Dizzying optical illusions that will revolutionize your world upside down. Incredible!

Surely you've seen a lot of optical illusions, but in unique works of Erik Johansson has incorporated all the best from these pictures. This is the most realistic optical illusion that you have ever seen. These works vzbudorazhat and expand your mind.

Johansson - known Swedish photographer and retoucher. With conventional photography artist creates something dizzying and eludes the human mind. His work in the literal and figurative sense of your world upside down on its head. Eric Johansson reveals the secret of his work: «In fact, my each picture is made up of hundreds of pictures». I> Do You want to plunge into the world of illusions and unexpected experience your imagination? Then go ahead, conquer the unknown with.

These are the ordinances take place in the creative laboratory master.

The surreal motifs in combination with the latest technology and unrivaled talent indeed work wonders ... Incredible, is not it? Show these giperrealisticheskie optical illusion to your friends.



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