10 most mothers of large families in the history

Stories about the most large moms in the world especially urgent today, when even one child for many is a luxury, and women give birth to fewer: if in 1950-e years the overall proportion of children per woman was $ 4,95, now it has dropped to 2.36. Scientists say that the birth rate is affected by the so-called demographic-economic paradox: the higher the level of life in the family, the smaller children in the family, most likely born.

For example, the lowest fertility rate today in Singapore(a country with one of the highest GDP in the world) where woman have an average of 0.8 children. At the same time, in Nigeria (where GDP, respectively, is one of the lowest), this figure is equal to 7.6! Although the number of children able to shock, you should take into account that a large family is still characteristic of many cultures, but if we are talking about an agricultural society, a large number of children means a large number of workers.

We have collected 10 facts about the seven women whose stories today seem fantastic. So, get acquainted with the ten mothers of the largest number of children in the world.

10. Mrs. Harrison – 35 детей

About Mrs. Harrison is known not so much (history has not preserved her name), we only know that she lived almost all his life in London. As he wrote about it in his journal, John Mockett (the author of the publication, dedicated to entertaining stories and gossip), Mrs. Harrison in 1736, gave birth to his 35th of the child. It is unknown how many of these children survived and reached adulthood; it is also unknown and the number of births through which had to pass Mrs. Harrison. However, the fact that mothers with many children managed to survive in a time when the death of a woman during childbirth was fairly common, certainly amazing.

9. Elizabeth Greenhill – 39 детей

Thomas Greenhill was a well-known English surgeon. In addition, he was actively engaged in study of embalming and even published a book"the Art of embalming" — despite the fact that in those days the practice of burial only has been applied. Thomas was the youngest of the 39 children born to Elizabeth and William Greenhill. It is noteworthy that Elizabeth only twice twins were born and therefore the most in her life was 37 genera!

8. Alice hooks – 41 ребенок

All that we know about, Alice hooks, we have the inscription on the grave of her son in Wales: a small tombstone says that Nicholas, who died in 1637, was the 41st child of Alice hooks. More we about the heroic Alice doesn't know neither who she was nor how poor or wealthy was her life.

7. Elizabeth Mott – 42 ребенка

Orogeneza English village MOX Kirby, Elizabeth Mott married John Mott in 1676 and became the mother of a huge family. It is only known that all her pregnancies were successful and all 42 children were born healthy, but did all children to reach adulthood, we don't know.

6. Maddalena Granata – 52 ребенка

Maddalena Granata, born 1839 in Italy, according to rumors, gave birth to 52 children and was quite famous in his time. Italy even had a phrase "a case of Grenades", which meant a family with many children.

5. Barbara Strattman – 53 ребенка

Born in Germany in 1448, Barbara Strottman famously became a mother for the 53 children. By the age of 50, she gave birth to 29 times: 5 times, had twins, 4% triplets, 6 times the number of babies born at the same time was 6, and even 7! 19 of the 53 children born dead, which, however, was not uncommon for 15-hoveka. However, all other 34 children safely grown up, reached adulthood.

4. Leontina Albina – 55 детей

Leontina Albina was born in Chile in 1926, and it holds the record for the number of births. The total number of children was 64, while it documented the birth of a 55 – however, for the Chile of those times it was quite common. According to the data obtained from her husband, 11 children of Leontine died in the earthquake, only 40 children had reached adulthood.

3. Peasant Kirillova – 57 детей

Russian peasant Kirillova (her name remains unknown) lived in the village of Vedeno and in the course of life gave birth to 57 children – and as a result, only 21 delivery: 10 times she had twins, 7 times triplets, and 4 times 4 born baby. Since the information about the family Kirillova is little known, was the assumption that her story is embellished. Subsequently, however, the number of children was confirmed by documents found: in 1755, the whole family of Ilya, including 57 children, attended one court hearing.

2. Mrs. Gravata – 62 ребенка

"The case Gravata" was continued in 1923, when the Italian Newspapers wrote about the inhabitant of Palermo who became the mother of the 62nd time. Her name was Hey! – Rose Gravata (nee rose Salemi). It accounted for two of the birth of triplets, one gave birth to 4 babies, one with five and one with six. All 62 children were born healthy, however, if they managed to reach adulthood, is unknown.

1. The woman Vasiliev – 69 детей

A rating many moms proudly crowned our compatriot – Russian peasant Vasilyeva caught, thanks to its fertility in the Guinness Book of records. Know a little about her: she was a peasant who lived in Shuya in the 18th century and during his life already gave birth to 69 children! Such an incredible offspring appeared in 27 genera, occurred in the period from 1725 to 1765 years. 16 times Vasilyev had twins, 7 times triplets, and 4 times there were four children. Even more incredibly, I survived almost all born Vasilyeva children (only two died). I wonder nikogda ever broken this incredible record? published

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