30 unreal optical illusions that will transform your consciousness. Unparalleled art!

Beautiful and unique surreal illusion Canadian artist of Roma origin Rob Gonsalves make you wonder, "Can I meet in his paintings anything real?»

In most of his paintings depicted striking several stories. Sometimes it is hard to find among them some face, and then you and then, as in a dream, the magic jumps from one world to the other, as shown in the picture optical illusion is changing every time you look at her.

Goncalves from early childhood showed an interest in art, which is why he is now easily given such complex visual illusions. In 12 years, he was able to boast of experience in technical and architectural perspective directions of art. Rob Gonsalves to create his amazing paintings drew inspiration from painters such as Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte. I think that with time the picture of this master will also be in line with the paintings of his teachers. Look and see for yourself!

What kind of message through his works wanted to convey to us Rob Gonsalves? Despite the complexity of the visible depicted in these pictures of optical illusions, all, oddly enough, is quite simple: the impossible - possible. After all, in life as in the pictures you create your own world Share these delightful works real lovers and connoisseurs of art.



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