15 heroic deeds that will put your faith in humanity. Yet all is not lost!

Do you think that good triumphs over evil only in fairy tales? It's hard to accept, but it's still good deeds now see less and less. Moreover, people are so unaccustomed to the fact that someone shows them forbearance, they are looking for in any such action catch. That's how it became a rare phenomenon - help your neighbor.

However, I advise you to not lose faith in humanity. Only remember the guy who helped my grandmother to buy a birthday cake grandchildren. On the planet there are still people who are willing to help one's neighbor, asking nothing in return. Sometimes it seems that our world is only on them and hold. Otherwise would have collapsed ... Look and admire the courage, patience and generosity of these heroes of our time. They are worthy of respect as anyone else!

Every day this man is his dog to the lake. The fact that the poor animal is sick, and the water is known to dull the pain. Perhaps most men standing so close to his neck in the water is not very comfortable, but the dog is very grateful to him. B>

Every Sunday the hairdresser mows homeless. Of course, it does not take a cent. Here's what to devote himself to know. B>

Two Norwegian daredevil saved a kid who was drowning in the ocean. Help is needed not only because the people. B>

Korean soldier rescues kitten. And the war is important to be a man! B>

So in broad daylight one of the staff took a cafe umbrella and covered the poor disabled him. Thus caterers old man rescued from the rain. And you're on the job often doing noble deeds? B>

Before Christmas, someone did this homeless daily surprises in the form of food and gifts. And then do not believe in magic magical time? B>

Fire puts an oxygen mask kitten rescued during the fire. No one deserves to die! B>

In this park even took care of children with disabilities by building here such swings. No one should feel deprived! B>

Free laundry for all the homeless people who are going for an interview. It is good that someone is thinking about the people who were in a desperate situation. B>

One elderly man had a heart attack when he was clearing snow from your yard. Doctors decided to come back and help finish the job. B>

The girl has sold all of its soft toys to help the animal shelter. How cool when the desire to do good is instilled from childhood! B>

Jacqueline Kiplimo help runner finish the marathon in Taiwan. It cost her first place. But humanity is above all! B>

A man rescued a drowning kitten, using his umbrella. Sometimes people come up with a brilliant idea, which cost the life! B>

This desperate man jumped into a frozen lake to save a drowning duck. That's taking care of our smaller brothers! B>

So workers cleaning company in Memphis clean the window in the children's hospital. The kids probably delighted with these superheroes! B>

You see the good in this world still exists. However, increasingly it moves into the category Wonders of the World. Do not forget this simple truth: to do good - and it will come back to you a hundredfold. And we should not wait on other steps first: everyone should start with themselves. The only way to make this world a better place!

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