed in her memory the famous lines of the poem "Eugene fun sits and thinks sad» ...

I parked in the emergency gang and seized a camera, pulled behind the lady in blue. And in order not to frighten her, and choose a good angle, I jumped to the other side of the road and began to take off.

It was striking that on the right foot Eugenia at trouser leg sticks out something alien: it was obviously the same electronic bracelet, with which the inspectors of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) track its movement (Vasilyeva has the right to be absent from his luxury apartment in the dairy no more than 3 hours per day).

Eugene then moved to the other side of the road, where she waited for the white "Ford" and drove off ...

Passion for expensive jewelry and clothing from the "lady" is not cool even during house arrest. Photographed in Central Department Store.


On that day, as predicted by astrologers radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda", I (Scorpio) again lucky. As soon as I returned to the "fotodobychey" the editor, how to call a woman who had the "former employee unit Ms. Vasilyeva" (incidentally, Yevgenia, and the Ministry of Defense, and other agencies, where she worked as a subordinate of the eye called it "Mrs.") . She introduced herself and Hope said, "You're being investigated for" Oboronservis "- so I want to help you to clarify some of the details concerning Vasilyeva and style of work. You still do not know much! »

It was intriguing. I hope it clear that in his time, "Ms." plagued by petty chicanery, and subservient to the whims: "Yes, and I suffered from her whims. It was something »...

Two hours later she was already in the editorial. And I narasskazyvali prelyubopytny me a lot of things. For example, about what kind of corrosive and meticulous he was a "lady" - is "the boss has a strict German-style". According to Nadezhda Vasilieva controlled everything - "from the presence of flies in the office to the location of the slider on the wall calendar».

Hope showed me my old notebook with records of working instructions "Madame».

Here are a few excerpts:

 - Every Monday, you need to buy flowers - 15 roses (70 - 80 cm) - Dorogomilovsky market.

 - Move the slider to the day on the calendar.

 - In the morning turn on the TV and the news feed, turn off in the evening respectively.

 - In the morning the air conditioner, do not forget to switch off the evening ...

 - Dirty towels from the restroom and head cloth (for dinner) give Valentina.

 - Fruits in the market buying Diana.

 - Head (Vasilieva. - VB) drinking tea (green) and coffee without sugar.

 - Head of departing and arriving only in VIP ...

 - Every week on Fridays you must change the phone ... Simcoe drivers buy on the Top crust, telephones there.

 - Control the money on the phones EN (Yevgenia. - VB)

 - Daily print and put on the table the head of news on the themes: the Ministry of Defense Serdyukov - Minister of Defence. On a sheet of A4, top left write the source and date of the message.

 - The head of the table should always be: paper clips, stapler, scissors, sticky boxes for recording. Drinking bottled water. Napkins. Dental floss. Chargers for mobile phones.

 - Make sure not to fly flies and other living creatures in the office.

The former boss of the Department of Property Relations of the Russian Defense Ministry Evgenia Vasilyeva attends court is not as fun as CUM ...
Photo: RIA "Novosti»


Nadia continues the story. Vasilyev was just three cooks - Natalia, Rita, Marina. Every Friday at the "Ms" had to agree on the menu for next week. Menu was the cook on duty. It was strictly to know what eats and what eats Yevgenia. For this purpose there was a special instruction. Here is an excerpt from it.

Head not eat:

 - Meat

 - A fish eats only white and river

 - If you cook something with cabbage, do not forget to put pickles

 - Not give any sweets except fruit jelly

 - Olive oil only

 - The food should not be oily

 - Do not eat cream and cream soups (such as sauces and salads)

 - No mayonnaise

 - Anchovies, asparagus - no

When traveling (office truck rolls meats. - VB) to feed the head on the tray should always be: salt, pepper, croutons, fresh herbs in a small pialki ...

There is clearly visible electronic bracelet, which determines its location at the time of exploring the city

"She prefers to pay for 100 thousand rubles»

 - It's true - I asked Hope - that the cost of jewelry and clothing envious Vasilyeva said: "It bears two" Mercedes »?

 - Yes, the "lady" never let yourself look less English royal person ... expensive jewelry and branded clothes - her special passion. It was clear that problems with some money, she did not feel. And before his arrest, and now it is often visited by at TSUM. I do according to his service, and our colleagues from the unit knew about her fashion preferences. Vasilyeva indifferent, for example, boutiques Max Mara, and prefers Italian brands Loro Piana and Ermanno Scervino. And this summer, say, buy a dress for 100 thousand rubles, and mink stole 600 thous. Rubles. And looks boutique Louis Vuitton. Shoes cheaper 30 - 40 thousand. Rubles buys ... By the way, one of my friends, with whom we worked together at Vasilyeva, this summer saw her during shopping in TSUM. Even photographs made. Very curious ... Do you want to look?

Hope showed me two pictures. With her permission, we print them and ...


Yevgeny Vasilyev, figurante business "Oboronservis", "Eugene fun sitting and thinking sad»

Poems dedicated to the memory of Leonid Filatov, the great Russian actor and poet. Based on real events that took place with Yevgenia Vasilyeva in recent months ».

While it is difficult to say, this poetic work (almost 70 pages!), Composing herself Eugene or someone rifmopletstvoval with her words. But a huge amount of domestic parts, ratings, descriptions of people and events clearly indicates that the poem "knowingly" reflects the views and attitudes of "prisoner of Dairy Lane." We publish excerpts of this unique work (read more)


Because of the actions Serdyukov Vasilyeva and the treasury has missed 16 billion rubles

Everyone who since last fall has been overseeing the investigation of criminal cases "Oboronservis" probably already dizzy. Number of own cases exceeded 2 dozen. A damage and generally seems exorbitant. We have analyzed the criminal proceedings in order to understand what exactly accuse the defendants and which is the total damage caused, according to investigators, Serdyukov Vasilyeva and the state budget (read more)


Evgenia Vasilyeva again extended the house arrest

Military millionaire Evgenia Vasilyeva again allowed to "stay at home" during the investigation into the theft of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.
On Friday, Sept. 20, supernumerary scandalous case "Oboronservis" extended the arrest until November 23.
In turn, the judge explained Marina Fil'chenko a "hard" decision.
In her opinion, once free Vasilyeva may interfere with the objective investigation of the case of fraud in the Defense Ministry, the website reported rape. (read more)


Vasilyeva manicure paid by the military budget

The fact that the approach to Serdyukov employee lived in a big way - not a secret. Personal povar¸ driver, housekeeper, therapist and other staff made daily life more comfortable Vasilyeva.
The work of its employees Vasiliev paid generously. Rather, the costs of the numerous servants were assigned to the subsidiaries' Oboronservis "" Oboronstroy "and" General Directorate of arrangement of troops "(read on)


Vasilyev blamed for a new scam 6 billion

To all the multi-billion dollar "sin" official's Prosecutor General's Office suspected it in another scam - with the lands of the Ministry of Defense. Unhappy ministry, which, judging by the number of criminal cases against the environment minister, and is widely relentlessly robbed, lost 144 acres at Nakhabino village.
"Revealed the illegal sale of three plots of land ... located on them woodland first and second zones of sanitary protection of water sources. In 2011 - 2012 years on the basis of documents prepared by former officials of the Department of Property Relations, named objects illegally released and sold at auction, "- said the prosecutor's office. (read more)

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