Anthroposophy: the wisdom of spiritual development of man through self-knowledge

The founder of Anthroposophy is the Austrian philosopher and scientist Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925).

The term "anthroposophy" comes from the Greek anthropos (human) and sophia (wisdom). He says that anthroposophy is engaged in the development of spiritual wisdom of man through self-knowledge.

A staunch anthroposophy Steiner recognized the achievements of the natural Sciences in the formation of a picture of the physical world using materialist approach, but sought the path leading outside of this model by careful study of the spiritual side of existence. His spiritual philosophy "Anthroposophy" is man-like creature with an extended "physiology" — consisting of body, soul and spirit while interacting with the world around him and the Macrocosm.

Anthroposophical doctrine formed the basis of new directions in several types of human activities, such as education, psychology, art, architecture, and other economic activities, which to this day is actively developing in the world.

But the greatest popularity has received such a direction as Anthroposophic medicine, which originated in the result of joint work of Steiner and Dutch doctor ITA vegman (1876-1943). They had written the book "principles of development of the medical art" for doctors. And Dr. vegman founded the anthroposophic clinic in arlesheim (Switzerland) — one of the first in the world.


Anthroposophic medicine


The main task of the Anthroposophical medicine is the development of natural forces of self-healing human. This vitality, which support the body and prevent its collapse.

Anthroposophic medicine the disease is the result of life circumstances that push him to realize his life's journey. At the same disease should not be taken as a punishment but to take it as an indication that it should be changed.

Anthroposophy offers medicines on the basis of their beliefs about diseases. Substance from whom she receives the medication being studied not only from the point of view of chemistry and biochemistry, but must take into account how this substance behaves in the wild.

For example, everyone knows how the birch tree in the spring is well managed with fluid, pumping her ton against gravity, up, and giving us in the form of birch SAP. And anthroposophic doctors know what they are made from birch wood in a special way the medication will help the human body cope with its stagnant fluids – edema, cellulite, etc.

It is important that the body bore in itself some knowledge, familiarity with the substance or medication, which in turn requires the direct connection of kinship between man and nature. So by all means anthroposophic medicine have a natural origin: it can be minerals, metals, plants, extracts of animal organs. Often used complex drugs.

Anthroposophic homeopathy

In the process of making medicines from it aim to highlight effective essence, to prepare their essence, to highlight the essence. This is achieved by a method of dilution and potentiation. This method is akin to homeopathy, moreover, AM and homeopathy are often used the same substance. Method of production of these drugs is slightly different technically. Anthroposophic medicines in the course of his preparation is required to pass and the stage of rhythm building — like in nature. The substance must be subjected to rhythmic (i.e., periodic) exposure to light and darkness, heat and cold, movement and rest.

The difference is in how the prescription and use of drugs. Many of them principally taken in the morning, others in the evening, some on certain days of the week etc.

In homeopathy the basic principle is the law of similarity – the similarity of symptoms of the toxic action of substances on people and the manifestations of his illness.

Anthroposophy is based more on the similarity of natural processes and characteristics of the disease, to endeavour to give the body a stimulus and thereby contribute to the restoration of harmony between the major structural elements of the body. Converting and transforming medications, the body acquires new properties.

In the preparation of Anthroposophical medicines traditionally used decimal potency, while in classical homeopathy is still a preference sotnia dilutions.

The balance between the main structures of man is constantly changing from birth until death, drawing in the typical "image" of the individual. Therefore, the restoration of the lost equilibrium is the restoration of that "image". Drugs found in the relationship of man and nature, not directed against a particular symptom, i.e., inflammation, bacteria and the like, but initially affect the function of an organ or of the organism as a whole. This impact can never be understood from consideration of the isolated state.

In addition, AM often seen the PROCESS, not the STATE, which emphasizes the dynamic state of the organism, not a frozen state, is still more inherent in inanimate nature.

Anthroposophic medicine has a huge Arsenal of medical means, it is not only injections, pellets, drops. Made of special oil, non-aromatic, ointments, many of which are truly unique "works in the pharmaceutical art." Ointments and oils can be used independently, but their effect increases significantly when injected into the hands of a specialist in the rhythmic rubbing or rhythmic massage.

These two types of medical treatment were also developed by Steiner and Dr. ITA vegman. Methods acquire a special role in situations where contraindications of classic massage and other such effects – varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, cancer, etc. are masters of their craft go a long way of learning not only the technical methods of influence on the patient, but also the basic principles of AM and the General Anthroposophical worldview.

With special warmth anthroposophic doctors refer to rhythmic movements. Eurythmy was developed by Rudolf Steiner and is widespread in the world. It is used in Waldorf education, and traditional education as a means of self-expression for children and adults.

This method is of immense help to doctors in the treatment of many diseases, especially bronchial asthma, neurological diseases, diseases of musculoskeletal system etc.

Currently, anthroposophic medicine is widespread in most countries of Europe, USA, Brazil, Japan. In Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Holland, Italy, USA and Brazil there are clinics, sanatoria and other medical institutions. Work in private physicians. Unions anthroposophic doctors from different countries together in the International community of Anthroposophic Physicians Unions (MSAW).


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In Switzerland and Germany anthroposophic medicines are officially recognized, along with homeopathy and phytotherapy. Anthroposophic medicine is taught at the specialized departments at the universities of San Francisco (USA), Bern (Switzerland) and Hamburg (Germany).

It exists in Russia, although the spread is not too wide, unfortunately. Recently, however, with pleasure you can see on Anthroposophical seminars more and more "newbies" — from medical students to doctors with great clinical experiences, University professors, and the number of patients seeking help for anthroposophic doctors, is growing every day.published




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