15 optical illusions for the true connoisseurs


People are optical illusions in different ways, but most brings real pleasure to puzzle over this or that mystery.

< Website offers you an interesting selection of 15 optical illusions for the true connoisseurs.

Fraser spiral 0fe0cfea59.jpg

This so-called false illusion formed by superposed segments as if forming a spiral, but in fact it is the usual circles.

Ebbinghaus illusion


The optical illusion of relative size perception, named after the German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus. A version of this illusion is that two identical range in size are placed side by side, and around one of these circles are large, while the other is surrounded by small circles; while the first round seems less than the second.

The illusion of impossible cube


This impossible cube was created by Charles Cochran in 1966. The sense of depth in this cube is created with incorrect connections. Do not even try to unravel the secret of this unrealistic figure.

Illusion Tsёllnera 3e430d42e3.jpg

Optical illusion Tsёllnera is that parallel lines intersected by a plurality of the short diagonal lines, seem to diverge. German astrophysicist Johann Tsёllner noticed this effect by accident in 1860, when examining the tissue.

Illusion Jastrow


Illusion, "open" the American psychologist Joseph Jastrow, lies in the fact that two absolutely identical in size and shape pieces, arranged in a certain way, we seem to be disproportionate.

Triangle kanjiža fdda12285b.jpg

This illusion was named after the Italian physiologist Gaetano kanjiža. To prove that people see the surrounding reality not "as is", and through special filters - mental models, he drew a combination of different geometric shapes, among which there is a white triangle, but our eyes do not agree with this.

Illusion Poggendorff e2088219fb.jpg

Classical optical illusion, named after the German physicist Johann Poggendorff. Scientist have found it in the picture, which he sent the famous astrophysicist J. Tsёllner. The essence of this illusion is that on the right continuation of black line is a red line, not blue, seems at first glance. It is curious that so far there is no explanation of this optical effect.

Blivet 4c25dd4460.jpg

Blivet, also known as "impossible trident," is a vivid example of geometric illusions. No matter how you try, you do not get to understand this figure, because it simply does not exist.

Illusion White 11a7b7ccc5.jpg

At first glance, this illusion is contrary to common sense - exactly the same shades of gray appear different because of its proximity to the opposite colors - black and white

illusion of movement 37,922,819.

If you have a certain color contrasts and shape of the depicted objects to our eyes begins to seem like a completely static image begins to move.

Illusion Ludimara Hermann c1b988bf92.jpg

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It is an optical illusion discovered Ludimarom Hermann in 1870, during the reading of the works of John Tyndall, the sound. In the picture there are "ghost" gray spots at the intersection of white (or light) lines located on a black background. These spots disappear when looking directly at the intersection.

Elderly couple, or song with a guitar 0e8c26df79.jpg

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Take a look at the delicate relationship of an elderly couple. Now look closely, maybe you will see a different picture?

Illusion of rotating around the point circle 6b4fdbda5c.jpg

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Focus your eyes on the black dot in the center of the circle, then shook his head slightly. If you look at the picture again, the outer circles begin to spin in opposite directions.

Illusion "Wall Café" 363586f203.jpg

< br> At first acquaintance with a picture you certainly seem that it shows the curved lines, but in reality they are parallel to each other. This effect was discovered by Richard Gregory in the Wall cafe in Bristol. Hence the name of her.

Illusion of wheels 12b8b31558.jpg

During familiarization with this picture to you certainly will feel that her wheels start spinning, and in different directions. If you pay a closer look at some one wheel, it stops spinning, unlike all the others.

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