Talent is a skill

In every man dwells a talent, and not one who settles in the man before the moment of birth.But unrealized, imprisoned in the fetters of external limitations and internal schwannoma, the talent starts to live its own life in the creature. Some have talent turns out to lie low indefinitely, peacefully snoring and dreaming of better times. Others and strive to slip on will explode, not wanting to stay another minute in obscurity. Still others use all appropriate and inappropriate tricks in order to declare the "owner" of their presence.

For example, strange ideas and desires — you've never really thought about how they arise and why? When I read a wonderful story about how a little girl got sick and had no reaction, except for the idea that parents need to bring a real live elephant. This way I very much etched in my memory, and now, standing adult, I think that when parents realize their desires in adult life the girl much easier to find ways to implement their desires. Only in adult life she will have to realize their weird ideas on their own.

The first question to ask yourself when researching your talent is: "What do you want?". And properly formulated the answer to the question will depend on the research and further discoveries.

To say about finding talent is one thing, but to deal with winding paths that lead to their discovery – is quite another.

Finding and expressing your talent is a conscious choice. Conscious self-expression, strengthening the idea that creativity is a habit, a skill, also require gradual development.published

Author: Elena Osokina


Source: osokina.com.ua


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