Don't scold mom, or what these kids

Many people tend to blame the parents of large families – say, give birth, and to keep track of all you do not have time. And whether it is possible for these children to follow? Mother of many children Elena Kucherenko really in doubt, but advises not to lose heart and shares his experience.

The other day, walking with children in the Park, overheard a conversation between two young mothers. Discussed the third "maminku", which, in their opinion, was stupid, a sheep, a cow, and brake many other, more impressive, what decent media is unlikely to publish. And it needs to give "at the mercy" of the juvenile justice system.

I could not resist and moved closer, pretending to me their conversation uninteresting and anyway I'm deaf in both ears, so you can talk louder.

Ninety four million one hundred eighty two thousand two hundred thirty four

It turned out that the "sheep" to blame for the fact that the pregnant woman was sitting on the bench, but this time her two year old child climbed on a slide. The woman ran fast enough, the boy fell and broke his arm. "And why give birth even if one can't?»

And the "pregnant sheep", the belly, were two more children (the eldest son was in school)... And "those crazy large families, whose children are left to themselves... And not the "aunt" is not a pity, because it is necessary to think a head and not..." Well, etc…

I do not know how I managed it, but I said nothing. But just to get away and failed several times with utter disdain on the face and flying in the direction chatty moms warlike fluids, went here and there in front of their noses with their four daughters. But to speak anyway you want…

You know, I completely agree that the children need to follow. And not just to watch, and VERY to follow. And parents are responsible for what their offspring is going on. And no large families or small families, pregnancy can't be an excuse if something happens.

But do not think that if she had some sort of misfortune, the parents, a priori, irresponsible, stupid and unable for anybody to follow. And do they "really should have been sterilized" – as I read on one of the forums like this. No need to throw accusations. I will say commonplace, but it is better to sympathize and help.

Children are such strange creatures, with whom there is ALWAYS something happening. Even if they just sit next to you, handcuffed, and not to move.

Personally, I am a mother paranoid. Although as a child she loved to "light". I remember my classmates were playing tag on the roof of 16-storey building. And not just on the roof, and on its border. That is, a step to the side. And now fuss over their children like a mother hen. And even in a nightmare I can't imagine that they will swing on the treetops, as did I. Or, as I will mucositis with the boys – for life and death.

I'm afraid of losing their daughters out of your sight even for a minute. For every cry I rush with the speed of a Sprinter, champion, confident, what happened something irreparable. The incredibly afraid of themselves that surprise immediately stop screaming, and everyone around you.

I'm afraid of draughts, colds, infections, dogs, maniacs and bad influences. I'm afraid of roller coasters, swings, carousels (although it is clear that my children riding on them) and even when my little girls just running around with other kids (not on the roof and on a flat track). Because they can fall and hit his head. Or a bloody nose.

I'm afraid that something is poison or choke, "jailed" his stomach or earn worms. Oh, those worms – faithful companions of my own childhood... well, I'm a valuable psychiatrist, but to call me irresponsible mother whose children are left to themselves, it's impossible.

And, nevertheless, strictly controlling all that my children can taste, I once got mouth delicious chewing Sony flutter in agony half flies. The second half seem to have fluttered in her stomach... a Little later we took the same Sonya in the hospital because she stated that it had swallowed five rubles. But the doctors found nothing…

And when our eldest barbarian was the year her husband only a few days later admitted that he pulled out of her mouth a shard of the broken aquarium. Didn't want to stress me out. Despite the fact that we were collecting pieces of glass and vacuumed for a very long time and meticulously. But we know that the most high-quality vacuum cleaner is children.

I hide from the younger kids candy so far that then she can't remember where they are. However, each I found the diapers with the "waste" of undigested candy wrappers.

Yes there wrappers... My friend (a very responsible, who, while her husband at work, watching the only son together with his grandmother) found in his pot vegamania nuts and screws. "Left with dad for a few minutes," said she. And the other friend to my unspeakable joy found in diapers little girl missing an earring with a diamond. I do start to think that baby poop is stored in everything from cigarette butts to gold and foreign currency…

I used to think that the desire to taste everything that comes in sight, there is only inexperienced kids. Yep.…

My friend told me a terrible story of how her sister during a severe frost licked on the street pole. Caused MOE to "pull out". Girl then a week could not speak…

Assume that we have an Orthodox upbringing is bearing fruit, for not so long ago, the Wari and Sony (senior) began a period of confessions. "The conscience and the soul is ill" – they explain this phenomenon.

"Mom, I want you to know", they say periodically. And start blood-curdling stories about how "I could not resist unstick from their desks, someone's gum and chewed it"... Or: "We hrumkal that bitter grass, because he played in cows"... Or: "one autumn, I ate some raw mushrooms"... Or: "I could not resist and tried it in the woods some berries." Despite the fact that I regularly lectured about the poisoning. And we for this reason keen to study different biological books.

However, I don't tell them how she once regaled a mouth-watering mushroom, because, "since from him is not dying you stupid moose, what would happen to me, so big and smart seven year old girl"... And in six years, and I smoked my dad's pipe, which he rashly left on the table.

I try to protect their daughters from any danger and injury. But they still fall off and break everything.

Sonia once played with a friend in Sunday school. Then took a few steps back, fell, hit his head on the floor and lost consciousness. Imagine what happened to me when I saw my daughter in this condition?!? I yelled as she came to. And then we took her on various surveys of the head.

Sony is generally only relatively recently ended the "falling sickness", and before a single day without blood.

The older barbarian in school after school time was playing with a friend in "Tag-prilipaly". And that "stuck" to her from behind with such commendable diligence, that Cooking fell and broke his arm. And all this in front of the teacher, which is very responsible for all followed…

I'm always terrified that my children in infancy will make a flight up from the couch. And very seriously approach this issue. But I'm almost resigned to the fact that they can impose the pillows on all sides and even the most difficult to pin down from the top, but sooner or later they will still fall. Not all and not all, but many. Because until recently, artfully conceal that they were able to roll over on your stomach and crawl through any obstacles.

We children never bathe in a bathtub alone. Just Cooking now bathes herself, but she is already 9 years old. And that does not float and takes a shower. Because I well remember as our first pediatrician told us how on her site killed three year old. Mom left him a few minutes alone in the bathroom and something came out. The boy choked and died.

Yet, five years at the time of the barbarian, swimming under the watchful eye of the Pope, suddenly lowered his head into the water and breathed. The husband calmly brought the blue and uttering inhuman (in my motherly opinion) sounds in a sense, and I ran around and howled Beluga. When nothing happened, were brought to life for me.

I myself, when the house beside me there is no adult wash with space velocity so that children do not have time something to do. And then, if the elder is watching the others.

But one day, coming out of the shower, I saw that the kitchen and the hallway that I left a maximum of six minutes ago, perfectly clean, everything in the raspberry jam, and... blood. And Cooking says, "Mom, do not look, we make you a surprise!»

The surprise lies in the fact that as soon as I went to shower, Sonia decided to eat quickly. And broke a jar of jam. And Cooking began to clean up, to wash the floors (if the spreading cloth of raspberries on the kitchen and hallway can be called washing) and cut their hands. But heroically continued to establish order, after swimming I was overjoyed that I was able to clean during those six minutes, nothing happened. Now when the kids say, "Mom, surprise!", I begin to nervously twitch of the eye.

The bloody history of jam did not end there. When I var bandaged hands and everything was removed, I was approached by Dunya. She was a year and a half. She held out to me no less bloody than the big sister, little hands and said, "Mama, Bo-Bo". I was starting to slide on the floor, but then he collected will in a fist and decided to explore the wound. It turned out that ran is actually a no no. Just Dunyasha liked the way I was treated by the Cook, and she painted her hands with red marker. To her also bandaged.

And live. I'm not talking about the curtains that children with scissors decide to cut out the patterns. Or trimmed eyebrows, eyelashes and bangs. And once again, please note that I am very closely watching their children. And I have girls, not boys, thugs. And girls quiet and relatively obedient. Dunya except that slightly spoils the performance. But about it later…

In fact, the child does not have to be a hooligan bully, to get into the story. My husband, for example, in the childhood was very calm and positive child. My parents ' dream. He says that liked to sit on the bench next to adults than to drive on the streets with other boys. The exact opposite of me.

One day he was sitting next to dad when he played dominoes. And then the courtyard came the tractor – tractor decided to spend lunch at home. After some time my future husband was wondering what is that huge machine at the bottom. He crawled under the tractor and... fell asleep. well, the father woke up and found her son earlier than the tractor did, and went to work... the Admonition was serious.

And yet my husband still remembers his third grade got a shock. They then had a business trip in Vietnam.

"We had a stove with electric coils, – says Vadim. And I have always been interested, but if she's red on the outside, when heating up, then what's inside."

The husband took the knife, turned on the tile and decided to dig deeper. And his father on this day repaired the knife and removed the plastic handle, so everything was metal. In General, woke up Vadim at the opposite wall, where he threw…

Now about the Dunya. Almost three years Dunya – Yes!!! Her love for all kinds of mischief knows no bounds. Although the husband thinks that I'm "his girl" lash. But not in this case... And that because of his behavior this girl I have on special, totalitarian control. But even my control wasn't keeping up with her ingenuity and creative approach to knowledge of the world.

Not so long ago, for example, there was the Saga with the chair... I had to feed the youngest, three-month Antonina. And Dunya, I was sent to the kitchen, or sculpt, or draw – I do not remember. In General, put her at the kids ' table on a baby chair. Wooden be painted Khokhloma. Pay attention, for she sits the first year.

The Food Is Tonya. Suddenly I hear from the kitchen some heart-rending moans. Ran, turns out the Dong for some reason stuck his head in the chair in the hole between the backrest and the seat. And back – no way. Tears, snot, the full tragedy... And I uhohatyvalsya, it's funny.

"Oh, don't cry, say to my daughter so all of a clever I am, I'm quickly going to get". Here and there, and the head is not prolazit. That's not climbing. Though you burst. I can't believe but it's true. And as Dunya has managed this chair to go in is unclear.

Even though I know that children are capable of much, but all of these stories challenges the MOE, because the parents can't pull your child from the battery or from somewhere else, thought a lot of suckers…

Within the hour I tried to free the Dunya itself. Then he called her godmother. Another half an hour we were working together. Uselessly. In the us the chair not to break his hands, we could not, of tools I found only the axe.

When Dunyasha saw me coming towards her with axe in hand, began to assert that her "very good" and she "will live with the chair"... From calling the rescue service kept me the thought that "this will put us somewhere on the account, as negligent parents, and ask questions later".

It was decided to wait for Papa, who came three hours after the start of the tournament. And broke the chair. And while we were waiting for him, Dunya watched the cartoon, and her godmother took turns keeping the chair on weight that he doesn't really put pressure on the neck of her daughter.

The recent mother's Day I also, thanks to the Dunya, was not trivial. The festive morning began with a call for an ambulance.

The night before, everything was as always. My husband bathed my daughters before bedtime, dad watered three senior milk with honey, told a story that crossed on the night etc I rocked the younger. Woke up in the morning, going into the service (it was Sunday).

"Mom, handle hurts," says suddenly Dunyasha. Pajamas have long sleeves, just not much that lies beneath them. Roll, and her whole arm is blue-purple and swollen twice normal size. It turned out, Dunya evening gum with the head removed and the arm above the elbow wear. And no one noticed. They have before bedtime always do rasplatitsya, comb, and clip in the closet in the bathroom put. But this time she decided before bed to be decorated. So was sleeping. And passing yourself an artery, a vein, or something in hand…

The paramedics arrived, massaged, thank God, everything went well... Here we have this Dunya…

... I tell you all this? I honestly don't even know. Someone may decide that I fool with lanes. Besides that can't, and even trumpeted it to the world. And say that they have here, for example, a normal children and never threw anything of the such. But, you know, I somehow don't believe it.

And other condescending smile, remembering how it had once distinguished their own offspring. And these are my stories they seem childish prattle.

In General, no matter what I didn't expect. Just want to ask... don't scold mom. And dad also do not scold. We love our children. And try hard to be good. And watch their kids, and pray, and worry, and sleepless nights.

But kids are dreamers, you know. And the flight of fantasy is at times daunting in its immensity. You know, I often think as well that they have a Guardian angel. I couldn't handle. Even with one.

Author: Elena Kucherenko

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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