R. Steiner Therapy without the knowledge of natysichka in human nature – illusion

Anthroposophic medicine is a medical method created by the founder of anthroposophy, a brilliant Austrian philosopher Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) in collaboration with the doctor of medicine I. the development in the early twenties of the XX century.

This method differs from the previous knowledge of the other person. Modern academic medicine seeks to know the human scientific method, with physics and chemistry, dividing and examining the physical organization of man.

But man is not merely a physical organization. It is also soul-spiritual being. Without considering this, it is impossible to get a true picture of a healthy or a sick human body. Therefore anthroposophic medicine, including achievements of the natural science academic medicine, adds to the physical knowledge of man addisionele.



The essence of the disease can be known only by watching the spiritual into the physical. "Therapy without knowledge natysichka in human nature is an illusion" — said R. Steiner. Processes in the human body is not identical to the processes in nature outside of man, and thus cannot be studied the same way. Only when a person becomes a corpse, it begins to act the same processes as in the physical mineral world.

Physico-chemical processes of the world of inanimate nature can only destroy, but they cannot sustain life and certainly not able to create something living from non-living. For example, using heat, cold, electricity, various chemical reactions can be demonstrated, the processes of decay, decomposition plants, but it is impossible to breathe life into stone.

Life everywhere is in the confrontation with inanimate nature: a piece of inanimate matter, left to itself in pretagostini, always strives to fall, to take the lowest place, the lowest energy level. Living plant, by contrast, grows upwards against gravity. In the world of plants final energy level above the initial.

The falling Apple gave Newton the idea of gravity, but he did not ask yourself about the least surprising fact, how the Apple got up on a tree branch? The Apple that falls, dies, and is subject only to the laws of physics. But when the Apple was part of Apple, it was under the influence of cosmic forces. These forces generate, sort, Orient the selected substance in the space, give them new properties, organize them. These forces, without which it is absolutely not possible life, anthroposophy calls the etheric forces.

Force are essential for every living being a second body, called the etheric body. It is closely associated with physical. The etheric body is not available to our senses, as, for example, electricity. But these forces we recognize the effect of their actions.

"We do not see the etheric body as well as not color-blind person distinguish between colors. A colorblind person remains so for the rest of his life. But the spiritual eye in its infancy, every person, and that eye can be developed to a degree to take with it the essential strength and even to give them accurate descriptions" — R. Steiner.

Essential power need of a tangible medium. This carrier is a liquid medium. If seed-add water, you can see how essential aktiviziruyutsya power, manifested in the seed germination, shoot growth. Substances derived from the world of inanimate nature, is converted to rise in their organization to the level of the plant world. They acquire new properties, which they have not been in the world of inanimate nature. From the chemical point of view there is no difference, as chemical analysis discovers only the properties characteristic of the world of inanimate nature. Meanwhile, new properties that are created ethereal forces, can be detected only using other special methods.

Animal life differ from plant life: plants do not possess such mobility. Animals on the contrary, can move freely, jump, climb. The movement characteristic of animals is inseparable from the other quality — sensitivity. The movement can be caused by passion or fear. The attraction and repulsion, "sympathy" and "antipathy" are the two poles between which continuously, throughout life, varies animal being. This internal state between mental attraction and repulsion, between sympathy and antipathy, inherent in the animal, outwardly manifested in all its movements. To have the ability to move may be the only one who is animated, who has a soul. Animal is a creature animate, and this is its advantage over the plants.



The growth and reproduction of cells reproduction are a manifestation of the etheric forces. But the forms of living beings is a power that does not exist in plants, but is present in animals – it is the astral body.All that pertains to the world of the senses, the instincts, desires, passions, attachment and aversion, are the expression of this astral body. The astral body can only act through the gas element. Respiratory motion, breath of air is to some extent also mental breath. The etheric body is in contradiction with the laws of the physical world. In turn the astral body is opposed to ethereal, but this is a contradiction of a different kind. Giving your complex tasks etheric body, the astral body on the one hand restricts its rich and full of life, and on the other hand provides him with new opportunities. Thus, the astral and etheric bodies interact like the Chinese principle of Yin and Yang.

The animal is completely dependent on external stimuli and their instincts. It's living circumstances of the past. Unlike animals, people can consciously recall the past, to experience it on their own. A person can also withdraw into yourself and explore your own thoughts. It can become a subject for study himself and can call themselves a short word, which cannot be spread to anyone else: "I".He is not only aware of the external world that surrounds it, as in the case of animals, he distinguishes himself from the outside world and has consciousness. This "I" is not an abstraction but represents the creature as real as the physical, etheric and astral body; it is the human spirit. It is from him comes the power that gives our body a specific configuration, the force which causes the child to stand up, to speak, to think. A living person it has like other bodies, the material basis: heat the body. If it were possible to "disconnect" the heat from our body, we would see then that it is not the same everywhere, but our heat is a highly organized structure, it is therefore justified the use of such terms as "heat organism". It is through "heat the body" acts "I", as well as the astral body has to support the "air body", and the etheric body — a "water body".You can summarize all the above in the following table:


The basic elements of human



The physical body

Mineral the body

Land /Mineral/

The etheric body

Water body

Water /Plant/

The astral body

Air body

Air /Animals/

"I" /Spirit/

Heat the body

Fire /People/


Man is, therefore, of mineral origin in the form of his physical body of plant origin in the form of his etheric body and the animal in the form of the astral body, but he alone has the "I" or the human spirit.

Health, from the point of view of anthroposophy, a delicate balance, where one side is the astral body, and with another – essential, with the participation of "I"organization. Moreover, the main factor shocks is the astral body, and the great healer — the etheric body. And this is not surprising because the astral body is a vector of our instincts, passions, impulses. But also possible the opposite process: to become free of the essential forces remain unused, and the "I" is not strong enough to convert them. These unused etheric forces in this case have a tendency to act at his own discretion, causing an accelerated growth of cells, the emergence of various abnormal vegetative growths, tumors. This polarity is expressed in there are two fundamental types of diseases are two major groups of diseases, opposing each other. Is an inflammatory and refers to the fever diseases, which opposed the sclerotic, that is based on the seal of the disease, which include cancer and diabetes. The fact that these groups are polar to each other also means that they can cancel each other and are in continuous variable interactions. Health, therefore, is not the absence of inflammatory and sclerotic tendencies in the body, and ravnovesie these two polar forces. Both tendencies of the disease, inflammation, and sclerosis, inherent in man, and without these trends, it may not be healthy. Both processes always occur in the body: the setting is as necessary as softening. If the body was not of the processes of hardening, a person would not be of bones and teeth. On the other hand, if it were not dissolved, associated with inflammation, a person could not be cleansed, "old" substances could be removed from the body, giving life to a new. Deviation to one or another pole of a natural process, it belongs to the essence of the person and can help him. Thus the disease makes sense. The disease is the result of too one-sided and long-lasting trends, which is due to life circumstances. And thus, the disease pushes people to realize their life. The disease should not be taken as a kind of punishment, but as a warning, as adjustments in order to change something.

Based on the four elements of man, anthroposophy offers its medicines. Substance, from which she receives medications to come from different kingdoms of nature — mineral, vegetable, animal. It is important that the body bore in itself some knowledge, familiarity with the substance or medication, which in turn requires the direct connection of kinship between man and nature. Poetomu all means anthroposophic medicine have a natural origin: it can be minerals, metals, plants, extracts of animal organs. Often used complex drugs.

In the process of making medicines from it aim to highlight effective essence, to prepare their essence, to highlight the essence. This is achieved by a method of dilution and potentiation. This method is akin to homeopathic, moreover, anthroposophy and homeopathy are often used the same drugs. The difference is in method of application. In homeopathy's main principles is the law of similarity. Anthroposophy is sought to give the body a stimulus and thereby contribute to the restoration of harmony between the major structural elements of the body — physical, etheric, astral bodies and "I".Converting and transforming medications, the body acquires new properties. In the preparation of Anthroposophical medicines traditionally used decimal potency.The balance between the four main structures of the human is constantly changing from birth until death, drawing in the typical "image" of the individual. Therefore, the restoration of the lost equilibrium is the restoration of that "image". Drugs found in the relationship of man and nature, not directed against a particular symptom, i.e., inflammation, bacteria and the like, but initially affect the function of an organ or of the organism as a whole. This impact can never be understood from consideration of the isolated.

Currently, anthroposophic medicine is widespread in most countries of Europe, USA, Brazil, Japan. In Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Holland, Italy, USA and Brazil there are clinics, sanatoria and other medical institutions. Work in private physicians. Unions anthroposophic doctors from different countries together in the International community of Anthroposophic Physicians Unions (MSAW). In Switzerland and Germany anthroposophic medicines are officially recognized, along with homeopathy and phytotherapy. Anthroposophic medicine is taught at the specialized departments at the universities of San Francisco (USA), Bern (Switzerland) and Hamburg (Germany). published


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